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Default Re: Iron Fist OFFICIALY Renewed For Season 2

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I'd be fine if season 2 of Iron Fist was 10 or even 8 episodes if it meant more time and focus on bigger sets, action set pieces and choreography.
I wouldn't be so sure about that. Netflix isn't going to spend a 13 episode budget on just 10 hours of content. There may be an increase per episode, but I doubt the total would match season 1's budget, if that were the case. The only thing shorter seasons do is pick up the pacing in the stories and decrease production time. Given the critical reception Iron Fist got, I doubt they have the confidence to through GoT levels of money to bring Kun Lun to life. If anything it tells me they don't have as much faith in Iron Fist and are pulling back some money in case it can't recover.

Still, fewer episodes would mean less filler and padding that season 1 was full of.

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