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Default Re: Should Lois and Clark end up together, and when should Lois know the secret?

Originally Posted by NotFadeAway View Post
Two questions, obviously....

1. Should Lois and Clark ever be a couple on a long term basis by the end of a hopefull new contiunity? I'm torn over this, because I can picture Supes being selfless and telling Lois to find someone she can grow old with.

2. When should Lois discover tha Clark and Superman are the same? I'm thinking the sooner the better, that way we can get to the good stuff. I'd have Lois find this out at end of the orign movie, creating yet another way for the new film to stand apart from the Donner/Reeve movie.
Nice thread.

1) Lois and Clark should build a relationship over time. By the end of the first movie I'd like it to be clear that there is an attraction there, but not vocalized, even though it is acted upon. They 'build a friendship' so to speak and we can tell here WHY they would want to get together, other than just the music playing when Clark first sees Lois. They can actually get together in the second film, and in the third have a kind of off-beat relationship where they are more partners-in-crime than lovey-dovey.

2) Lois should discover it in the second movie, assuming there's a trilogy, you want there to be some movie where she's 'in' on the secret. I'd prefer she figure it out herself, or more accurately, 'just know' they are the same, even though she can't prove it, because she knows them 'both' so well.

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Default Re: Should Lois and Clark end up together, and when should Lois know the secret?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
There you go. While clark would definetely acknowledge his feelings, IMO, he damn sure wouldnt end up marrying her. He knows thats unfair to her...
No that's Bruce logic of reasoning not Clark's. Bruce is very capable to fall in love. He chose not to because he believes if he allows himself to truly let someone get that close to him. He'll lose them just like he lost his parents. Bruce loves Selina more than any other woman he's had a relationship with but he keep her at safe distance even though Selina could hold her own against situation she finds herself in .

Clark choose Lois (despite the danger) because he loved her . And the thought of being in this world without her he just couldn't accept.

"When we got married, everyone asked me the same question. ‘You’re Superman. Why Lois Lane?’ I knew she was the girl for me the moment I met her. Lois was brutally honest, curious as a cat, and you’d never get the last word in. She was the most human woman I’d ever met. But on the inside she was more super than I could ever be.” - Clark Kent/Superman in Infinite Crisis #5"

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Default Re: Should Lois and Clark end up together, and when should Lois know the secret?

Bruce has allowed himself to get close many times in the comics. There are varying reasons for why his relationships dont work out. Sometimes, the women are evil and untrustworthy (Talia and Selina....and yes, there is still an untrustworthy aspect to selina), sometimes he keeps his secret from them (Vicki Vale), and sometimes they cant handle the idea of him being batman (Silver St. Cloud). Paul Dini is not the only person who writes Batman, and frankly, that whole thing was just him trying to push his Bruce and Selina relationship.

I dont even think this is worth arguing...on these boards, people only know the post crisis version of these characters, so its no wonder they find the idea of clark not married to lois a shocking possibility. I notice a trend of fanboys desperately wanting some sort of "Happy ever after" perfect shipper relationship, and im just not into that. Even if it does have basis in the comics, other alternatives to the clark and lois romance have their basis in the comics as well. Not to mention, we've already seen the post crisis approach in "Lois and Clark" and "Smallville".

"There is a difference between you and me. We both looked into the abyss, but when it looked back at us... you blinked."
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