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Default The Action Scenes

I thought as a whole they were competently shot. But nothing was memorable. I thought it lacked some showmanship.

I think when Steve Rogers changed into the super-soldier and went after the German assassin was probably the best action sequence of the flick but it never matched that when he became Captain America on the battlefield in my opinion.

As I said in another post:

The problem with Cap was that it was like the director seemed to go through the motion, especially during the action scene. The same guy directed the Wolfman and it showed because the action scenes in Wolfman were also pretty average.

Take for example the way Cap saves the 400 soldiers: pretty damn boring. Nothing special. (in the comics Mark Millar had Cap using a plane to crash into the enemy's stronghold! that's the sort of daredevil Cap is.)

Another example, alright Cap becomes Cap for real this time, instead of making us see something awesome, Johnston has Cap and the Commandoes, just running in the wood in slowmo! That's it. He's running, firing his gun and throwing his shield mecanicaly. But there's no great creative action shot. Johnston just throws that outthere like it's another newreel. In the movie The Expandables for instance when the guys take the villain stronghold, it's hard and painful and every fight they do is unique and you care for all the guys. Here, not only the Commandoes are taken for granted but they are one note characters and nothing they do matters. Same with Cap. You don't see say...Dum Dum Duggan fighting three guys with bare hands and he conquers, Hell forget that we only see Duggan firing his gun.

Look at the dedication to action movies like James Bond take. In Casino Royale the opening where Bond running after a guy with a bomb takes forever and it becomes unreal, and a classic. And there were many stuff like this in CR. I wish with Cap the director would have focused on one thing but make this thing fantastic.

I think the best part as far as action was when Rogers was running after the assassin in the streets of New York. That whole thing was how Cap should always be. But the moment he gets the costume, his fighting went out of the window and became just another soldier. With a non-creative style to boot. Cap doesn't just fight in a blocky way, he should be creative, he's an acrobat, he does flips, he's been trained in all manner of fighting techniques. He's a super-hero.

The Bourne movies series, the character in it was more a super-hero than Cap in this movie was.
Anyway I hope this get rectified when Cap goes to modern times and he becomes a genuine super-hero.

I think X3 will be great because Jessica Simpson is hot.
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