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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Crooklyn View Post
Guess we dodged a bullet, considering modern Joker is pretty different from Nicholson's.
I don't read many new comics. While I hear that Infinite Crisis fixed a lot of issues with Batman's character, I gave up on the new books back in the Knightfall days and I have no interest in picking up new ones, as my collector-sense will then demand I buy a bunch of crappy issues I don't want to read, just so I wouldn't have a gap in numbers. Not going there.
What would you suggest? I'm pretty fine with Batman making Joker craziER. But that means Joker still has to be bat-**** before that. What can possibly be more traumatizing than being in a chemical bath, and then coming out bleached? I mean, lol, doesn't get any worse than that.
Where did I say Joker shouldn't be crazy to start with? Does "calm" mean "sane"? No, I don't think so. Many crazy people can be calm. Doesn't make them not crazy.

Taking over. Running ****. Being the top dog of town. Is that not motive?
It is, but I'm not sure how half the things Joker did in Batman '89 actually further that goal. He mostly seems preoccupied with killing people. I mean, yes, he did take over Grissom's businesses, Killed off a couple other bosses as well, etc. All makes sense. But what was the purpose of the cosmetic killings? What was the purpose of gassing the parade?

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