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Default Re: The All-Star Marvel RPG: Season 2.0

"As some of you may know," I start off my press conference, "one of our top secret, secure locations was destroyed in a massive explosion."

I don't bother to hide it at this point. People know what happened, and I need to let them know what's going on, "We now know who is responsible for this heinous and unprovoked attack that cost fifty people their lives. We were contacted by the terrorist organization, which calls themselves The Ten Rings."

A mummer goes through a couple of the assembled media. Mostly the ones that cover national security. After doing some digging I found information on the group. They've been eco terrorists for the better part of the last decade destroying oil rigs under construction and other instillations of a similar kind.

"Their demands are unthinkable," I continue. "They claim that our technology is killing the planet. They want us to give everything up and go back to living in the dark ages. And they've said that their first and only target in this new war will be Stark Enterprises and Iron Man. And to that effect my one and only goal is to find these terrorists and take them down."

Applause breaks out in the press conference. I love applause.

But I see Happy push his way through the crowd towards me. He grabs me by the arm and whispers in my ear, "There's been another attack. This time in Germany. Destroyed our electric car factory."

The old me would want to make a joke on how destroying a green instillation seems to be the complete opposite of their goal, but I know better than that now. All I know is that people have lost their lives, and these guys are obviously one step ahead of me.

"Get the suit ready. I'm on my way to Europe."

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Default Re: The All-Star Marvel RPG: Season 2.0

Originally Posted by Mr. Majestic View Post
“How…many was… that?” I ask M barley able to get the words out due to the strain my body had just gone through.

“Well you held you own with three but once the forth came into the picture that’s when you began to break focus and started to lose it.” She answers.

So it appears that three is my limit. That’s not bad but also it’s not good at all. I have to push my body to endure more. In order for me to lead this team correctly I can’t let anything get in my way, not even my own weakness.

While sitting on the ground resting my back against the wall the door to the training room opens up and Sara comes walking in. I lift my head as much as I could as she heads my way.

“Calvin what happened in here?”

“I have been training. Trying to show everyone why I’m the leader of the team.” I reply jokingly.

“Well how long have you been in here training? Your sweating uncontrollably, you look like your about to die at any moment.”

“I probably was training for 15 minutes if that.”

“15 minutes?” She says shockingly after hearing the answer to her question. “Even with half of my powers your stamina should have lasted you way longer than 15 minutes. What kind of training is you doing that will leave you like this?”

As I build up the strength to answer I see M walking up beside Sara.

“It’s a training that only he can tolerate.” M says to Sara.

“And you are?”

“My name is Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria but you can just call me M for short.”

“I told her that her name was a mouth full so I’m start calling for M to make it easy on myself.”

“I see. So M what kind of training is he doing that leaves him looking like he has been to hell and back?”

“Well I can’t get into to much detail but what I can say is the training he is doing has nothing to do with his fatigue. The reason behind this training is to see how much Calvin’s body can withinstand.”

“Withstand, withstand what?”

I give M a look to stop her from continuing to answer Sara’s question.

“You don’t have to worry about that Sara, its nothing to special. I always like to test the limits of my powers.”

After that there was nothing else to be said so M looks and me and Sara and says her good bye as she walks away. While she is leaving I feel my strength return to me. I slowly get up to my feet and stand beside Sara.

“So what brought you to the training area?”

“Well Calvin I been in my quarters thinking and I was…”

“Yes the offer is still on the table and I’m glad to accept it.” I say interrupting her sentence before she could finish.

“How you know I was here to ask you about me joining your team?”

“Really you’re going to ask me that? I know how you think, its one of the perks of my powers when I copied yours when we first met.”

“That’s right I forgot you also gain the individual’s knowledge. Well since you know why I’m here when do we get started?”

“Right now, let me introduce you to the team.”
As me and Feral walk into the briefing room the rest of the team where sitting waiting for our arrival. While walking in all eyes instantly turn towards us. I point to Feral to take a seat as I get ready to introduce her to the team and the team to her.

“As you all know I have told you that there is another member of our team and this is her.” I tell them as I point to Feral. “Her name is Sara but she goes by Feral.”

She looks around at the other and gives a friendly wave to all.

“Well let me introduce you to the other. The guy to your left is Hellion. He just recently joined our little team.”

Hellion just looks in Sara’s direction and gives her a head nod.

“The girl sitting next to him is Alisa better known as Cipher. She has been with the organization for some time.”

“Hi I’m glad to meet you we’ve all heard so much about you. You’re the one who trained Mimic right?”

Before Sara could answer Morph interrupts. “No my dear she is the one who used to kick Mimic’s ass. She should have lighted up a bit though because I think she is the reason why he doesn’t believe in mercy when it comes to our training. Man’s a real hard ass if you know what I mean.” Morph stands up turns his backside into a block of cement.

“That’s Morph he’s pretty much the jokester of this group. Pretty much don’t pay no mind to whatever he says. Now that last to person sitting in the corner over there all by his lonesome is Thomas but he also goes by Speed.”

As I greet the two Thomas just leans back in his seat and turns away from the group. Sara really doesn’t pay his action any mind.

“Well it’s nice to meet you all and I’m glad to be part of the team.”

Now that my team is complete only thing now is for us to start working as one and once I feel we have come together I can start putting my plans into action.

“Now that we are finally all together the first thing we all have to do is see how well we work as a team. My orders where to have all us of do a training exercise but I feel like the real thing will be a lot better but that is something I’ll inform you all about that later. First I have to get together with M to speak about something then I’ll brief you all on our first mission.”

As I get ready to make my exit I see the look on Morph’s face that he has something to say so I pause.

“Quick question, now that the bands together what are we called? Are going by Weapon X or the X-Men.2? I need to know this so I can put it on my car license plate.”

“Well we’re defiantly not going by X-men you know that is already taken and we have nothing to do with them. As for Weapon X I was already on that team before and I don’t want what that group has done in the past to have any reflection on us.”

“Well then fearless leader what will we be going by?”

“From this day forth we shall be known as the Exiles.”

The Youngster & Mr Majestic are now on DC Online.
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