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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Miranda Fox View Post
In the first story, his voice was described as toneless. But, fair enough, he does lose his **** when things don't go his way.
I'll give the toneless thing a pass, that can be a bit creepy. But calm is certainly something I'd never associate with Joker.

You just love too much. I'd imagine he'd be very detached when talking about his past and want to go back to talking about how great he is.
This is true. I don't really mind which way they take it, both are acceptable to me.

Originally Posted by Keyser Sushi View Post
She referenced the Joker's first appearances, which seem very much that way. Remember, the character has evolved over time, and like Batman, not always for the better.
Joker has had a few bad turns over the years, but I certainly think he's much better off now than when he first started. Joker now, IS how pretty much everyone sees Joker as.

Again, check out the early Joker appearances. He completely does "give a f**k"; Joker is first and foremost a genius. The self-destructive madness comes later - I think as a response to being foiled by Batman so many times. Or at least, that's how I'd explain it.
I'm not a fan of Batman being the sole reason for Joker's abstract thinking. I'd prefer to think he already went batty after his accident. I'm fine with the whole "Batman's stopped me too many times, I MUST make it my goal to kill him" type of deal. Same plan (cause havoc and maybe get a few riches along the way), but the focus has changed (get rid of Batman).

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