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Default Nemesis

Originally Posted by Mark Millar
Just in from the pub and an email via CAA from a very, very big name director who has worked with some of the biggest actors in the world right now. I don't know him personally, but we have the same rep and he's somehow gotten hold of Nemesis script. I specifically told CAA not to let anyone see this, but he's a big deal and obviously just wangled his way into a look at this. And now he's approached with a producer, a screenwriter and a studio.

Two other guys got in touch before Christmas, but this is one of those guy's everyone has heard of. Very tempting, but my fairy godfather Vaughn told me to stick to a plan on this and build up a bidding frenzy in the weeks leading up to Kick-Ass premiere as they KNOW this will make a fortune and, given that Wanted made 350 mill, they feel Nemesis could be the next big thing.

Anyway, exciting times. Happy to hold firm though as I want to make sure this is the best possible deal we can get. From a quality POV, though, this is a classy act!

From Hit Fix:
Mark Millar's latest comic series 'Nemesis' has Hollywood abuzz... so will Sam Raimi direct?
Originally Posted by Moriarty
For example, there's Mark Millar's upcoming project "Nemesis," which appears to be a bidding war just waiting to happen. The high-concept premise sounds like it'll catch fire on the heels of "Kick-Ass,"
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
telling the story of a billionaire who also happens to be a nightmarish supervillain who loves to pick one cop per year to torment and taunt before finally killing him. Basically, he's Batman and the Joker in one body, and in the upcoming series, he finally picks an American cop, who turns out to be the best opponent he's ever had.
"Wanted" was also a pretty major world-wide hit, so Millar is about as hot as a comic creator can be in Hollywood. The only thing that would make "Nemesis" even more attractive to studios would be if a major director was onboard to direct the film.

Oh, what's that? Sam Raimi suddenly has an opening on his dance card? Verrrrrrry interesting. I know that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are excited about having Raimi make "World Of Warcraft" his top priority, but I'd love to see a pissed-off Raimi making a superhero film that was designed to fly in the face of Marvel and Sony's next "Spider-Man" as well. It would be a delicious way to spend summer 2012.

From /film:
Mark Millar Teases Sam Raimi and Guy Ritchie as Possible Directors For Nemesis Movie

From MillarWorld:

Originally Posted by Mark Millar
...but I turned it down.

Why? I love the X-Men movies. The exec at Fox also seemed like a really smart guy who knows exactly what worked and didn't work about the earlier trilogy. He has an abiding love for the comics and knew my work better than I did. I have no doubt he's going to put together an amazing movie here because the people he's talking about behind the camera are all friends and heroes of mine. He also offered me massive scope with the story and I have an idea I really like, something that takes the franchise in a really fresh direction.

But you know what?

I'm having so much fun creating my own characters and enjoying the control this gives you over the comic-books and the movies that handling an established franchise eems odd to me now. It's tempting, SO tempting for a guy who's been a fanboy as long as he can remember, but I need to stick to my guns. I want to create the NEXT generation of superheroes over the next few years and going back would, I think, be a mistake.

Vaughn is being offered everything you can imagine too in the wake of Kick-Ass, but we both agreed that keeping complete control is what made Kick-Ass such an amazing experience for both of us. Six big producers have now come forward for Nemesis (I've always said I'm holding off until April 17th before I let CAA take this out) and Vaughn and I already have our next movie planned out, based on a book I'm doing with Leinil Francis Yu in September.

But it's still the friggin' X-Men, guys. Have I gone mad? Was it nuts to turn this down?


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