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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 6

Originally Posted by Tempest View Post
I could have sworn this was the Batman Casting Thread, and not the I Want to B*tch More About How Much MOS Sucked Thread.

If WB is smart, they'll ignore each and every whiny fanboy, and continue forward in their filmverse. MOS worked for the majority of people. If WB is smart, they'll cast someone attractive as Batman, and give the fans enough material to make teenage fangirls come watch the film and write loads of bad porn about it.

Let's face it; Avengers wouldn't have made half the money it did if it hadn't attracted a large fanbase of females who were less interested in the source material, and more interested in how they could get Stark/Coulson (or whatever his name is/was) together.

Anyway, I had an awesome thought on who should play Batman. I don't think anyone has mentioned their name yet. Unfortunately, I forgot the name already, so I can't share it yet. But I can assure you, they might have been a good choice.

And did I read somewhere that Orlando Bloom is being considered? I don't know if he could get the voice right, although his American accent is amazing. He and Cavill would probably play very well off each other too.
Yeah I want to get back to talking about the Batman casting. If I wanted to listen to the haters whine, I'd go into a review thread. I purposefully avoid those threads for a reason.

It's a shame they used JGL in the last Bat-film because he would have been at the top of my list for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

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