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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

The more I think about it and get beyond the initial shock of the announcement, the more disappointed I am that we're not going to get the pure MOS sequel I craved.

I wanted Superman's equivalent of The Dark Knight - a fantastic, epic story featuring the hero's most famous villain now that the origin is out of the way - and now we're not going to get it because the execs at WB just couldn't wait. They're so anxious to get their greedy hands on those Avengers dollars that they just blew their wad on a perfectly good franchise-in-the-making by forcing their real golden boy, Batman, into the picture where he didn't belong.

I'm not saying Snyder's Batman vs. Superman film can't be good. What I am saying is that this is a big disappointment to us Superman fans who wanted to see at least one more good solo Superman story onscreen, and will instead have to put up with yet more Batman.

Batman just had an epic trilogy. Why do we need him to crowd in on Superman's turf? I'm sorry, but even though Marvel's Phase One strategy was clearly a business plan, something about it also felt pure and joyful. Everything seemed to work out perfectly - introduce each hero, then mix. But this just seems way too fast. Unlike Thor or Captain America, Clark wasn't "established" at the end of MOS, but was barely finishing his journey to the starting point we all know. It's taking away from Superman to include another major hero like Batman in what was supposed to be a solo sequel.

Superhero movies have always one of the few areas where I can put aside my general hatred of capitalism and enjoy the fruits of what corporate Hollywood has to offer - even tracking box office results to make sure we get sequels. But this is too much. It's just too much of an obvious cash grab.

What's the main difference between Marvel Studios and Warner Bros.? If you had to narrow it down to one, it would be that Marvel is headed by fans who genuinely care about the characters, while WB has always reeked of empty-headed executives trying to mimic whatever worked best the last time. They somehow captured lightning in a bottle with TDK by pairing the right director with the right material, and they've been trying to recapture it ever since. All you have to do is look at something like Green Lantern - perfect example of an empty corporate product made by people who had no real affinity for the characters or the world they were creating.

Zack Snyder at least knows comics and you could tell he was trying to please the fans in MOS with all those Alex Ross-influenced shots, so I have no doubts that his Batman vs. Superman film will have plenty of striking visuals. But whereas MOS, despite its origins and commercial pressures, could still seem to me like they were trying to create an actual work of art, this Batman vs. Superman movie seems like nothing but a cynical attempt to compete with Marvel. It was financial considerations that determined what movie WB decided to produce, and that strategy has rarely yielded awesome creative results in the past.

And by the way, I totally agree with everyone who suggested that WB would never have tried to force Superman into a Batman movie.

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