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Default Re: Think Singer will ever reveal his direction.......

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
I'd very much rather he let it public what his third X-men film would have been all about.

Or better yet----I wish he had made it instead of Superman Returns. I love Superman Returns, but I would have liked an entirely new approach to Superman (in this day and age) than what we got and would very much have preferred he completed his X-men story, because that was an amazing trilogy he was on his way to making.

He did say what his third X-movie would have been about, or at least various snippets have been mentioned over the years. As far as I recall, Gambit and Emma Frost would have been introduced, Jean would return as 'good' Phoenix. Sigourney Weaver was who they wanted for Frost, who would have been an old flame of Xavier's and who would have had empathic (emotion-sensing/manipulating) powers. Also, more Wolverine backstory and possibly Genosha have been rumoured.

In his proposed X4, Jean would have gone to the dark side as Dark Phoenix. He never mentioned Beast, Angel or the return of Nightcrawler. Not sure if Alan Cumming would have come back as Nightcrawler - he'd said at one point he didn't enjoy working with Singer but he also said he might be willing to come back, so it's unclear.

There's no doubt Singer's X3 and X4 would have dovetailed more neatly into the first two X-movies, and would have been great to see. But it's a rather pointless debate now as he has moved on.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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Default Re: Think Singer will ever reveal his direction.......

The X-Men franchise really is sad and frustrating. What a waste X3 was.

Beast was cool though.

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