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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
If you wanted someone to show BOTH films respect, then I am your man.

I used "Schumacher fever dream" as a shorthand for the way some, especially younger views feel about S:TM. It seems that the "camp humor" in the film overshadows the fact that Donner and Co.'s attempt at verisimilitude were a totally new angle for the material at the time, and it's his work that is most often cited by the CBM directors of today as the most influential. Yes it has some, repeat, some humor that can now come off a little cornball, but I think most things, hell even 95% of the SFX are as good as anything of it's time or even today. I was wondering if what I was going to get with MOS would stand up in my estimation to SUPERMAN '78. And it didn't, because it was a very different film for a different time. It was NOT trying to be Donner/Reeve for the 21st Century and yet all the same, it worked for me. The action, the drama, the wit (yep, there was humor) all done with crackerjack execution. I walked out with my jaw on the floor. So people, it is possible to love em' both. Now I wanna know what Snyder and Co. are gonna give me by throwing The Caped Crusader and The Amazon Warrior Princess into the mix.
Totally dude !

Enjoying both films equally, for different reasons, is totally valid dude.
I'm in the same boat (although occasionally I favour MOS a little, probably because it's more recent, and after nearly 40 years I still struggle with the whole "flew around the world really fast and turned back time" thing) but yeah, loved both of them.

Some people have a preference (liked one more than the other), some have no preference (liked them both) which are all things I was interested in hearing about when I started the thread.
Other people also have no preference (hated them both and really shouldn't be on this thread, but might enjoy a Twilight or Jane Austen forum I know about) - just kidding, sort of.

I agree, that what made MOS work (for me anyway) is that at no point did it ever try to imitate or be like the Donner/Reeve films
(unlike Superman Returns, which I still say is actually worse than the
Quest for Peace).

As for Batman and Wonder Woman, in the mix I think we're all wondering that. BTW big ups for using "verisimilitude" in a post. I have never managed to pull that one off. Nice, very nice indeed !

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