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Default Re: Will Natalie Portman reprise the role of Jane Foster?

Corp -- yeah, in the Ultimates universe, Donald Blake shows up in the recent Thor mini-series as a psychiatrist brought in to try to determine whether Thor (when he first starts the program with Dr. Braddock) is nuts or not; after Thor starts in on the whole, "yeah, I'm *actually* Thor" thing, I mean. It's revealed through the mini that just as Thor was... I don't know, reborn on Earth or manifested on Earth as a mortal who didn't know he was Thor until reaching adulthood, the same thing happened to Balder, who became Don Blake.

Which in the Ultimates verse makes sense, I guess, as they had long ago established that Thor's mortal identity wasn't Don Blake.

Not to say the MCU will necessarily follow this. They seem to pick and choose what they want to incorporate from both 616 and Ultimates. Just that, since they have already established that MCU Don Blake exists separately from MCU Thor, they could do something along similar lines.

Originally Posted by Jinouga View Post
Plus how would Loki react to finding out that Thor has a legitimate younger brother and that he'll be even more unimportant to Odin in the scheme of things what with him being just the offspring of a Frost Giant king whom Odin adopted. Talk about feeling even more insignificant than he already does. Really, it makes you side more with Loki considering all that Odin should have done and should have told him about his lineage. I'm betting that Odin never complimented Loki on his mastery of magic, instead focusing on Thor's physical abilities when what Odin should have done was praise Loki and try to get him to use his magic for good. But I'm just letting my imagination get carried away again!
Oh, I agree. You know, for a guy who gave up one of his eyes in order to gain knowledge and wisdom, you'd think Odin would have been smarter about that whole thing. I don't think there was anything wrong with his idea of, "raise this Jotun baby and make him a friend of the Aesir, so that sometime later, we can help install him as a friendly King of the Jotuns". It was the "then not telling Loki about it until his hand was forced" thing. That doesn't even make sense. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that that was more likely to make Loki resentful than a good ally king. As you say, for that plan to work, he should have told Loki in late childhood and then praised him for developing along lines that would make him a good Jotun king.

I almost feel bad for Odin, because it more strongly seems like Hand of the Author stuff. That is, that he didn't do the smart thing because the overall story depended on it, not because it made sense or was in character for him to act that way. If he hadn't been stupid about it, we wouldn't have a story.

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