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Default Re: Stinger Speculation

You're right^^. After reconsidering things I think Thanos has to be part of all the phase 2 post-credit scenes in some way. Even if they are setting up masters of evil at the same time with this one.. Well I won't go into that too much. AIM could have an interest in the scepter as well as Asgardian genetics in the previous scenario I posted.

The scepter functions as a sliver of the cube's power, similar to the comics but AIM wants it from Shield (this may put them at odds with Thanos..) They've been collecting items of power like how Red Skull did, but on a much broader scale. They wish they could get their hands on the cube again, but settle for something that's powered by the cube.

I think AIM will tie it all together and secretly knows about the threat of Thanos already. As well as other cosmic things, the cube's power, Asgardians and other races... more than Shield knows about Thanos etc. at this point... We don't know how or why yet but Janet would be there listening in on the conversation between Zemo, Tetterington, and Sterns about Thanos & Foster/ the Asgardians. The big "stinger" on top of everything else would be that Szostak actually is Wasp, and has been on her own secret mission spying on AIM during her time there. The audience doesn't see her vantage point on the whole conversation until we see her point of view as she flies away through a series of vents changing size on the other side to reveal Szostak as Wasp. We don't know where Hank is until halfway through Avengers 2. Similarly, Jane Foster doesn't remember what happened when Hela/the Dark Elves made her start going nuts on Tetterington when we meet her in Thor 2, or how she winds up back at her lab... In the end Darcy becomes the physical embodiment of Hela in Midgard and beyond. Janet witnesses it all beginning and is in a position to help lead and let Shield know about the dangers that AIM poses and knowledge of the future they seem to hold.

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