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Default Re: Samuel L. Jackson Wants to be in Star Wars: Episode VII

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Sam just wants to be in films. Cage has to be in films to pay for his coke and to keep the rest of his houses.
The od thing is, as a kid, you could have asked me to name some big actors and I'd have known Nic Cage, just from my parents seeing Con Air and such. Kinda disheartening realizing how far from a big actor he truly is. Guess his heyday ended rather quickly.

Although it could be distracting, its always possible Sam could be an alien in the film. No onset prescence, do some voice work and whatnot. As long as he isn't Jar Jar stupid, I couldn't see the harm in that (and I'm not completely a Jar Jar hater, but I don't try to defend him either.)


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