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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by Axl Van Sixx View Post

I'm not saying Snyder's Batman vs. Superman film can't be good. What I am saying is that this is a big disappointment to us Superman fans who wanted to see at least one more good solo Superman story onscreen, and will instead have to put up with yet more Batman.
Ignoring the fact that you very much can still get that in a WF movie(but I doubt fanboys will be satisfied), If you were at the Con this weekend you would have seen a Thor trailer and a Cap "trailer" that allude to good Thor and Cap movies. And imagine that, they are coming after the cross over film but they are still good character developing films....
Point being, even if WF isn't a superman movie, like the way Avengers isn't a Cap movie, that doesn't mean you won't get your superman movie in the next installment....just a thought.

Batman just had an epic trilogy. Why do we need him to crowd in on Superman's turf? I'm sorry, but even though Marvel's Phase One strategy was clearly a business plan, something about it also felt pure and joyful. Everything seemed to work out perfectly - introduce each hero, then mix. But this just seems way too fast. Unlike Thor or Captain America, Clark wasn't "established" at the end of MOS, but was barely finishing his journey to the starting point we all know. It's taking away from Superman to include another major hero like Batman in what was supposed to be a solo sequel.
Actually people(especially dc fans) wouldn't shut up about how badly marvel was screwing with their films along the way. Yes it all "worked out" but that doesn't account for the sheer amount of *****ing along the way(see im2 rants). And here we are, DC's turn. How's about we see where this ends up.

Um..Cap is very much known for his man out of time persona. I didn't see any of that established by the end of TFA. Well I did actually, the last 4 minutes set it up, kinda ironic eh.

Won't get into thor.
Superhero movies have always one of the few areas where I can put aside my general hatred of capitalism and enjoy the fruits of what corporate Hollywood has to offer - even tracking box office results to make sure we get sequels. But this is too much. It's just too much of an obvious cash grab.
You must have lost your mind when they announced Avengers at the very same con they premiered the first footage of cap and thor..

And by the way, I totally agree with everyone who suggested that WB would never have tried to force Superman into a Batman movie.
Try and prove this.

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