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Default Pre VS Post Crisis elements in the reboot

I thought we could use this thread since this topic has kinda "hijacked" the costume thread. Just for the record I love both versions of the character. I personally grew up reading about the post-crisis version and as I got older came to realize some of the "grandeur" that had been lost from the pre-crisis, and I feel that a big-screen movie is the perfect media outlet for a combination of the best elements of both. Anyway, let's have at it.......

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Default Re: Pre VS Post Crisis elements in the reboot

I agree. I think it's just silly to ignore the positive elements of either verison. They both have good and bad qualities about them. For the most part i loved All-Star Superman, which is very much a homage to the pre-crisis Superman. Now i've picked up a Showcase edition that features tons of Superman comics from the Silverage. It's good stuff. But a very different style. they really played up his whimsical side. Also he was something of a practical jokester. Also the situations seldom if ever devolved into a puching contest. He was very much a thinking man's hero not just a flying brick. It would be nice to see some of those elements returned to the character. Also he ended most issues by winking at the viewer which was funny/cool, like we were in on the joke with him. Good stuff.

The thing i like about post crisis Superman was mainly how they fleshed out his supporting cast. While i didn't like some of the initial stuff Byrne did, like making the manhunters brainwash lana and kill her parents as an infant so she could spy on clark his whole life. Or Lex becoming the kingpin and seducing Perry's girl (later his wife). Or Martha being married before the married Jonathan. All those things were just too soap operaish for me. I did like characters like Ron Troupe and CAt Grant and would love to see them in a film. Also in recent years i've enjoyed how they integrated all the various versions of krypton into a multifaceted society of guilds. Brilliant solution.

Also i like the current lois lane much better than pre-crisis (i want to marry superman) or post crisis (i hate men) versions of her. Current she's written pretty well.

Post and Pre have there good things and bad. I'd just like to see more discussion of the actual elements that fans feel like worked instead of blanket statements of hatred for one or the other.

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