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Default Re: Superman's character growth

Originally Posted by project13 View Post
One of the main complaints about Superman is that he's so perfect and too good to be true. But what if he didn't start out as the Big Blue Boy Scout? One of the great things about "Smallville" is that it shows Clark Kent transitition from unsure-of-himself Kansas farmboy into a protector of Metropolis and a "super-savior" (ala the Blur). I'm not saying that we should do a flashback of Clark in Smallville learning how to be something more, I'm just suggesting is that when it comes to character development, how does a character go from point A to point B. In other words:

How should Superman grow as a character in the reboot?
What exactly is wrong with being a "big blue boy scout"? Essentially Superman is a good man with high morals. Believe it or not I actually know people like that in real life *Gasp* , I don’t think his character should be altered in any way to please the emo, angst loving geeks of Marvel or the Bat fans. I think the character should be placed in situations where his morals and beliefs are tested or questioned. He should at times feel anger and want to take the law into his own hand then remembers what he stands for and who he is then pulls himself together. It's like in real life if a good man hears or sees something bad he might lose himself for a bit in the heat of the moment e.g. Hears about a child getting murdered he in turns gets angry and frustrated and wishes the most extreme form of punishment(torture before execution) on the murderer. One of the things I hate about Superman 2 was at the end when he got his powers back he went to teach that trucker a lesson. It just seemed really petty and doesn’t really send the right message. Sure as a kid I thought it was cool but several years later I think it was wrong.

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