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Batman 5 33.33%
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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
You know what, I have been trying to be nice, I have taken your word on things, but I have ****ing had it with you pulling out things that I can't actually verify because I don't happen to have a library in my house, and that I can't verify through Wikipedia. Prove it.
Prove what? That you lack the basic information and wikias and wikipedia aren't good enough? Well the amount of times i've had to correct you pretty much proves my point. His brain activity? Paul Jenkin's Captain America Theater of War #1 and Mark Millar's Ultimate Comics: Avengers #2 are good examples (and recent) to show Captain America's brain.

Prove it, Captain America fanboy.
Do i see a hint of anger in your post? Well first Batman doesn't annihilate his opponents, even Darkseid the very god of evil was the only person that Batman broke his gun code to wound him and free Turpin's body from Darkseid, but he wouldn't use a city's electricity or a gun towards a Super soldier, he hasn't done that with the likes of Bane or Catwoman, why would he do so now?

Why Captain America flatout destroys Batman? Because he's faster, stronger, more tactical advanced and can process the whole battle, it's environment and his opponent faster then Batman, since he can see bullets in slow motion when in combat, the same does apply for batarangs, grenades and the opponent's movements in general applying Captain America the edge as he can "predict" the next movement based upon the muscle movement of Batman.

I JUST ****ING DID. Read the ****ing post before telling people that they need to prove things. They just might have. It may be boring, but then you won't be telling people to prove things they already proved because you couldn't be bothered to read it.
Saying he can do something isn't much of an argument.

Nice ignoring my other example with the bazooka-proof window, *******.
Is that censored word suppose to be an insult? Don't get yourself banned over a internet debate. I don't see how Batman breaking a window is helping Batman at all.

Also, Rogers cannot use the shield to defend himself on all sides at all times. If Cap is front of the wall, then Batman could throw it over his head, then bounce down for good effect.
He's faster than Batman, so againts Batman he can defend himself with his shield and his battle combat. I mean if you wanna take Kurt Busiek's words when he wrote Batman vs. Captain America, it did have Batman admit he'd lose if the fight would continue, because Captain America's raw strenght and stamina are the edge that make him win. Batman would get hungry, tired, sleepy and whatnot while Captain America would simply be the same as the battle began.

Even if Cap isn't going to tear down, unless he has heat vision, he cannot see through smoke, so he will be blinded.
It's thick, but i'm more curious how did Captain America even let this happen and why would he stand around the smoke? Considering i've told you about his faster reflexes and how he can see things faster and thus react to them faster with his brain, how does he even manage to allow Batman to
1) Continue fightning. :P
2) Take a smoke pellet(s) out of his belt
3) throw them to the ground
4) stand in the area where he threw the smoke.

Thats the bigger mystery here.

Prove it.
I have and so has everyone else. Captain America is a super soldier, it's been shown in this entire discussion. Tell you what, take a cool breathe, read this whole topic and then make a response to everyone.

Prove it.
Who do you think has lead the Avengers in their darkest hours for the most of the time? Who was it that stopped Norman Osbourne's reign? The Avengers led by Captain America. Who was it that lead the Avengers againts the Masters of Evil for the 1st time? Captain America. Who was it that lead the underground Avengers againts the Superhero Registaration Act? Captain America. Who has lead the Avengers for the most time, has been looked up as the greatest hero of all time? Captain America.

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