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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
Leave it to SHHers to determine that in order to enjoy one performance you must hate another (who else here recalls all the Keaton-Hate when Bale was cast?). The forumers here are littler boys who get all nervous when somebody suggests Actor X could play/might play/did play Role X better than Nolan's/Burton's choice. Grow up.

The real truth is that Jack was great. He, for all intents and purposes, nailed the Joker of the Batman comics from that era. The Joker of modern comics is a little bit different, but since those comics didn't exist 20 years ago, Jack can hardly be blamed for not portraying that Joker.

Now here's a secret tip that always confuses the little boys: you don't have to hate Jack in order to like Ledger, or vice-versa. Your brain (hint: you can find it in your head) has the capacity to like more than one thing at the same time.

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