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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

One must accept a few things:

1. If we are being totally honest here,this poster is pretty much irrelevant. The trailer out next week, the theatrical trailer, and the reviews will be 10000x more important than a poster, espec. one released 6 months in advance. Plus, the first one with Cavill is an excellent teaser, yet see how quickly everyone has forgotten it?

2. Most people dont find him interesting. They'll get excited for a pop corny action movie as much as the next guy, the name "Superman" - for being bigger & more well known than any other hero- hardly generates excitement, because he is too boring.

3. After Spidermans "with great power comes great responsibility", Batmans "How does one man change the world", Hulks "Im cursed with my powers", etc - there are few angles which haven't been played by superheros today. The common Superman critique is "how do we identify with him? Why is he interesting? He is so perfect". Yet, as films like LINCOLN show, properly portraying someone as a saint caught in crossfire can be very interesting. Word on the street is MOS is going to do the opposite of most superhero films - they're not going to try to humanize him in the same sense as most, rather it is going to accept his god status in run with it, while sticking to Supes real values. That is how he will become sympathetic and interesting. Superman, as the original superhero, is the trend setter; the one constantly being ripped off. W.B. biggest challenge & top priority will be finding a way to shed this now caricature type image of Superman .

With that in mind, I dont think the idea is to attract folks by getting them interested in Superman in handcuffs. This poster is startlingly different & original looking in comparison to most contemporary superhero posters. One could argue that they could be 'different' in a better way, but this is kind of the point I think. Superman in cuffs he could obviously break is in many ways a very powerful image - Superman is being respectful, he is being restrained. Think of the Avengers or Iron Man posters, which just show the heros in action. This is quite different.

W.B. are going to invest much of the early marketing efforts going a totally different direction than most expect. We all know the film is going to loaded with action (Cavills face +Superman powers + Snyders style = the most marketable film in a long time) and I am certain the footage we get will show it. But I also expect them to follow a similar tone to that of the posters - they're going to keep being quite different than most other superhero movie marketing materials today.

Rome wasn't built in a day. If for no other reason, I am impressed that W.B. tend to going about the marketing in a more unconventional way. They're directly playing against the "He is boring/uninteresting" angle. I think that is really all there is to this poster. Recall THE DARK KNIGHT poster of the bat symbol drawn on a prison cell wall. W.B. are going for something quite deeper than the standard blockbuster fair.

To be perfectly honest, this approach gives me a lot of faith in the films quality. W.B. must be pretty damn sure its going to be well received to be taking such a risky, unconventional tone in the marketing.

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