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Kebab gud
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Default My idea for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

i also posted this on imdb

Ok heres my idea! ..

I want Supergirl in it! .. wait! wait! before you starts flaming me just hear me out! I want Kara Zor-El and Darkseid (with his army) in the movie. There is a perfect way to get them both in and not make it look stupid....

The movie can open up with a kryptonian ship landing on earth, inside a young girl (16-18years old) the ship lands just outside a major city so every one shows up (cops, firedepartment you name it) she says she wants to talk to Kal-El, but noone knows who that is, she asks again "Kal-El of krypton?" and someone says some thing like "the only kryptonian here is superman". (no one knows that kal-El is supermans real name). So she want to talk to superman and almost intantly sups flyes down and says "my name is Kal-El", Kara then says something like "my name is Kara Zor-El, i am your uncle`s daughter" (its to lame for here just to say shes his cousin). she later tells Supes (and lois) here story, She somehow escaped krypton in an escape pod and traveled to an kryptonian outpost. But to here shock, the outpost had been vaporized a hundred years ago by darkseid and his army. she then finds a new escape pod and programs it for earth knowing that Jor-El had sendt his son Kal-El there.
(The reson for the escape pod is that it travells slowly but still clodse to the speed of light so the personm inside dosent age even thou the trip takes thousends of years, but if she had been on a ship she chould have done the trip in a few years, remeber then in the time Kal-El aged 3 years krypton had been gone for thousends of years in the original movie)
She then gived Supes a warning, that Darkseid is determend to kill every last surviving kryptonian (this is when lois asks someting like how she can be older then superman but still look younger, and someone tells here in basic terms the thing about time and lightspeed)
Sometime later after some "funny" bits about kara on earth trying to get to know here powers, a "Boom Tube" opens up over.. Gotham or any other DC city other then metropolis (for a change of scenery), out of the tube comes a scoutship from Apokolips. Supes goes up to say hello or something, but the scout "scans" him and sees that he is a kryptonian and goes back into the tube. Kara then flys up and says that it was from apokolips and they now know that there are kryptonians on earth.
the next few days are spendt looking into what Lex is upto while supes and kara are prepering for battle!
(i have no ides for lex at this time)
Then ten Boom tubes open up over metropolis and an armada comes out with darkseid on a command ship declaring that earth now is under hin controle and that he will give supes and kara (the kryptonians) one hour to surrender. But they fight (kara dressed in here space/regular kryptonian clothes)and after a long fight darkseid escapes back to Apokolips sayinmg he will be back (there powers suprices him).
But all is not over.. a few days later we see a news story on the TVs in the planet news room, about a virus that looks to be aout of controle, a virus calld "Bra1n1ac670.exe" (or something like that)
the end! (with a nice brainiac cliffhanger)

what do you all think? (PS: i dont mind if kara dies in the battle)
oh and remember that english is not my native language and this was typed in like 10 minuts and i didnt bother spellchecking it

Oh and just so you all know.. its a pure coincidence that the Kara zor-El origin story in this story is so close to the story of Post-crisis Kara zor-el..

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Kebab gud
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Default Re: My idea for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

Baby turn around, And let me see that sexy body go Bump bump bump

Just wanted to add one thing. Kara could be knoked into a coma by Darkseid after Supes gets hit by the Omega beam and knoked out. she chould "sacrifice" hereself to protect supes from a second fatal shot of the omega beam, and here beeing younger (not by mutch in post-crisis) might be more hurt. And then supes comes to and goes crazy on darkseids ass..

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Kebab gud
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Default Re: My idea for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

Revised Ending:
Supes and Kara are batteling Darkseids army. And suddenly Supes is knocked into another building, from the dust a tall figure of a woman appers (6'5 or something) thou the name never comes up we know its Barda. Supes eventually knockes Barda out (She later gets arrested by the Metropolis Police). The battle against Darkseids army comes to a head as both Kara and Supes stands face to face with Darkseid. Darkseid starts beeing a dick how he is a god ect ect. And then its time for The only line i want to steal! Its from JLU and is one of Hawkgirl's lines witch fit Kara just PERFECT! "Less talking more hiting!". Kara is knocked out cold by the Omegabeam, and Supes find himself for the first time in his life lost for words and scared stiff. At this time Darkseid starts talking again about him beeing a god and all that. Superman becomes himself again and makes it clear that Darkseid whould not leve the room alive. The battle between Darkseid and Supes moves down to the streets of Metropolis and ends up in Darkseid going home to apokolips, With Supes lying on his back in the middel of an almost destroyd street in downtown metropolis. He is conscious but hurt and exsausted, With fear in his eyes he whispers "Kara" at the camera shifts to Darkseids throne room on his mothership, And there on the floor infront of Darkseid's throne Kara is waking up.
She looks into Darkseid's eyes (we see that darkseid is also hurt) She is in shock and darkseid has a smerk on his face and says something like you whould exspect Darkseid to say.
The last scene whould still be an cliffhanger to a Brainiac story leaving darkseid to come back in a 4th movie or maybe a Batman/Superman movie

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Kebab gud
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Default Re: My idea for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

Now Lets make film number 3!

The third movie starts out with Metropolis in ruin, with huge rebuilding work going on. its only been a month since the forces of apokolips got the f''k out of there and Superman hassent rested for a minute. As superman and the people of metropolis is rebuilding, news keeps coming inn about bla bla bla and in tech news... a virus but still just another virus, nothing spessial about it really. At this time a convoi is rolling throug Metropolis with national guard protection, their transporting POW's to the Slab (a former High security prison turnd into a Super high security prison to house POW's)
The pows are mostly Parademons but here is also 2 Furies (Barda and one random other)
Something happens and some of the Parademons get loose, fight .. bla bla bla then Barda and the outher furie gets loose. Now Superman hits the scene only to find that barda had allready knocked the other furie out and gottehn back into her prisoner transport, supes kickes the Parademons into submision
Supes follows the Convoi to The Slab and goes back to the city and to S.T.A.R Labs in hopes that they have some how managed to find out anything about where the boomtubes tok Darkseid and his army, no luck.
Some time goes by with some awkard lois and clark scenes. and then the news comes in to the planet that the little virus that wassent dooing anny harm had started to take controle of Key systems and had somehow goten into defence systems (impossible you say? its a movie) Superman springs into action, and this time.. his most deadly enemy is .. the internet! and with some help from alot of goverment geeks they bring down the net..
But its too late.. Luthor had allready figured out that the virus is no simple virus but the base programing for a highly advanced alian AI, Luthor builds a simple Android body (some thing like Honda's Asimo or Toyota's Partner) verry simple but with a hight tech computer and functional limbs. Then as the Net goes down (superman broke the internet) Brainiac takes humanoid form. Lex is fasinated by the amazing Brainiac and helpes him make a new body for himself with the help of Professor Ivo.
As the world starts to get ahold of itself after an alian invasion and stuff everyone starts to feel safe, but then.. a mad robot strikes! Brainiac is here!..
Supes and Brainiac fightes its a draw, brainiac uses kryptonite and sh***
Supes knows he is going to have trouble with this one so he askes Barda to help him (feeling that she might not be so bad after when happend during the escape)
Barda convinces Supes to get her a mother box from Star Labs (who has several taken from POW's and dead parademons)
Barda comes up with a plan for Supes to throw Brainac into a boom tube that barda opens into deep space or something.
plan goes on with a larger battle then pland and stuff.. later supes goes to get the motherbox back from but she opens a boom tube back to Apokolips and bolts. but before she leves she tells supes where Darkseid is and how to get there..
Da da da dam! Supes is out to get revenge!

Just Vibe to go and i have successfully taken over control of DC comics!
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Brainiac 2009
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Default Re: My idea for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

Thats alot of reading

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All crews reporting.
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Default Re: My idea for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

Hmmm... its alright... I guess.

I guess its obvious you're completely rebooting the series (or just ignoring SR). I disagree with that, but thats artistic licence.

Anyways - Perhaps you should expand on your synopses and go into some more detail. You're being very vague, and you've made a lot of mistakes in spelling etc which makes it a bit hard to read.

Also, I know this might sound wussy, but I think you might be going a bit... epic. While you being bold is not a bad thing, I'd say tone it down a bit (maybe not so much a full-scale invasion etc. If Darkseid is so confident of himself, then why not just him and a few of his mates?).

Just my two cents.

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