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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 13

y'know, if you think about it, the X1X represents a pretty good deal for a 1st time 4K tv buyer. You get a full 4K player AND "true 4K" gaming console in one device for $500.

if you buy the PS4 pro at $400 ( or even $350 with a price drop ), you'd still need a 4K player, which can go for $200 - $300 or more. So that would put you at $600 - $700 or more, with the need to setup 2 different devices, and a console that's slightly less powerful and not quite as "true 4K" as the X1X.

Plus, standalone players usually don't come with their own HDMI cables, so you'd have buy one of those, too. whereas the X will most likely come with the HDMI cable included.

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