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Default What's everyone's top movies of 1985?

A decent year for motion pictures no doubt and also the year when Thundercats made their debut, GI Joe as well, Cosby was still number one on NBC and all that. I was 4 years old that year and saw lots of movies at the movies as i still remembered going to Florida that year.

My top 30 of the year:

1. Back to the Future.
2. The Goonies.
3. Brazil.
4. Re-Animator.
5. Fright Night.
6. Police Story.
7. Spies like Us.
8. Return to Oz.
9. Commando.
10. Clue.
11. The Return of the Living Dead.
12. Day of the Dead.
13. Flesh + Blood.
14. The Black Cauldron.
15. Ran.
16. Phenomena aka Creepers.
17. Witness.
18. Vampire Hunter D.
19. Silverado.
20. Fletch.
21. Brewster's Millions.
22. Better Off Dead.
23. Joey aka Making Contact.
24. After Hours.
25. Demons.
26. To Live or Let Die in L.A.
27. Young Sherlock Holmes.
28. The Stuff.
29. Cocoon.
30. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Honorable Mentions:
The Journey of Natty Gann.
Remo Williams.
The Breakfast Club.
A View to Kill.
Prizzi's Honor.
Cat's Eye.
Adventures of Mark Twain.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
Rambo First Blood II.
The Peanut Butter Sollution.
Godzilla 1985.
Silver Bullet.
Sesasme street Follow that Bird.
Jewel of the Nile.
Rocky IV.
Weird Science.
Real Genius.
One Magic Christmas.
The Last Dragon.
Enemy Mine.
Starchaser Legend of Orin.
Teen Wolf.

Guilty pleasures:
Secret of the Sword.
Ewoks: Battle for Endor.
European Vacation.
My Science Project.
Santa Claus the Movie.
Tuff Turf.
Fraternity Vacation.

My Bottom:
Nightmare on Elm Street 2.
Boggy Creek II.
Howling II.
Def-Con 4.
Porky's Revenge.

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