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Default Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

A few people have mentioned wanting to do, or wanted done, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie Re-Imagined.

So here is the thread to post your ideas on how you think it should be re-imagined.

My idea for a Power Rangers (reimagined) movie, is sort of the same way they are now only with A level special effects.
Use lots of CG effects, in a good way and not overtly CG, and use special effects artists like Stan Winston.

They would still be teenagers called on by an alien to help save the world against invading alien forces, but I'd make it more realistic and dramatic. I'd eliminate most or all of the cheese factor.

I'd make the reason they were chosen more about their DNA or something, have Zordon look more alien and the effects on his floating jelly head in a jar look and sound better. He would also be more of an authority and not always so nice. I'd make him sort of like Marvel Comic's the Watcher. I'd also have the little robot being different, he wouldn't exactly be the comedy relief. There would be lots of different robots taking care of Zordon, since he is unable to do it himself. The robots would look more like robots and less like guys in suits. For example robot arms, robots designed for specific tasks. Like Robots on assembly lines.

As for the Teenagers, when they were human I'd still have them have their incredible alien powers. I would probably make it pretty clear that they were no longer completely human, and were now partly alien. When they have to fight as humans I'd make their fights more action packed, like when Peter hit Flash Thompson on the first Spider-man movie or when Clark ran fast and jumped very far in Superman Returns.

In uniform, I'd show that they colorful costumes were uniforms and the metal faces are their real body after being transformed. I'd have them be able to move their mouths. and redesign their costumes to look more like alien uniforms or something.

The robots would be done using a combination of animatronics, guys in suits, and CG animation and effects. They would look more like robots, but also alien.

The monsters and bad guys would be done like Alien, Preditor, type stuff. Suits and CG to make them seem real instead of guys in suits. I see the main bad guys being Lord Zed and Rita, only they are more evil and threatening than they were on TV.

There would be more stuff about alien experiments and technology on the movie. Also the US government, and other governments, would have more involvment such as sending in the army to stop a monster. And they would be helpful too.
The actors should also be good actors too, but not necissarily well known actors. Maybe unknowns for the teens.

I see the movie having the overall tone of the Spider-Man films, serious but not too harsh.

I'll have more, and better, later.

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