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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 13

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
It's for the X1X. All games will be around 100gigs on that thing. If you just have a regular X1, I think it'll be around 45-50, like normal.
really? thanks.

well, that might be a deal breaker factor to consider in getting the X1X.

My internet speed is only 12mbps and I have a 1TB / month data cap, I think.

so those 100gb file sizes on the X would take forever on my speed and eat into my data cap quickly.

I wonder what the file size will be if I install from a physical disc instead of full download.

I'm assuming some of that 100gb size will be on the disc, with the rest being download. I'm also assuming those 4K assets will NOT be on disc, so if I have the X1X and download those 4K assets, that download size will still be larger than if I only had the X1S.

hmmm........something to consider that kind of dampens my enthusiasm for the X. it may simply not be practical for me given my current internet setup.

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