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Default Re: Small Plot Hole in TDKR?

Are you the new writer hired by WB to make the sequel to The Dark Knight Rises ?

One movie at a time. The one i saw ended with Blake rising in a platform. Stories have themes , notions and concepts that are build upon. Blake is a personification of a lot of them. Its kinda a frequent tool in narratives....

(he's also a much less conflicted character than Bruce)

Bruce didn't know if Blake would take that role and accept what he left. The city also commemorated the action of the martyr. They also dont know. We as an audience also dont know. He is a literal figure regarding symbols. That's why the trilogy ends with him !

But you are already making assumptions about non-existant movies , so its kinda hard to discuss....

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

But Batman is coming back in the form of Blake. So the death was unnecessary. Saving the city and still being alive wouldn't diminish the heroics of his act.

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