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Default The Official Jimmy Olsen Casting & Discussion Thread

I know there is already a Metropolis/Smallville casting thread but those threads rarely involve discussion of the character along with potential casting. I'd like to see more discussion of jimmy along with potential casting.

My characterization of Jimmy:

Jimmy Olsen:

Jimmy Olsen = awesome! Jimmy is the everyman, young, optimistic, enthusiastic, he’s just an all-around great guy. He’s like the little brother you wish you had. He’s smart but kind of geeky at the same time. He’s also adventurous. I can’t think of any actor who has totally nailed this portrayal of jimmy to date, but the all-star superman comic does a good job of showing this kind of jimmy in action (though its often over the top and he’s a bit older , prob mid-twenties). Ideally Jimmy is between 17-19 years old, probably an intern going to college to study photojournalism. He’s quirky, collects star wars memorabilia. Jimmy should feel like a guy you know or would like to know. He’s definitely likeable and you can see why he and Clark hit it off so well. He’s outgoing while Clark appears to be reserved. He reminds Clark of himself when he was younger, with such an adventurous spirit. Jimmy doesn’t realize just how similar he is to Clark, b/c Clark’s metropolis persona is so dialed back compared to his “real” personality.
That being said he's hard to beg down for an actor. I'd like his age to be between 17-21. Either a photo journalism intern or new graduate. The "cub reporter" thing is very old school. I could see jimmy as a really smart kid who could've gone into engineering or something, but just has a passion for photojournalism and so went for it. I'd like to see his relationship to clark and lois be a solid one. He's friends with clark and kinda looks up to him and thinks lois is the best. For Perry, Jimmy is the son he never had. He's tough on him only b/c he sees the potential in Jimmy to be great. I really like L&C tv show, the DP cast was great, they made us care, we enjoyed their interaction, all that good stuff should be incorporated into the new film. I never felt anything for the DP staff in SR although Sam did a good job for the little time he had as Jimmy. Though i hated seeing him, 1) wear a bow tie 2) call clark "mr. kent" when they obviously looked the same age and 3) get so little screen time.

Someone i think would've been great as Jimmy about 10 years ago is Seth Green.

the height and look are perfect and his personality could've captured a good modern Jimmy Olsen. I can't think of many actors that give me the same vibe other than Morgan from Chuck and he's also too old now. Any thoughts? I know a lot of people think Anton Yelchin, i too think he's about the onl choice i've seen so far but i'd like more options thrown around. Not a fan of Michael Cera after watching the previews of his new movie. I don't want a jimmy i feel sorry for, i want more of the young everyman who's fun to watch, out of everyone i think jimmy should be fun, even comical but not over the top if that makes sense.

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