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Default Re: Iron Fist OFFICIALY Renewed For Season 2

Originally Posted by Faith_Cassidy View Post
Nonsense. There hasn't been one canon pairing on these shows yet who were written as if their history was nonexistent. So I have no idea what you're basing this on.

Lol That is basically what we saw in Daredevil S2 with Karen, Matt and Elektra. This is where you seem confused. The writers deciding to mind comic history isn't tantamount to "shoehorning" anything in. I don't even know why you presume to think this with Misty and Danny. Whether or not any pairing works very much depends on the writing and the chemistry between the actors.
You still don't get it do you. matt/karen broke up by end of season 1 at the end of season 1.. dany/colleen are still together at end of season 1 in iron fist.. it is not comparable to what they did to put matt with elektra.. dan/colleen are together still in the defenders... u really dont get it.

w/e it isn't impossible though I just don't think they will do it.. not when they still have to fix dany rand`s character.

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