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Default Re: Small Plot Hole in TDKR?

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I also have no idea why Wayne had to die or even Batman for that reason. If whats his head is going to be continuing as Batman anyways, then why would you have him Batman die? Wayne could have basically just retired (as he did anyways) and moved away with Selina regardless. The only reason to fake a death would have been to get loved ones off your back, but then, he revealed to those he loved (gordon,fox,selina,alfred) that he was alive anyways. So who did he really fake out? A bunch of gotmamites that wouldn't have cared one way or the other and that didn't know he was Batman anyways?
Exactly. The batsignal is repaired at the end, Batman is coming back. So why did he need to die if the city is getting Batman again anyway?

It was all emotional fluff.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Every chance? The chances are small at best.
Why? Was it specified somewhere that the autopilot system rarely works?

Also, this was extremely time sensitive, not a time to linger in this emotional moment longer than it has to.
How would saying he's going to try and use the autopilot do that?

They are both completely viable reasons.
One of them is.

]Not necessarily, it could just be dual editing using his reaction as one sequence and the timer as another to build the tension of the timer counting down.
Since that's not a technique I've seen Nolan use in the past in his movies, and it definitely did not come across in that way either, I'd say that's just conjecture.

I think it is the way it is presented. No misdirection.

In fact given that it's impossible for him to have survived otherwise, I think this is probably what Nolan did, and it's only apparent upon the second viewing.
That is why people complain Batman could not have survived, because that's not how it was done. This is just a theory on your behalf. One the movie doesn't support.

Lets face it, it's not the first time gaps of logic have happened in this movie or the previous two.

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
Legacies. Its one of the major theme of the trilogy.

Him being a martyr for the City , putting his life on the line for Gotham , reinforces immensely his achievements.

Symbols are everlasting.
But Batman is coming back in the form of Blake. So the death was unnecessary. Saving the city and still being alive wouldn't diminish the heroics of his act.

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