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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Fabric suit from a movie with multi million dollar budget.

Having money thrown at it isn't a guarantee it will look any better than a cosplay costume.
1) How good did the TDK(R) or B&R suits look? Throwing rubber at a costume doesn't make it look good, either. Quite the reverse.

2) The fabric was not the problem with the SR costume; its poor cut and design was. By comparison, Christopher Reeve looked pretty good in his fabric costume.

3) Putting Superman in stretch fabric is a literal translation of the costume from the "old" DCU. Putting Batman in stretch fabric would not be such a literal translation. As everybody has patiently tried to explain about 1,000 times, Batman wears fabric, not "spandex" or whatever else you insist on calling it.

4) Some cosplay costumes look bad, while others look less so. Some of the rubber wetsuits seen in the movies look pretty bad. I think that the quantum of aesthetic virtue achieved per $1 spent is significantly higher for some cosplays than it is for most of the ugly rubber robosuits.

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