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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 6

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
Pacing, story structure, and dialogue were all the problems with MOS. Other plot elements were very hazy as well.

I half think WB will want to distance themselves from selling Superman/Batman as a "MOS sequel" to the mainstream and that they might just be better touting it as a Superman/Batman movie. Not saying it will be the biggest of 2015 either way, I was just saying if it were a success (and I hope it is - but only if it is good :-/ ), I'm worried WB will attribute that to Batman and think that Superman can't work on the big screen.

**** Goyer.
My fear too that WB may think Superman can't work on his own on the big screen. If they did then there would be a stand-alone MOS. You are probably right - if this film does very well Batman will get the credit.

Looks like there won't be a Superman trilogy but that Cavill will end his Supes run in two team-up films. Assuming JL follows Batman vs Superman.

I dunno if WB will distance the film from MOS. The title will tell us that.

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