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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 13

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Oh damn, all my DVDs are at my parent's place. Only got 4K and HD at my place. Sorry

Btw upscaling is for some reason still used to describe 2 separate functions which can be quite confusing for non AV guys. One is the upscaling that gives you more of the same pixels to make your regular resolution or HD image fit a 4K screen. That implies no improvement in picture quality from watching a DVD on a regular resolution screen of the same size. The other is interpolating to guess what the missing pixels might be and when doing this there is the potential for improving and smoothing out the image if done well. Just because something says it is running your lower resolution image in 4K doesn't mean any improvement over the lesser resolution image unless it is doing this additional work. Are you asking only about the upscaling that ensures the image fits your TV screen or the one where you improve the image? Your TV should do the former by itself and even might do some of the latter (well) depending how good it is.
ah, that's ok, Iceman.

by upscaling, I guess I'm talking about the process of making the "older" quality picture look better on the newer screen.

when I see a player or tv advertising it upscales non-4k content to 4K, that's what I am assuming - that it boosts/improves the picture quality somewhat to look better with the newer screens.

and then I can check if the input source is "4k" by bringing up the info/display feature on my tv which will tell me what the source resolution is. I consider it "upscaled" if it shows the source resolution as 4K ( or 2160p or whatever the 4K resolution is ).

I'm asking all of this about the S because I may be in need of another 4K player sooner than expected. My standalone player has been giving me issues for some time now, so I was considering trying to exchange it for a different brand.

was trying to hold off until November when the X releases, but now I'm not sure if the X would even be practical for me given my current internet setup due to the larger file size requirements.

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