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Default A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

Did anyone else feel there was a lack of transforming in ROTF? Whether dynamic or in general. TF1 had a number dynamic action sequences of the robots transforming. I thought about this after reflecting on my initial viewing of ROTF. While browsing the TFW2005 forums I came across a poster by the name of knoted that expressed a similar sentiment. I agree with alot of his points. What were your thoughts?

In cinematic terms there's something as Line of Action : that is something which - although sometimes messy - TF1 had in spades, while it was quite sparse in ROTF.

The transforming action is what typifies this sort of line of action : fluid action shots where vehicles transform in one action shot to robot mode, or the other way around to accomplish an action.

Think scenes such as Bonecrusher versus Prime or Jazz driving towards Brawl, sliding into transformation then jumping onto Brawl in one fluid motion shot. Or how about Starscream going from jet to robot mode, slashing through the F22 squad.
Above mentioned all feature dynamic use of transformation in an action shot : that is what dictates clear line of action.

In ROTF a lot of that dynamic is lost however. Only honourable mentions are Sideswipe's scene, Prime versus Demolisher, a small part of the forest battle...and that's it.

For the rest of the movie the Autobots' transforming action was nullified by 2 main factors :
- humans around them
- the Egyptian Desert scenario

The Autobots' scene required the humans to get out the vehicle first then, the Transformer transforms on a static spot : loss of dynamic right there.
The Autobots' were tied to the sand like footsoliders amidst human footsoldiers, nullifying there transforming potential to zero, making them static huge artillery.

So, you see, these elements keep the movie from having more dynamic scenes like Sideswipe's. The altmodes were merely used as basic means of transportation of humans and their use was nil in the desert sand.

So, for the 2nd half of the movie Bay was obviously short on time, making him rely on his basic old self : lots of static placed explosions on one single set : That's the prime cause for very explosive, but also non dynamic action.

One basically has to think of Transformers as sportsplayers : each altmode is like a certain specialist skill or ability : in ROTF, that special skills is not used often and the TF's interact as if they were, indeed humans shooting at each other or just plain fistfights.

That is what takes away the heart of Transformation action. I was recently watching some more Macross ... and it struck me how dynamic those aerial scenes are ; Valkeries switching from Jet to Gerwalk mode to robot mode, all in one fluid shot to either evade missiles, pursuit or any other acrobatic move. That, is what TF1 got as well, but ROTF, severely lacks. Perhaps as well, because ROTF didn't feature any substantial air fight, although the potential would certainly have been there with Starscream & Jetfire. Why they left out Breakaway and Skywarp.. is indeed beyond me.

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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

Not to me, I remember things transforming left and right.


For you.
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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

i also noticed this.

this explains it:
Bay felt he had already shown the transformations in the first film, so wanted to move on to other things.

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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

To me, there was alot of transforming in ROFT but the camera was zoomed too close so we cant really see whats happening....
Like the contructicons combining together... u couldnt see which one went where...

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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

off hand, i can think of a few good sequences from ROTF... Optimus being dropped out of the plane, very cool, Optimus jumping off the bridge, Optimus throwing Sam out in the forest, Jetfire arriving at the final battle, Bumblebee jumping out of the garage, Arcee in China, Sideswipe in China. There were plenty in this movie... but as others have pointed out, it has been introduced and explored in the first movie... now the transformations are just transitions between human form and machine.

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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

I agree completely, and upon viewing the 2007 film again it becomes increasingly apparent.

The "transforming action" is what gives this series it's edge over other action movies and films in this genre; rotf lost sight of that and unlike the first film that had a hugely unique action pay off in the third act that left the general audience feeling like they were watching something they had really never seen before live action, rotf pretty much turned into lots of people standing around shooting at robots hidden in smoke and auto bots just strafing in the sand. Until prime wakes up.

-whats done in the shanghai scene was more of the transformers unique action that pleased audiences so much.
-what was done in the forest wasn't so much transformers unique but it was giant robot unique

I personally feel the way the action was handled in that third act contributed big time to why many feel the film was "boring"

I believe, that that third acted played out the way it did due in major part to the sfx budget. There's even alot of re using of characters and such running around. the money was spent on on things like devastator and that sequence of his, the amount of tera-space that took alone comes pretty close to all that was used in the first film.

bad decision making.

a better direction would have been to cut devastator(who really works in the trailer and brings an audience) out, have the fallen do everything he did(including revive megatron) and extend the final optimus bout.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.
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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

It's funny, but while my friend and I were waiting for the movie to start, I commented how in the first film, Optimus was the only Autobot that never transformed back into vehicle mode. Then, in the very first scene, we get the skydive!

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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

I have no idea what movie people were watching that there's a perception that there's lack of dynamic transformations. No idea.

"Perception is the enemy of reason."

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Default Re: A Lack Of Transforming Sequences?

in the first movie they transform almost all the time. and they transform in the middle of the action.

the desert is not a road so there was no way that they would transform into cars. thats why the city works so good.

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