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Default Re: Iron Fist OFFICIALY Renewed For Season 2

Originally Posted by KevTravels View Post
Well yes, but clearly one of the shows would require a significant larger SFX budget than the other. And a larger stunt budget than say LC or JJ. They didn't plan this out as carefully as it should have been.

I def agree they should have chosen a more reliable and creative showrunner as well.
Meh. Pretty clear that they went into this wanting all the shows to be more grounded, including IF. That means there wasn't much of a need for a significantly larger budget. You can disagree with that approach of course but I don't think it was a case of not planning carefully enough. Now perhaps a shorter S2 (if that speculation turns out to be true) means more money for SFX and stunts. But will S2 actually have a significantly larger budget than the 13-episode first season? I doubt it.

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