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Default Possible Story?

Hi everyone, this is just a thread to discuss what we think the possible story might entale - we have a slight description but doesnt fully explain how the movie will go about telling the story. So i though with the release of the trailer lets speculate what the story would be...

I have been thinking about it and i think i can see where the story is going...

Some of the things i noticed in the trailer (Erik had a gun at xaviers instatue, was seen in a scene at a prison with the prof, they both have a conversation about killing) (beast seems to be a doctor and a scientist - plus he transformers and seems to be having a relationship with Mystique) (Hellfire seem to involve the white queen and azazel, riptide and sebastian, sebastian holding prototype magnetos helmet)

So some of my thoughts

> Erik is a killer, he was in prison (somehow they figured out how to capture him) and charles is sent by the CIA to figure him out. Charles believes there is Hope for him (* x-men 1 - charles and erik meet at the summet where Erik asks charles what is he looking for and he says Hope) - i also think that it is Erik in prison because well (Parrell to the fact that Charles and Erik prison thing is in both x1 & x2) I figure charles thought he could mentor Erik but it backfired which is why there is still a mutual respect between in x1 to x3

> Hank McCoy - starts off as a scientist with some strange athletic ability - He is a bit of an inventor and working with the CIA, Charles and Erik builds the first prototype Cerebro. later he starts a relationship with Mystique but later in the film Mystique meets Azazel (probably in a human form with a much better power) and steals Mystiques effection away from Beast. Beast is upset and creates a serum that would make him less lean and nerdy using growth hormones however this backfires turning him into the blue Beast.

> The hellfire club is an exclusive club that is like one big saucy nightclub that is so exclusive its for mutants only. Runned by Sebastian Shaw - featuring White Queen, Azazel and Riptide as members - in one of there privite rooms "Angel" works as a stripper/danger - Xavier and Erik are invited and offer Angel a place at the university. The Hellfire club plans to profit on war - which is where the cuban thing will probably fit in.

> So what about Havok? - Havok, like Banshee will be at first just mutants xavier finds through prototype cerebro and are invited into the school... I figure Havok will probably start a relationship with Angel (Being the Rogue & Iceman relationship we saw in x1 to x3) Banshee on the otherhand will probably be just comic relief

Those are just some of my toughts

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Default Re: Possible Story?

Hard to say. Seems like they are linking the Cuban Missile Crisis with the birth of the X-Men, which is interesting to say the least.

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Default Re: Possible Story?

Where is everyone getting that Shaw gives Magneto his prototype helmet?I can't even make that out in the trailer all you see is a hand....

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Default Re: Possible Story?

I think that's spot on

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