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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I'll personally go with the clown prince of crime that managed to break Gotham's spirit all by himself and push Batman to his limits while Batman was young and at full health over Talia's lackey muscle that went out pathetically and managed to defeat an already worn out and crippled Batman.

Plus, nothing against Tom Hardy when I say this and I really think he did a great job as Bane but Heath's performance was something else altogether IMO. It is one of my favorite performances of all time.
A few things -

Joker only pushed Batman emotionally and mentally, so it wasn't ALL of Batman's limits, but I get your point. But still, isn't that in Knightfall as well? Bane beats down a worn out Batman? It's staying true to the backstory of Bane having the upper end with a weakened Batman.

And...Bane wasn't some lackey, lol.

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