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Default Star Cruiser Cybertron

Star Cruiser Cybertron:

It is the year 2592, I am the Captain of the Star Cruiser Cybertron. Almost 600 years ago the planet Earth made
first contact with an alien species of sentient robots. Some were good, they were called Autobots, the others, pure evil, were called Decepticons.

For next 550 years the Human/Autobot Alliance fought back the Decepticon forces, lead by the ruthless Megatron. We fought and for a time we never let them get the upper hand. But that all changed When Megatron created a new race of warriors called Proto-soldiers. Human sized mechanical killing machines. He seemed to have an endless army. This allowed Megatron to change the balance of power and he soon seized control of both Earth and the Autobot's home world of Cybertron.

But Megatron didn't stop there and soon his madness caused the destruction of Earth and Cybertron. Now we may be all that is left of the Human/Autobot alliance.

One ship, one crew. Our ship, named in honor of the Autobots homeworld.

Slowly we drift in space, making repairs as we begin the most important mission of all time.

We search for survivors, both human and Autobot that may have escaped the hand of Megatron. We search allies, our quest is to defeat Megatron before he continues his attack on other Star Systems.

We are the last of the Human/Autobot alliance, A crew of 200 humans and 15 Autobots aboard the Star Crusier Cybertron. The Autobots have taken on new forms appropriate to our current situation. Some have chosen to remain in Proto-Form allowing them to better interact with their human crew. Others like my first Officer and adviser, Optimus Prime have taken forms to honor Cybertron.

As a Transforming Star Fighter he sits ready, he is burden with the guilt of letting Megatron escape many years ago. But it is not his fault.

I sit at my control console and wonder what the future holds. The path to Victory is great but at the end, one will stand and one shall fall.

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