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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Yeah, I agree with that RustyCage. That's why I feel pretty confident that the trilogy will hold up to the test of time. It's not fully contextualized in Bat-history until its successor is out there, and rather than fans turning on the Nolan films for the ways they may unfavorably compare to what comes next...I think for a lot of fans, the space and distance will allow them to appreciate them more for what they do have to offer.

And I really highly doubt we'll ever see a beginning to end chronicling of the life of Bruce Wayne on screen any time soon, so I see concluding the story as a long term investment kind of thing. Batman goes on forever, but we'll always have this version of the story that can completely stand on its own. It's nice to have the closure of knowing, "this is how Nolan wanted to go out". It always stung me that Burton didn't get to leave the franchise on his own terms, so it was huge for me for Nolan to get to see this through and tie up most loose ends.

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