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Post Recommendations for Future Iron Man Stand Alone Film Reboot Series

For those of you that are still upset and irritated by the twist on the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and for not getting to see some of the characters you like from the comics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have made this article to show how Marvel Studios would do a rebooted Iron Man franchise simply after the MCU concludes in 2021.

Sometime after the Marvel Cinematic Universe concludes in 2021, Marvel Studios and along with Kevin Feige who may still be with Marvel should get to work on rebooting the Iron Man films in a simple stand alone series without SHIELD, without any of the other Avengers, or any other crossovers, and without being so heavily tied to real world events like terrorism or anything else that makes things difficult to be done right because that way characters like the Mandarin, Iron Man's arch enemy can function properly in the films from their proper comic book adapted versions without letting anything stop them from doing so and so that many other characters from the Iron Man comics can be brought out onto the big screen that we won't be able to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But of course some changes in the films on the plots are expected in order for the films to work in a refreshed superhero franchise but they can all still be adults.

The First film is expected to begin with Tony Stark being abducted by criminals who work for the Mandarin who lead him into becoming Iron Man when they were demanded to make a certain weapon or armor for the crime organization the Mandarin is running, and then with Iron Man battling Mandarin and 3 super villains hired to kill him and steal the armor which puts the hero's friends and family in danger

Now for the main cast of the rebooted film franchise

Tony Stark/Iron Man

As the protagonist of the films, Tony Stark is still the billionare playboy philanthropist we all know from the comics builds an armored suit and uses it to protect the world from various threats. But during his origin to becoming Iron Man that instead of being abducted by Terrorists in this film franchise, he will be abducted by criminals under the leadership of his arch enemy the Mandarin.

James Rhodes/War Machine

Best friend of Tony Stark, Rhodes always watches his back, but other than becoming War Machine, whether he will act as Colonel of a military force or head of a local FBI organization is unknown

Pepper Potts/Rescue

Tony's love interest who occasionally becomes Rescue


Iron Man's arch nemesis who will this time weild the power of 10 magic rings and due to the difficulties and excuses that provoked Marvel Studios executive producers and directors from doing the magic rings which lead them into unfairly ripping us off with extremis creator Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) as their MCU excuse
which nearly caused Feige and his crew to ruin the whole Iron Man film series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they need to make sure that the proper version of the Mandarin in this future rebooted franchise is depicted as an adult crime lord of a crime syndicate possibly the Hand, the Tong, or the Triads but definately NOT the organization named after himself in the Ultimate comics because that way Marvel Studios won't go skipping out on the rings again over stupid excuses involving racism and real world events and over such selfish disbeliefs on the rings not being realistic which is obviously an excuse that all people them care about is wanting their films to gross billions but they should know there are more important things in life than money . Plus when battling Iron Man, he'll be sure to where an armor similar to the one from Armored Adventures so that his battles with Iron Man with the ten magic rings will be much more reasonable in the films and he does not have to be too exact like his dictator version in the comics, they just need to make him look much more civilized while wearing the 10 magic rings and they don't need to avoid using the chinese stereotypes as long as they can get Mandarin done properly with the magic rings as we all favor him so much for. As the main antagonist of the whole film series, he is to be the main villain in the first film but he will appear in the sequels after that as a main character and secondary villain. Aliases of the Mandarin will be both Gene Khan and Zhang Tong.

Howard Stark

Tony's father who would act as a mentor on helping Tony use the Iron Man armor

Bethany Cabe

A member of the FBI

Villains Blizzard, Firebrand and Whiplash are to appear as villains hired by the Mandarin to capture Stark and steal the Iron Man armor

Second Movie

In the second film's plot, Iron Man and War Machine will compete in a tournament that is like tech wars and wrestling combined against many armored villains from the comics who will act as competitors and the plot of the film will reflect off the Armor Wars storyline and in this film, Mandarin will reveal his origin to Tony Stark and the film's antagonist is speculated to be Titanium Man

Happy Hogan

Titanium Man

Crimson Dynamo




Justin Hammer

surely it may seem rediculious but if you expect Marvel to more than one armored super villain properly from the comics, a tournament of men

Third Movie

In this film, Iron Man and companions go to war against AIM.



Kersan Dewitt

Fourth Film

The concluding film to the rebooted franchise, Invincible Iron Man 4 is to be based partially on the Dragon Seed Saga of the comics. It is to feature Iron Man's last battle with the Mandarin and then with the invasion of 10 alien dragons

Fin Fang Foom

Chen Hsu

8 other alien dragons

Count Nefaria


The title to all films should be worded as "The Invincible Iron Man" just like The Amazing Spider-Man and here are the expected character appearances and the best and directly immediate time for Marvel Studios to have the rebooted Iron Man films ready for premire in theaters is in 2024, 3 years after the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends if it does.

In the mean time make sure Kevin Feige has Marvel Cinematic Universe's Iron Man 5 set for 2020 so that he can consider putting thoughts into getting to work on the reboot right away by 2024

Feige may not have any plans yet for rebooting the Iron Man films but if anyone can help get this information to him in time before he announces any more sequels and reconsiders the Marvel Cinematic Universe's end date, that would be real helpful

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Default Re: Recommendations for Future Iron Man Stand Alone Film Reboot Series

Nice ideas!

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