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Default Plot Ideas: Opinions

In the opening credits, We see the glacier where Captain America is frozen, then something happens that makes the ice crack and change is fomation.

The film should open showing planet earth zooming in closer to land. At the same time have Tom Hiddleston narrating as Loki. He says something epic as a god, and as a villain.

He could say something like, "Planet Earth Midgard, Land of Mortals Wealthy & Poor, Heroes of Iron & Formulas. Also land of my arrogant Step-Brother Thor, the so called God Of Thunder. Though he has abandoned his former land, Asgard, to live upon these mortals, he or any other formation shall not stand in my way. And if they shall, a war is all they are asking. This shall be interesting...(laugh)

As Loki finishes his narration, we have also finished zooming in near land on earth. There, will be Thor and a group of hippies protesting against something. Sorta like this: Of course the ones who they are protesting against would refuse, and causes Thor to bring out his hammer and strikes rain, hail, and thunder. Thor then says a humorous line referring to Humans and our mortal ways.

Right after that, we our in British Columbia in front of Bruce Banner's cottage. We go inside to see Bruce reading or meditating or something. He hears a gust of wind outside his home. He looks out the window to see a SHIELD aircraft and someone stepping out. He leaves the window and sighs. Then he hears a knock at the door and there standing is Nick Fury. They go to lunch and discuss reopening the Super Soldier Program and Nick Fury wants Bruce to be on board. In there discussion they mention, Hulk, Tony Stark, Gods, Captain America, and Betty.

Still working on rest.

So what do you think? What I think should happen in all is having the Avengers their first assignment to stop the Hulk who injected himself with Captain America's blood. Thor comes out of nowhere and joins the battle. They lock Banner up. Then the story continues. Loki has taken off his horns and green and yellow costume, and He tries to fit in with modern society when really he is setting up a massive war. Story continues. Near the end, Loki invades somewhere with familiar villains, and they cause destruction and the Avengers assemble once more also joined by Hulk.

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Default Re: Plot Ideas: Opinions

Some Ideas:

- A group of S.H.I.E.L.D agents, lead by Agent Coulson, discover Captain
America frozen, but alive, on a glacier.

- Tony Stark (accompanied by Pepper Potts) is flown to the helicarrier,
something that he is amazed by. Once there he meets the helicarrier's cheif
engineer, a man by the name of Hank Pym. Hank and his fiancée, Janet Van
Dyne, designed every facet of the helicarrier themselves. Hank is a genius on
the level of Stark himself.

- Nick Fury introduces Stark to Captain America, who's just finished being
debriefed and undergone an entire battery of tests. Captain is clearly
distraught over having missed almost 70 years of history. To say the least, he
is suffering from a major case of culture shock.

- Both men are introduced to S.H.I.E.L.D agent Clint Barton and Natasha Romanov
(who Stark already has experience with). They are immediately given their first
mission under the Avenger's Initiative. S.H.I.E.L.D is working with
'Thunderbolt' Ross to capture the Hulk in British Columbia.

- The Avengers are dropped in, Iron Man still being very wary of Captain
America and his mental stability. They are backed by a large group of S.H.I.E.L.D
agents and many more soldiers under Ross' command. Banner, from his cabin, sees
this and begins to panic/initiates his change. Hulk busts out of the cabin and begins smashing the
soldiers. Iron Man and Captain America fight him and hold him off for a while,
but are eventually both overpowered. Nick Fury orders the soldiers to back away, as he is calling in their back-up. This obviously would surprise everyone. Suddenly, a lighting bolt crashes into Hulk, sending him to the ground. As he gets up, we see Thor standing there. The Hulk and Thor go at it for a while, being fairly evenly matched, until finally Thor is able to overpower Hulk.

- Later on, we see Banner sedated and safely incarcerated on the helicarrier.

- The enemy of the film should be an amalgam of several enemies. Perhaps The Mandarin and his Ten Rings terrorist organization have somehow formed an alliance/entered the servitude of Thor's brother Loki? It's hard to come up with someone that would be a significant threat to all these characters.

- In the final battle, the heros are being overpowered and the Hulk ends up coming to help them (I know that's pretty similar to the end of TIH, but it's hard for me to explain how I visualize it) and ends up being just the boost they needed. The end battle would probably take place on a badly damaged helicarrier.

Just a few rough ideas of things that I think would be fun to see in the film.

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