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Default Re: Green Lantern 2

I disagree. Sinestro jumped on the yellow ring idea for reasons that were explicitly shown in the film. He believes it's more powerful and that he can be a better protector with it. This is in keeping with his post-rebirth characterization. Sinestro was a power hungry jerk the whole movie, only at the end did he treat Hal with any respect at all. How is he the most "noble and decent?" Most effective?

The scene with Korugar, which, I agree, is necessary to flesh out his fall, doesn't take two more movies to do. That could be at the end of the first act, and and he could be yellow ringing for the rest of the film. Why drag out their relationship to try and make it like the silver age comics when they already have a relationship that's been delved into as much as a 2hr movie can? Sinestro is already a mentor, we don't need 2 more hrs of that. Sinestro has already proven he is ready to go too far at the drop of a hat. We don't need 2 hrs of setting that up. 20-30 minutes is more than enough.

I would absolutely not set more of GL1 in space. GL2, yes, but The problem with GL, imho, was that we never got a feel for who Hal actually was, and we get that from the Earth scenes. Who he is as a Lantern is, and should be, an extension of who he is as a person. All we learned of him was that he liked his Nephew. True, a lot of the earth time was wasted on Hammond, but with that assigned to Hal, I think the movie would have been a lot better. I don't think more scenes of him with uber powers that are never believably tested would have made the movie better for anyone who's not already into the character.

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