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Ultra-Humanite 2 2.02%
Lex Luthor 59 59.60%
Prankster 0 0%
Toyman 2 2.02%
Mister Mxyzptlk 1 1.01%
Brainiac 62 62.63%
Metallo 30 30.30%
General Zod 10 10.10%
Composite Superman 0 0%
Parasite 10 10.10%
Darkseid 18 18.18%
Mongul 6 6.06%
Eradicator 3 3.03%
Cyborg Superman 2 2.02%
Doomsday 12 12.12%
Gog 1 1.01%
Not Sure 2 2.02%
They should'nt reboot 5 5.05%
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Default Re: The Official Misc. Villians Reboot Thread

Here are my ideas for the villains and the story:


Introduce clark to Lois and the planet. He is Superman already and is considered to be a fake. Nobody believes he exists. Brianiac is introduced and basically decesives Clark by telling him about Krypton. He makes clark tell the government about his peace treaty as Superman. Clark becomes a friend of Brianiac.

But ultimatly He finds out the truth about him when the discovers the Fortess of Solitude from Jor-El. Brainiac takes about all of the world weapons and computers letting him know everything. Superman has to stop him before its too late. Lex Luthor is then found out to be evil in the end as a cliffhanger.

Superman Man Of Steel

The world now knows the existence of Superman. Lex tries to find a way to kill Superman. He takes some of his DNA and creates a clone. The clone soon betrays Lex as his skin is breaking offf and turning White(Bizzaro). He knows everything about Clark Kent so he pretends to be him and ruins Clark's life with all of his friends.

Bizzaro goes on a rampage and tries to kill Lex but Superman stops him (Superman does not Know Lex is a enemy). Bizzaro dies . As a cliffhanger Lex gets communicated by Brainica who has took over LexCorps computers and everything. Lex agrees to help Brainiac.

Superman Doomsday

Brainiac tells Lex about a weapon that was created long ago by a old alien race. It is hidden deep underground of the place called Doomsday. Lex goes on a search for Doomsday that can kill Superman. Meanwhile in order to recliam his life he tells Lois about him being Superman. Jor-El warns Clark about a upcoming danger," Doomsday is Coming."

After years of being Superman and experience Clark decides not to be worried and says he can handle it like all the rest. Lex finds Doomsday and frees him. Doomsday goes on a rampage and Superman tries to stop him. Doomsday dies and Superman is taken to the Fortess of Solitude(by the government) where he recovers from power of the sunlight.. He returns and sees the world run by Lex.

Now knowing he is evil he goes to stop him. But he discovers that Brainiac is still alive. Brainiac betrays Lex by making him his perfect Human vessel. Superman and him fight and brings Justice back to Metropolis. In the end Clark marries Lois.

Superman Fallen

Clark feels on top of the world when he marries Lois. But from last movies prison break, a villain Toyman escapes and sets his eyes on Superman with a different intention, not to kill Superman but to control. A meteorite found by Star labs which is the red krptonite. Toyman finds out and steals it using deadly toys. Superman is gets affected by the red krptonite and starts taking it like a drug. He becomes very agressive and cuts everyone out of his life lncuding Lois and their marrige.

John Corben who is the new reporter for the Daily Planet. He is getting scoopes left and right. He starts to become a rival of Lois. Meanwhile Toyman manages to get Superman to join him. This time Superman wears a black and red suit (think Godfall). Toyman gets Superman to make him the top mob boss and the most powerful Metroplis man. Fearing Superman might kill him, Toyman finds Rudy Jones, a small time crook and makes scarrs him into Parasite using dangerous chemicals as he becomes Parasite

People of Metropolis start to hate Supeman as he becomes a villain and working for Toyman. Superman travels to the Fortess of Solitude where Jor-El teaches and shows who he really is. The effect of the red kryptonite wears off. Superman confronts Toyman but Toyman orders Parasite to steal his energy and he does. Superman weakned goes to the meteor site of the Red krptonite and find the green one. He confronts Parasite and shows him the green Krptonite and Parasite goes weaker gives his powers to Superman.

But Parasite absorbs energy of a near by Power Plant and they both fight. Superman wins and Superman confronts Toyman. Toyman now wanted to kill Superman weakens him with green kryptonite. Lois saves Superman by stabbing Toyman in the leg adn throws the crane which contained the green krptonite. Superman is back and Toyman gets arrested.Superman leaves avoiding the cops. Toyman manages to escape and blow up the cop cars. He is now wanted. In the end, the story of the Toyman and Parasite is wrtten by John Corben first as he becomes the top reporter. Clark visits Lois in her apartment and have a talk.

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Default Re: The Official Misc. Villians Reboot Thread

some interesting thoughts there.

Spidey Back With Marvel WOOT!!!
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Old 02-02-2010, 08:05 PM   #578
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Default Re: The Official Misc. Villians Reboot Thread


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Default Re: The Official Misc. Villians Reboot Thread

The villian needs to fit the film.

Have a look at Venom, potentially a great villian but it totally sucked in the last Spidey film. The best example is Heath Ledger as Joker. He really did something great there. So, get a great actor to play the villian.

Doesn't really matter what villian it is, please hire a good serious actor to do the villian. That means no actor who appeared in a teen movie or something. It needs to be a credible villian.

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Default Re: The Official Misc. Villians Reboot Thread


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Default Re: The Official Misc. Villians Reboot Thread

For Morgan Edge, I'd go with Jason Lee or Sam Rockwell

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