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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 6

Originally Posted by maluka View Post
Is that bad?
I mean, they're all actors so they should have the abilities to portray every characters, hm? Whatever their looks?

Anyways, I think it's great to have an actor who looks like very much the character.

As far as I know, all actors who look like very much the characters have been great in their roles (Let's suppose all scripts were good, too)

People tend to say "he was born to be [character]"
Not bad but first and foremost an actor needs to be charismatic in the role. As Reeve was, as Downey and Bale are. Cavill was not so all the looks in the world sort of fall flat.

Frankly, if they get a Strong to play Luthor and say a Brolin to play Bats and Cavill can't up his game, he will be totally overshadowed in the next film. Basically Superman taking a back seat to Luthor and Batman.

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