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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post

This is going to be one of the most important journeys of her life, if not the most important...and I'm going to be on the bench for it. I don't really know what to say...I guess...

"Well...I support your decision, and I agree with what you say. I trust Connor, and I trust you and your judgement. Just do me a favor? Wherever the hell it is you're going...don't be too long."
"Thank you."

I lean over and kiss him. I want him to come, I really do and I wish he'd insist on it, but after the last week of patching things up, the last thing I need to do is disrupt what he's managed to build. I can sense Mia smiling behind me. I put my mouth near his ear.

"When can we send the kids off?"

I pull back with a smile and a wink.

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1
twy knows in the first five minutes whether she's going to marry you, bed you, or just be friends.
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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Originally Posted by twylight View Post
"Thank you."

I lean over and kiss him. I want him to come, I really do and I wish he'd insist on it, but after the last week of patching things up, the last thing I need to do is disrupt what he's managed to build. I can sense Mia smiling behind me. I put my mouth near his ear.

"When can we send the kids off?"

I pull back with a smile and a wink.
I tug on my collar and check my watch.

"Alright, time for bed. All of you."

"It's only 10 p.m."

"It's a school night!"

"It's summer..."

"I'm out of school..."

"I'm 25 years old..."

"Just...go...see a movie!"

"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Miri flies down to see the monster that took her new husband away from her. The first emotion that comes to her isn't love but anger. The violet ring glows brightly which helps calm her down. Then she feels pity for the monster when her ring identifies no love within Mongul.

"You destroyed my groom's life along with mine when you killed him. At the time, I couldn't understand why you done it outside of simple greed for our food. Now my ring tells me that you don't have any love in your heart which explains things. I wish I could have my revenge for the death of my groom but the only thing I can do is remind you of what love is."

With that ending, she encases Mongul in a violet crystal case. Thoughts of Mongul's family races through his mind but he very quickly dismisses them. Then he easily shatters the crystal case and shoots Miri down with some of his own blasts. She lands a half mile away onto the rough ground. Not wanting to give up the fight, she flies back towards the area.

"I was hoping that would have awaken any love that was left in the heart of that monster but looks like the ring was right. There is NO love whatsoever in the beast. Without love, a beast is all he can ever be."

"Do not give up hope on him. If we can try hard enough, maybe he can still be saved from himself. Right now, though, we have to concentrate on bringing him down and hope that we have enough power to do so or last long enough for some other back up."

Saint Walker looks over to Sinestro with a slight disgust.

"Sinestro, since your Corps was spreading the word of an orange ring, would they be close enough to assist or have any idea how long Larfleeze will be before reaching here to look for it?"

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

I follow Miri to the scene of the battle, but instead of directly engaging Mongul, I let her fight the creature that caused her so much pain. I will be therapeutic for her. And give me a chance to see what she can do.

Disappointingly, the little skirmish ends as quickly as it began. The Sapphire rings can be wielded with great power. Ferris is evidence of that. But this goes to confirm my theory that they're actually a source of weakness if they're allowed to overwhelm their owner.

"Sinestro, since your Corps was spreading the word of an orange ring, would they be close enough to assist or have any idea how long Larfleeze will be before reaching here to look for it?"

Mongul's disorientation quickly passes.

"You're rings are useless! True power is being able to take what you want, when you want. And that's what I want back! Give me the orange ring."


Mongul rushes me, and I let him. And a moment before impact, when he's reached full speed, I point my ring at the ground. And a dozen long shards of yellow energy spike up from the ground and the monster impales himself on them.

Oddly colored blood drips from the wounds as Mongul coughs up some bloody spittle.

"Idiot. There is no orange ring."


"What did you do?!"
Rayner shouts.

"Justice," Atrocitus says for me.

"He's not dead...yet,"
I reply. "Do your hero thing, Rayner. Save his life. We'll wait for Larfleeze."

Rayner glares at me, a moment of hesitation mixing with the anger in his eyes. For a split second, I can see he considers leaving the monster to die, before doing what I knew he would and rushing Mongul to the League headquarters.

Perhaps there is hope for him yet.

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

Originally Posted by Green Lantern View Post
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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

The morning air was chilly but not unbearable as the sun touched the tarmac and made small mirages across its surface. Mia stood near Roy as he cradled Lian in his arms, bundled in blankets for warmth. It reminded Dinah of when she was a baby, her eyes barely keeping themselves awake in the early morning light. Ollie had pulled Connor aside and was speaking lowly to him.

She felt Mia’s arm go around her shoulders.

“So, you leave us again.”

Dinah frowned.
“Mia, I’m sor—“ Mia shook her head.

“Seriously. Don’t be. It’s been a long way back. And after last night… I’m sorry for being mad when you left. You had to deal with my ****. The JLA’s business, BoP stuff AND WayneCorp. Bravo on that by the way.”

“Yeah well, at least you’re set for college.” She nudged the girl in the ribs. Mia snorted.

“SUUUREEE. I’m totally going to find time for college between watching Ollie, making sure Lian grows up great and keeping Roy and Connor out of trouble.” She flipped her hand in a ‘no problem’ gesture and rolled her eyes.

Dinah’s ears picked up the dull ‘thump thump thump’ of Helicopter blades in the distance and she could tell Roy did too as his ears perked and he moved closer.

“Be safe Dinah.” She smiled and leaned in to kiss Lian who mumbled a ‘goodbye’.

“Oh, you know me.” she teased.

“I do. That’s why I’m worried. he chided.

”Okay.” Ollie returned with Connor and Mia moved as Ollie ran his hand long her back and around her waist, kissing her forehead.

The group returned to silence as the ‘copter approached. Dinah gave Roy and Lian one more hug before he retreated to a safe distance. Mia held out for as long as she could before turning to Dinah.

“I love you! Come back this time.” she said loudly. Dinah nodded.

“I will. Love you too. And no South Park!” Mia again rolled her eyes with a smirk and moved away as the backlash from the blades hit them. The sound was practically deafening as the pilot set the helicopter down, the ‘WayneCorp’ logo splashed across the tail.

“And bring me a souvenir!”Mia called behind her, allowing Dinah to smile and give her a thumbs up.

“You’ve got it!”

“Ready?” Dinah yelled to Connor. He nodded and picked up his and Dinah’s bags, turning to Ollie who nodded and patted his arm before he ran to machine.

Turning to Ollie, she opened her mouth to speak, hair whipping into it. He brushed the yellow strands from her mouth and kissed her deeply.

“I love you Dinah Lance.” Dinah put her hand over his.

“I know. I’m such a lucky girl.” She smiled, the worry in his eyes matched the uncertainty in her own. Their discussion the night before while curled up in bed came back to her.


“This is a stupid idea Dinah.” He ran his fingers through her hair.

She poked his chest.
“Sounds like the perfect match for my M.O.”

“No, you don’t do stupid. You do the honorable thing, which is stupid to me sometimes.” Dinah tugged his beard.

“And you wonder why I love you.”

He pulled her close.
“Come back to me this time and not part of you. All of you.”


Dinah kissed him again before running for the open door and sliding into the seat as Connor slide the door shut. Placing the headset on and buckling up she looked out the window and waved at the 3 hands waving at her. Ollie stood in the place she’d left him, his hands in his pockets. A sharp pang went through her chest as fear of the not returning hit her. Would they be placing another headstone up for her?

The helicopter gently set down on top of the JSA brownstone and Dinah could spy Courtney and Jay by the roof access door. Zinda slowed the motors to a stop and popped her headphones off.
“Well, we’re here!” she said cheerfully as Connor slide the door open and hopped out, again dragging his and Dinah’s bags with him.

Zinda raised her eyebrow.
“He knows you’ve got arm muscles right?” Dinah smiled

“I have a terrible feeling Ollie gave him an earful about watching and minding me.”

“Well if that’s minding. I wouldn’t complain.” The curly blonde pushed her hat back on her head with the tip of her finger.

Dinah pulled a thin envelope from her jacket pocket and held it out to Zinda through the cockpit.

“See that Ricky gets this.” Zinda’s gloved hand took it.

“Yes’m” Dinah gave her an awkward hug from the maze of seats and wires.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!”

“Well, that ain’t a very good admonition.” Dinah punched her arm before hopping out of the helicopter and finding herself instantly in a gigantic group hug of Courtney and mysteriously appearing Maxine. The two girls started fumbling for words.

“HO MY GOSH! I missed you! You’ll never believe---“

“---nothing like you at all!”

“—wore your outfit—“

“Totally not as cool –“

“Girls!” Jay’s voice broke the jumble of words as the girls moved back allowing him to pull Dinah into a hug. Dinah closed her eyes and rested her cheek on his shoulder. Making the startling observation of how thin and frail it felt despite its strength, a reminder of the movement of time.

“Good to see you.”

“You too Jay. Nice to see that they’re keeping you young.” he laughed.

“They’ve added to this collection of gray just fine.”

Maxine opened her mouth to speak and found Courtney’s hand over it, Connor raised his eyebrow.

“Well, enough chatter, let’s get to work. Zatanna is downstairs with Pieter and Alan.”

He lead the way down the stairs, they past the apartment levels, the work levels, the main level and proceeded under the brownstone before reaching the sub-basement. Here Jay stopped in front of a door and raised his hand.

“This is as far as you two go.” He said to the two girls. They nodded and hung back whispering to each other as Jay pushed the thick metal door open, revealing a large room. Zatanna stood next to Alan around a large white circle drawn in on the floor while Pieter sat in a chair nearby, his leg crossed in front of him and his fingers in a temple.

“Ah, there she is, the woman of the hour and possibly the world!” Zatanna said, her voice like silk. Dinah shook her head at her old friend.

“Woman, it’s been too long.”

“Of course it has! You never came and visited me!” She gave a fake pout face before smiling. “Good to see you’re doing well. Last time I saw you I was making sure you’d come back in one piece.”

“Well, now we know better.”

“Yes.” Zatanna’s face went serious.

Dinah gave Alan and Pieter hugs while Connor stuck with a simple handshake before Z checked her invisible watch and declared.

“Let’s not waste time. We've already set everything up and once I talk to Saf, I should have a good idea of where exactly you should end up at.” She paused before pointing a thin finger at Dinah. "You owe me. I've never done so much research and chased down so many leads in my life. "

Sliding the ring off her necklace Dinah placed it on her finger and allowed Saffire to manifest next to her. The blue construct nodded politely in acknowledgement of Alan, Z and Connor.

“Well, this is gonna be fun.”

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1
twy knows in the first five minutes whether she's going to marry you, bed you, or just be friends.

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

I've spent the last few hours here on this rooftop, mulling over the Joker's final message. In his final proclamation of victory, he said that he won because I was left alone without him. In his mind, the whole reason we existed was because of each other. Without the Joker, there is no Batman and vice versa. I don't believe that.


A scream echoes through the night. I spring to action, running across the rooftops to the source of the sound. On the street below me is an armed mugger, waving a pistol at a family.

"C'mon, lady, just give up the ring."


The mugger turns his gun towards the woman, cocking the hammer back. Acting fast, I pull a batarang out of my belt and toss it through the air. It strikes the mugger in the hand just before his gun goes off.


The bullet goes wide right and misses the woman all together. The gun is falling out of the mugger's hands when I leap from the roof and tackle him to the ground. I deliver a punch to the back of the head to render him unconscious.

Rising to my feet, I look at the stunned family.

"Are you alright?"

"Y-yes," the father says, wrapping an arm around his wife and an arm around his young son. His son looks to be about eight...not much older than I was when changed.

"Call the police to come get this piece of trash. Be careful. This neighborhood is rough this time of night."

They say their thanks, but I ignore it. I'm already halfway down the alley and back running across the roofs before I hear the first police siren.

As I run, my mind goes back to that family and their young son. The Joker was wrong, Batman doesn't exist because of him. Batman exist because one little boy lost all that was dear to him in a dark alley one night. Batman's purpose isn't to continually do battle with Joker, it's to make sure that there will never be a world where a little boy will never have his parents stolen from him again. If I can save one child from feeling the pain I've felt since that night, I have served my purpose.

"Batman, you out there?"

"I'm listening."

"I just got a message with Dick...they need you at the hospital."

My heart sinks into my stomach and my blood goes cold. Oh, God. What's wrong?

"I'm on my way..."


Dick, Damian, and I are in the waiting room at Gotham General.

"What is taking so long?"

"We've haven't heard from them in awhile, I hope everything is alright."

"Everything's okay. Hopefully we should hear something soon."


Leslie Thompkins comes into the waiting room, still wearing her scrubs and smock. "Everything went fine, you all can come back."

The three of us follow Leslie back into the observation room where Tim is standing, looking through the glass.

"Right there," Tim says, tapping the glass and beaming.

We look in on the tiny body wrapped in cloth.

"It's a boy. We're going to name him Joseph Jason."

Joseph Jason Drake-Wilson.

My grandson.

"Naming him after Joey and Jason? Sure that's not gonna give the kid some bad luck?"

"I don't think so. Rose and I talked about it. We named him after the two of them as a memory to what they were, not what they later became."
"Congratulations, Drake," Damian announces. "You managed to make something almost as ugly as yourself."

"At least he didn't come out with a tail and horns like you."

"Bruce? You've been quiet. What are you thinking?"

I look at Tim and nod before I smirk.

"I'm thinking I'm way too young to be a grandfather."

"With Dick's reputation with the ladies, just be glad you didn't become one sooner."

"Excuse me? I seem to recall a time when a certain someone thought he had knocked up Spoiler..."

Dick and Tim continue to bicker and go back and forth while I tune them out. My thoughts turn to Joker's last words again. He said that without him, I would be alone and I would always be alone.

That's not true. I'm surrounded by family now, a family that's expanding. What we do is dangerous, but like me they wish to make a difference in the world and they're doing that. Try as he might to bring me down, the Joker has failed.

"Father," Damian says as he tugs on my arm. I snap out of it and look down at him. He points outside the window where a familiar sight is above the city.

"The signal...Tim, congratulations. Damian and I have to go."

"I understand. Believe me, I understand."

I look down at Damian and nod.

"Are you ready?"

"-tt- Please."

I smile and lead the way out of the hospital. Alfred is waiting for us at the car.

"I saw the signal, sir. I took the liberty of packing both of you a suit...just in case. I hope everything went well with Master Tim?"

"Yes. Believe it or not, I'm a grandfather."

"Papa Bruce. Just the thought of the word sends tingles down my spine, sir."

Alfred pops the trunk of the car and Damian and I reach in.


I run across the rooftop with Damian at my side. The moon is glowing above the city, the batsignal shining beside it. Somewhere out there, somebody is trouble. The Joker is dead, but criminals are still out there.
But I'm lucky. They're a cowardly and superstitious lot, so the key is to strike fear into their hearts from the get go.

That's what I do. It's what I've done for a long time.

I am, and always be the Dark Knight of Gotham City. I've been called many different things over the years - Bruce, Richboy, Matches Malone, Crazy, and now Grandpa - but one name will always reign supreme.


"These are the times that try men's souls... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine

"People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."
-- Otto von Bismarck

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Beyond faster than a speeding bullet, The Man of Steel races across the skies at speeds that defy human comprehension. But even though he keeps telling himself that everything will be alright, that he'll manage to arrive just in time to divert whatever sort of implemented disaster has hit his hometown this time, his compassionate heart still skips a beat at the thought of the alternative. Smallville had helped define the man that both Clark Kent and Superman eventually became, and yet throughout the years, it seemed to see no shortage of supervillain attacks, alien invasions, and natural disasters try and break it at it's very foundations. It were as if the world were trying to send Krypton's last son a message the entire time - wherever he was sure to go, danger was always going to follow. There. I can see it in the distance. The cornfields...

"Argh! Me feel pain! Bad men try to hurt me!"

On the other side of the small farming community, an entirely different but equally as desperate battle was waged as the hulking brute known only as Superman's twisted mirror image began to ravage everything in sight. The town's sheriff and the entirety of his staff were firing entire rounds at point blank range, but Bizarro only felt them tickle at his brittle skin like a flock of knats trying to protect some precious garbage. Stomping on the ground and creating a spiderweb crack through the solid concrete, he peeled a section of street out from beneath his boots and levitated into the air, holding the massive chunk of asphalt above his head in a menacing gesture.

"You try to hurt Bizarro, that means you am criminals! Me punish evildoers! Bizarro will bring justice to vile cesspool!"

With a delightful grin on his face, Bizarro brought the debris smashing down onto the squad cars, flattening the hoods in an instant and watching as the gas lines severed. The sheriff and his deputy threw their guns aside and scattered, realizing that the threat was too much for them to contain. Bizarro lowered himself onto the street, watching as they ran and headed deeper into town.

"That show criminals! Bizarro protect Smallville now!"

Stepping into some fresh gasoline, the brute gazed down and followed the trail coming from the cars with his eyes. Without so much as a pause, he stopped to inhale, before unleashing his fiery breath upon the vaporizing liquid. It ignited in and instant and spiraled out of control, leading directly into the tank. Before all five cars simultaneously exploded. The blaze flew high and covered most of the area, but Bizarro stepped through it all as if he were leisurely walking through the streets, unscathed as the fire lick at him.

"Me am good hero. Bizarro scare away criminals. Citizens am never been safer."

Great Scott! What was that?!

Descending out of the clouds after seeing the massive explosion ripple through the business district of town, Superman landed just in time to see the entirety of Smallville's local sheriff's department running for their lives. Seeing that the Sheriff himself was trailing behind him, The Man of Steel stepped over to have a word with the exhausted, but clearly horrified man. Holding out his hand to stop him as he ran, the Sheriff only managed to collect his wits long enough to acknowledge who was infront of him.

"Oh, Jesus! It's you! Thank god you're here, Superman!"

"Where are you all running to? What's happened?"

"He's unstoppable! We can't hit him with anything! All of our bullets, our... our best weapons! Even our highest caliber rounds can't pierce his..."

Superman placed both hands on the distraught Sheriff's shoulders.

"Relax, sir, you're going to be fine. Now just calm down and tell me what's happening."

"Car am parked in wrong section! Me move car! Bizarro am going to tolerate evildoers anymore!"

Oh, no.

"P-Please. You've got to do something! I was just on my way to call in the National Guard, and..."

With a reassuring smile, Superman gave him a firm pat on the shoulder as he walked past.

"Don't trouble yourself with that, I can handle this. He's relatively harmless once you reason with him."

As Superman levitated into the air and slowly began to drift towards the source of this new disturbance, the Sheriff watched him leave and raised a highly skeptical eyebrow. "...'Harmless'?!"

"Bizarro, I don't know what you've gotten into your head this time, so I'll put this in terms that even you can understand. You need to sit up."

Bizarro turned, a car already lifted over his shoulders, to see as Superman looked down at him disapprovingly from above. Obviously, "sit up" meant to "stand down", but Bizarro didn't seem willing to comply. Superman braced himself for the worst. Grinning to his frequent enemy, Bizarro tossed the car away and paid it no further attention as it smashed into a nearby shop window. Flying up to the same level as his oppressor, the brute outstretched both arms

"Goodbye, Superman! Me am sad to see you!"

The Man of Steel was not amused, narrowing his eyes.

"Bizarro, what did I tell you the last time that you tried to destroy Smallville? You can't try and hurt innocent people."

Bizarro paused, wondering aloud if this was true.

"Me no remember. Bizarro am never been to Smallville before."

"That's right. You have, and you swore to me that you wouldn't cause another disturbance."

Bizarro shook his head.

"Superman am got it right! Bizarro am here to help fine citizens of Smallville!"

"Not like this, you're not."

"But me am hero now! Me look for own city to protect, and me am done protecting Metropoliz. Bizarro want to help Smallville now."

Superman's head cocked in bewilderment, wondering if he understood that right. Bizarro wanted to help Metropolis? If it were truly backwards speak, wasn't he admitting that he was trying to hurt Metropolis? Had he intentionally come here to hurt people in Smallville? And if so, why in heaven's name would he take on such a misguided outlook after so many attempts to reconfigure his attitude? He had even tried to join The Teen Titans, a couple of years back.

"Bizarro... I don't understand. Why would you want to hurt these people?"

And that was when the unexpected happened. Flying forwards, Bizarro grabbed at Superman and locked his hands around the hero's neck. Struggling for air, Superman tried to claw his way to freedom, but Bizarro was too strong to fight off. The monster looked down at him with a monotonous expression, unbecoming of his usually cheerful demeanor, and began to focus his eyes into a bright green beam. Superman immediately realized something was off as he began to weaken under the intensity of the beam, something similar to what had happened with...

Metallus. The green energy. Not kryptonite, but similar in nature.

Breaking the grip with his forearms, Superman and Bizarro tumbled through the skies as The Man of Steel began to fight back.

"Y-You! I've faced your kind before, and just recently! Whatever you really are, you're not Bizarro!"

"Bizarro" then smiled, sadistically pleased.

"You are only half correct, son of Krypton."

Superman's eyes widened. He knew that tone of voice all too well.


As if on cue with the realization, Brainiac lashed out at Superman through Bizarro's sheer strength, sending him flying through the streets of the relatively smaller landscape of Smallville.

"No doubt that you have realized my true nature, Kal-El. And to that, I say that you are welcome."

Superman slid along the streets, gaining leverage enough to retort as Bizarro's body barrelled towards him with malicious intent. Raising his arms, The Man of Steel grabbed at Bizarro's wrists and stopped him in place, cracking a few of the nearby windshields with the force of the grab. Superman's eyes began to glow red, constrasting against Brainiac's own green.

"Welcome?! What could you possibly have done to warrant my thanks?!"

Bizarro brought Superman to his knees, watching with satisfaction as he buckled under the pressure.

"By eliminating you here, in this form, I will finally negate these primitive trappings and give you a fitting farewell. You have passed my tests, and have provided all of the data nessecary to complete my study of the planet Earth."

"What in... *ngh*...Rao's name are you talking about now?"

"You still do not grasp the gravity of the situation, Kal-El. Allow me to explain."

Lifting Superman by the cape, Bizarro's form became even more menacing as the cracks of his skin began to secrete an emerald glow under Brainiac's corruption. Looking up as Superman struggled, Brainiac mimicked a cracked smile through Bizarro's lips.

"As a result of our last encounter, it regrets me to tell you that I am dying. And if I am to complete my quest to collect all knowledge of the universe before that time has passed, then it is imperative that you be the first to be eliminated!"

Tossing him into the air, Brainiac coldly and calculatedly watched as Superman spuns towards the heavens.

And with enough force to shatter everything around him, took off after his hated enemy.

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Larfleeze drops towards the planet in a fury, driven by a combination of fear and rage: Greed.

Rumors of an orange ring had been spreading across the universe for weeks, and he was only now just hearing about it. It doesn't dawn on him that he's only just hearing about it now because he never leaves his home. That's not important to him anyway.

Getting the ring back is.

He homes in on the signals of Lanterns on the surface. Who else would have the ring? His ring. Of course they did. The bastards stole from him because they wanted an orange ring of their own. Well they couldn't have it. It was his. HIS! And if they knew what was good for them, they would give it back. Because he wasn't going to give them the choice.

He explodes on the scene, Larfleeze and the constructs of his Corps making land outside the walls of the Justice League headquarters where, just a few hours before, Rayner had brought Mongul to be treated.

"Where is the ring?!"Larfleeze shouts, griping his lantern tightly while a few of his constructs hover hungrily behind him.

"Took you long enough to get here," I say.

"The. Ring."

Rayner holds his hands up in a non-threatening gesture.

"Listen, it's a long story..."


"So...there's no ring?"


"...because I really want that ring."

"There's no ring to want, you fool."

"Please, just calm yourself. You'll be able to think clearly."

"Someone is collecting rings?"

"Now you've got it."

"Why didn't I think of that?! Gimmie your rings!"

"Hey hey, not why the purple guy brought you here."

"I'm not purple."

Larfleeze brings his Corps closer. "I'll get your rings one way or the other."

"Not exactly going to plan here..." Rayner says to me.

"It's pointless to come after us. It won't get your an Indigo ring."

"...Oh, right. I want one of those too. Um..fine. I'll help. Not going to let anyone have one of my rings."

"I don't trust him," Miri whispers.

"And then I can take yours."

"Very perceptive," I say to her.

"Now that Larfleeze has joined our cause, we are only one member away from confronting our commong foe."

"How do we do that? These are Indigos. They hide like the cowards they are."

"I told you before, I had been working on that."

"Like you did to Larfleeze?"

"Wait. What?"


"What did he do to me?"

"And just how do you attract an Indigo?"

"It is obvious."


"Great tragedy."


"Great, massive tragedy. Something so massive, so intense, that an Indgio could not hope to ignore the psychic call of pain unleashed. A tragedy they would be forced to attend in order to provide comfort."

"Like..." Rayner says, obviously not liking where the conversation is going.

"A massive attck on a relatively peacefull city on some world that hasn't known war in generations so they would be completely unprepared for what happened to them."

"What did you do?" Rayner says through gritted teeth.

"I did nothing but use our adversay's own tactics to get one step ahead of them. If you mean what did my Corps do..."

Rayner lands a decisive uppercut on my jaw that sends me flying a short distance. I rub my jaw and spit out a glob of blood. I smile. He actually caught me off guard. Well done. It won't be happening again.


"What's going on?'

"Fools. All of you. With the exception of the red hulking beast, none of you are prepared to do what is needed to protect yourselves, our Corps, and therefore the universe."


"I had my Corps do what our adversary had already done. It's how I knew this was happening. It was the first piece to the puzzle!"

"Your Corps slaughtered innocent people, didn't they. You brought suffering-"


They all face me, but the power of my voice causes them to falter.

"It was killed or be killed you short-sighted human! Just as the lantern killer did, my Corp attacked world after world, bringing Indigo tribe members each time. It took a half dozen attempts-"

"Six worlds!" Rayner's ring glows with energy. And I'm honestly surprised it's not red.

"Yes. Six attempts. Before I was able to retrieve-" I reach into a pocket dimension opened by my ring, "this," and pull out an indigo ring.


"Certainly," I say, extending the ring towards Larfleeze. He reaches out, lust for the ring filling his eyes. I quickly pull the ring back and extend my own. A blast of energy strikes Larfleeze in his chest, shoving him away, as another beam grabs the ring on his finger-

-and Larfleez lets out a roar of pain as I pull his finger off his hand.

In one instant, I have his ring. In the next, the other five are on top of me.

But I've already slipped the indigo ring on, a staff appearing in my hand. And I concentrate on protecting Mary and Sam as I've practiced. The ring obey's, teleporting me behind the group, buying me time.

"Always a step behind." Reaching into the pocket dimension again, I pull out the other rings I've been collecting.

And I put them all on.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

"Now...NOW I can face our opponent..."

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

"Okay. Here's the plan." Z stepped in front of the three of them.

Dinah half listened to Z as she filled Connor in. It was a plan she'd helped set up ages ago. Alan would contain them within a bubble construct with Dinah holding another one around them while Zatana spelled them into another dimension. Using a much tamer version of Mordru's original spell. Theoretically, Saf's body should be floating around. Theoretically. Fate had said that her consciousness in the ring wasn't because her body was torn apart. it was because it had simply 'shed' it for safety. Zatanna had explained the various levels of spells she'd be placing on them. All made to send them there and bring them back. Pieter had protested the use of so much magic over science and Michael had even offered to create a portal. However since the ring was magic based, and the original spells sending Dinah to and from the world had been, it was decided that her second trip and return would be too. She stood up from placing a black quiver filled with bows on her back, and picked up her bow, placing it over her other shoulder.

"I made this for you. I don't know what the timeline will be like over there, but it gives you an hour in our time before the spell runs out, the secondary one kicks in and sends you back." She fastened a small silver watch around Dinah's wrist. She smiled at Dinah.

"Even if I wasn't, it wouldn't matter."

Zatanna nodded and moved her and Connor into the center of the chalk drawn circle. Using the ring Dinah created a bubble around the two of them, with Alan's around that one.

Connor adjusted his quiver strap and cleared his throat. Dinah looked at him and smiled, he looked nervous, but calm. Something to be envied and admired.
"Thank you."

"Not a problem." He gave her an easy smile.

Taking a breath Dinah watched Z, her mouth moving in barely whispers as she stood with her arms outstretched towards them. small light runes appeared on the floor, and danced across the surface of the constructs. In a flash Dinah felt the world meld together, and go upside-down as colors assault her eyes. They seemed as close as her nose, but at a great distance. She felt Connor's hand go around her waist as the blue around them dissipated and floated away. Everything dimmed and became black.

Water, water everywhere, colors bleeding into others in a ripple. No air, just…nothing.

She felt a hand grab her arm and pull her up? No, out. Pull her out. Dinah gasped as she passed the tension. She checked herself for clothes. Sure enough they were there along with her bow. Two spells that worked. Putting her hand son her knees she gasped for breath, feeling thin air hitting her lungs. Her hair hanging limply over her face.

"Ah declare." She looked over at Saf and did a double take. No longer a glittery and transparent energy construct she sot as a fully fleshed human being. Her navy gloved hands roamed over her hips and arms. A clear tear appearing in her eye before she unceremoniously flick it away.

"Well, at least Ah didn't gain any weight floating around in that time bubble." She turned to Dinah and smiled, noticing a tear in her friends eye.
"None of that." Dinah smiled through the stray tear.

"It's real now."

"I know. Saffire nodded.

Moving her eyes from Saff, Dinah looked around at where they'd arrived. Connor had wandered off surveying the area. Not that there was a whole lot to survey, it was a city. Or had been anyway. Buildings stood empty, in various stages of ruin. Some cracked in half, some in rubble, others looked like their tops had been cleanly cut off. The sky above them was a carpet of clouds in grays and browns. If there was a sun beyond them it filtered through with a red glow.

"Is this it?"

Dinah shook her head. "I don't know."

Saffire floated from the ground.
"Ah do, and so should you Faye."

Dinah started at the name. She hadn't been called that in forever. Why call her that now? Connor glanced at her quizzically before returning to her side.

"It looks like we've accomplished what we needed." Connor surveyed Saffire's physical form and Dinah checked the clock on her wrist.

"Time here is different. We still have a lot of time before we're pulled back. Besides, I want some answers that are only here." She started to follow Saff, before Connor grabbed her arm.

"Dinah, I don't think--"

"STOP." Dinah froze and could feel Connor tensing up next to her. "Don't move."

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

"What have you done?!"

"Isn't it obvious? What happens when you combine all the colors within the spectrum?"

"But how..."

"You can thank your friend Gardner for this. For all of it. It was his fault. He tapped into the White first. And he started galavanting around the cosmos as a self-proclaimed White Lantern. Do you know whose attention that garnered?"


"I want my finger back!"

Larfleeze lunges at me, lantern tightly in his grip. I just swat him away with a slap of energy. Atrocitus joins in, enveloping me in a wave of boiling energy. But it doesn't even scratch my forcefield. I just encase him within a sphere

Larfleeze sends his Corps at me, but I snip the energy connecting them to his Lantern with white scissors. They instantly fade away.


"You've known everything all this time, haven't you?"

"Finally! A spark of intelligence. A small spark. Of course I did. I don't do anything without planning things out first. And then I act. Unlike your 'Guardians,' who prefer to work in secret and let their Corpsmen die in ignorance."

"Do you know who is doing this?"

"Not precisely, no. But they manipulate the white energy. Which they probably began researching after Garner started roaming around using it."

"How can you know this?"

"Because I could feel it in my ring. The white crosses all spectrums. If you'd only ever listen, you would hear it too. And once the Lantern deaths began occurring, soon after I felt the new source of the white..."

"You put two and two together."

I nod in Rayner's direction.

"But why all the deception?"
Atrocitus' muffled voice says from within the sphere, his anger continuing to grow.

"Because I knew if our opponent came after us, we could not stand alone. And I knew if certain members of our team was aware of this...they would only march their Corps to certain death."
I glance at Atrocitus...and Rayner.

"Our only hope was to stay together until Larfleeze came."

"Give me my finger!"

I sigh and toss it to him. He happily grabs it and tries to press it against his stump.

"And now?" Atrocitius seethes.

"I go to stop our opponent." And I immediately launch into the air and space, tracking the White I can see so clearly now.


"Are we going to just let him go?"

"What do you think?"

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX


"And as the cleanup effort begins for the residents of Smallville, many are left with more questions than answers as Superman's appearance once again narrowly saves the town from certain annihilation. Many local residents spoke of the hero's unwavering courage in the face of adversity, as he protected those from harm's way in the struggle with..."

"Perry, are you still watching that mess? We have a deadline to meet if we're going to cover that."

The soon to retire editor-in-chief looked back to the waiting eyes of his best reporter, who had her arms crossed and a careful look of trepidation painted across her face. With a heavy sigh, Perry White shut off his television and stood infront of it, hands poised on his hips as Lois Lane began to tap her foot in wait. She knew that something heavy was on his mind today, as he had been particularly distant - a quality that in all the years she knew White in, had rarely ever been seen.

"Not to pry into something that isn't any of my business, Chief..."

Perry shook his head. "But you will, anyway."

"But I will anyway. What's gotten into you lately? We have potentially the story of the century sitting in our laps, with Superman fighting not one, but two of his most deadly enemies in the span of twenty four hours... and you act like you're attending a funeral. What gives?"

Turning around to face her, White's eyes shifted from her to the desk as he contemplated sitting down for this one. He had hoped that she'd be the very last for him to tell the news, but he knew that keeping the secret from her for this long would be hell. And to his credit, he was mostly right. Even very visibly pregnant, Lois Lane hadn't paused or faltered for even a second when it came to staying ontop of the news, even when he had let his doubts and woes creep in to prevent him from doing the same. It was a dedication that he had always admired - and secretly, always knew that he could never hope to rival.

"Lane, there comes a time in every man's life when..."

"Oh, lord. Don't start with that again."

"What? Don't want to hear this speech for the fifty second time?"

"Sixty second. And no, not particularly. I'd rather you just spit it out so that we can work through it, get you out of this slump, and get back to work."

Perry began to speak, but couldn't. He then shook his head again, but not out of frustration. On the contrary, he was pretty amused. Blunt was an understatement to describe the ferocity in her voice, but he couldn't tell himself that he didn't expect it. He knew her too well.

"Can't make this easy on me, can you?"

"That's not what you hired me for. And you know that whenever it comes to fulfilling my obligations,"

"You're in one hundred and ten percent, I know. And I've known that about you for awhile, Lane. I've always known that about you, through every story, through every scoop. Everything. You are an amazing woman, perhaps the most amazing woman I've ever known."

Lois stopped for a second, feeling like she had been caught off guard. Perry White, the most gruff editor in the business, was feeding her compliments like they were grapes. Something was definitely not right.

"Perry, I don't understand. This isn't like you at all."

"Lois. I'm retiring."

The silence in the room lasted for minutes, and it was deafening, but Perry felt that the best way to go about one of the hardest things he had ever had to admit in his life was to just say it. Lois looked back at him, the emotion on her face wiped clean. She was simply too stunned to speak. And yet she still tried, uttering a few silent syllables out of her mouth.


"No, not this time. I have more to say on the subject."

For once, perhaps for the first time since her husband proposed, Lois was willing to keep her mouth shut and listen. White circled his desk and leaned on the front of it, facing her eye to eye and taking her cold-to-the-touch hand in his.

"I've had a good career. A long career, and one that'll stick with me until my dying day. But it was time to move on. I know you'll fight me on it, and I know that you'd rather throw me out of this office's window than let me walk out the door, but just know that I've made my decision and nothing can change it. Not you, not Kent. Not even Olsen. The three of you have been like family to me, and I'll be forever grateful. But the time has come to put The Planet into better hands, into more capable hands than mine. So what I'm about to say may come as a shock, but I wanted you to hear that news last so that I could tell you the next bit of news first."


"In that long career that I just told you about, I've watched you grow from practically being a kid with a spitfire mouth that could level any seasoned reporter down to his knees into one of the finest newsmen... newswomen... newspeople in the entire industry. Every one of your editorials have made me prouder than I've ever been of this publication. Your passion for the truth, combined with the compassion for it's people, has left me floored for days on end. And I hope that you won't let any of that go to your head, because I've tried like hell to avoid telling you that since the day I met you."


"Lois, would you let me finish? I'm trying to tell you one of the most important things I've ever had to tell anyone. Handing off The Planet is like trying to give my own child away, but there's only one person that I'd trust wholeheartedly with either. And that's only because I've always considered her just as much a daughter as my own flesh and blood."

Perry looked into her eyes, deadly serious.

"I want you to be the new editor-in-chief."

Her eyes widened with shock, Lois frantically took his other hand and began to shake it.

"Yeah, sure! I accept! Fine, whatever, I accept!"

Perry's eyebrow arched high, obviously a bit taken aback by her abruptness.

"That's your reaction? I mean, I knew you'd have considered it one day, but I didn't think..."

"Chief, I wish we could continue this conversation but to be honest I didn't hear a word you just said because I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE!"

Before either could react to that stunning proclamation, the entire building began to shake. Both Perry and Lois turned towards the nearby window as something rocketed towards them at blinding speed, ready to demolish the frame in an instant. And yet in the seconds that he had to spare, all that Perry White could think to do was throw himself out infront of her.


Every inch of glass shattered on impact.

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

For years he had been shunned, living away in his shame. He had tried to bring his world the glory they sought. The fear they had so desired to wrought. And when it had all turned against them, he had tried to save his people. He failed. And his people had turned against him.

But he never stopped looking for redemption or vengeance. And as he searched the universes for something that would bring him these, he worked tirelessly, plotting and planning, until the Miracle.

Something never seen before. Something no one would be able to resist. The thing he had been waiting for seemingly all his life. And ever since, he has redoubled his work, ventured out from his planet in order to acquire what he needed to bring about his own miracle.

His scanners issue alerts, causing him to look up from his latest project. Readings stream along his screen, and a smile plays across his face for the first time since the Miracle.

"Finally. He comes..."



Where it all began.

Where it all actually began.

I made this world, the world of my rebirth, the base for my Corps. And now I return because the very thing I had been searching for had been right here all along. Hiding in plain sight. My respect for my adversary grows another level.

I descend upon this broken world, landing in front of the yellow battery that proclaims the presence of my Corps. My Lanterns are upon me in an instant.

"Where have you been?"
"What are you?"
"Where's your yellow ring?

Dozens of questions assault me, but I ignore them. There is no time for explanation, and no reason for me to give them one. This will all be over soon.

"Sinestro," Arkillo, my lieutenant says. "What is this?"


"I...I don't understand."
"Why have you forsaken the Yellow?!" I hear someone in the crowd shout out. White energy snakes out from me ring and instantly drains the offender of his life.

"I am still your leader. And I will not have you question my orders. I may be White now, but you will still fear me."

Arkillo bows his head, and slowly all the others do.

"Now. Leave this world. All of you. The one we seek is here."

"Then let us fight with you," Arkillo demands.

"No. You will be slaughtered. You do not know how to fight this. Leave. For if I fall, I will need you out there to work with the other Corps and avenge me."

They continue to look on in confusion, until Arkillo speaks up. "As you wish, Sinestro. Sinestro Corps...on me!" He rises into the air, and gradually, they all follow.

I watch them depart, and I wait. But I do not wait long. I soon feel the White approach, and I prepare myself. Yet I am still caught by surprise.


Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

"Of course. Who else would it be."

"Petty vengeance, is it? Is that what this is all about?"

"That is all you have left me!"

"Very well." We continue to stand there. "Shall we fight, or would you rather explain how you have come in possession of the White."

The Weaponer smiles.

"Why not both?"

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

I grunt in pain as I pull myself up off the Yellow Battery that has fallen on it's side from the intensity of our fight. The Weaponer wipes his blood off his face and dries his hand on his breastplate, making it look like a badge of honor.

"You may have more power. You may have direct access to the source of the White. But I have been using it for far longer. I have been biding my time, practicing, ready to strike at you for longer than you've been aware. Honestly, I didn't expect you so quickly. You're not one to just leap into a situation."

He's right. I let the power get to my head. It's the only mistake I will make, though.



"Go ahead," he says as his weapon changes once again. "Ask. I know it's killing you, not knowing."

I let him talk as the White heals me. Whatever the source may be, it has made me hard to kill. Unfortunately, it has done the same for him. His hammer strikes with more force than I though possible. His shield has deflected and absorbed attacks that could have felled armies. And still we fight.

I try to surprise him, snaking out a tendril of energy under the ground behind him. But he must have detected it because he launches himself at me before I am ready.

I quickly bring a shield of my own up, deflecting his strike. But my arm spasms under the power of the blow. I quickly fire a bolt against the surface of the Lantern he stands on. It cuts through the shell, the explosion of yellow energy catching him and sending him flying high into the air.

Taking the opportunity, I follow, creating an axe in my hands to finally strike him down. But, suddenly, an white net engulfs me and shocks me with energy. It takes all of my focus to ward the effects off. So much that I end up slamming into the ground, hitting just before the Weaponer does.

The net fades, and I'm up in time to see him charge me again, blasts of energy coming from his 'hammer' which now looked like a large cannon covering his arm.

I deftly dodge the attacks, evading with practiced skill, and send a vertical slice of energy at him as I spin in the air. It cuts across the ground like a circular blade, splitting even the air in it's path.

The Weaponer finally looks surprised, and brings his shield up just in time. The blade makes contact, but does not cut through him like I hoped. It pushes him back, though, and I keep the pressure on. It's the first true advantage I've had in this fight, and I am not about to let up now.

"Excuse me..."

We both look up.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

"Just what the hell do you two think you're doing?"

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

Out of the corner of her eye Dinah could see a wisp of red moving in the shadows of the buildings behind them and to their left.


Dinah turned slowly towards the figure as it lowered its bow.

"Saff?" She spoke hesitantly.

"The same." The woman gently landed and surveyed the shadows before staggering back as a form flew through the air and grabbed her in a hug.

"We thought you were dead!"

Splendor. She knew this woman. Although there were a few changes. Her formerly short strawberry close hair was cropped even shorter. Instead of a white mini skirt outfit she wore a tight, black armored body suit. Dinah watched in silence, it was like watching from the outside in. From a distance far, far away. She could see them, she could touch them, but she couldn't feel them. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Connor standing next to her. Why had she pick him? Oh, yeah, his extreme calm. His comforting presence and his ask now-shoot later policy that so echoed her own. The red shape emerged from the shadows, but instead of welcoming Saffire she walked towards Dinah and Connor. Stopping in front of Dinah she pulled her hood from her face, revealing a head of blonde curls and a face with a scar across the right cheek. That wasn't there last time. Dinah's insides turned over in a knot. The woman turned towards Saffire and Splendor.

"Red, this is-"

"We've got to get them back to the base. We can do introductions there, let's go."

Dinah hung back with Saff as they followed.

"Is this right?" she inquired about the timeline. Saff nodded.

"Seems to be."

They wove between the buildings, or what used to be buildings. The smell of decay was in the deadly still air. Decay and…dust. Dirty dust. There was a difference, in one of her 'business' trips to Africa, she'd spent a lot of time with dirt and dust, but it had a pleasant earthy smell and feel. This felt, old and stale. She stepped over a pile of bricks and stopped to look up at the sky again. Was this how Jay and Barry felt when they crossed into other universes? This feeling of familiarity but complete strangeness. The solitude of knowing you didn't belong. She looked ahead at the backs of Red and Splendor's heads. But she did once belong here. This had been her home, they had been her dearest friends and teachers. Until she'd been thrust back into the life she'd left, leaving this place as nothing but a distant nightmare, or technicolor dream. She remembered it being more colorful.

The two women stopped and Saff floated over Connor and Dinah to them. Kneeling down she cleared dirt away from a metal panel, placed her finger on a corner of it and then stood up.

"We've had to relocate. She said to their unasked question. The metal plate seemed to slide into the earth revealing a narrow flight of stairs. She beckoned them to follow and headed down them. Splendor waited and followed behind to close the entry, as the last dull light from above disappeared illuminated orbs appeared on the ceiling. Connor reached for one, his hand passing through it.

"MidKnights work. It would be magic but we try to keep that as low key as possible these days.

"These days?"

"I'm sorry we couldn't talk up there, but it isn't the safest. Once we reach the bottom we can talk easier." Red's voice floated up from below them, bouncing off the walls making it sound faint and far off.

They finally reached the bottom and the hallway branched off in two directions, taking the one on the right Red lead them through the maze before stopping at a blank wall and pressing her finger against it. The wall slide back revealing a large well lit room that had doorways leading off into other rooms.

"Welcome to the compound." She stepped aside and let them in.

"HEY GUYS! You'll never guess who we found!" Splendor used her large lung capacity, sending a loud message down the hallways. Red shook her head and Saf draped herself across a large wingback chair that Dinah remembered as being her favorite. She pulled her glove off and ran her hand across it's fabric, a smile playing on her lips.

"It's good to feel again." She stood up and looked at Red.
" How long have ah been gone?"

"By my reckoning' far too long." A tall lanky man appeared in a doorway and tipped his cowboy hat back on his head with a finger to the brim.
"Welcome back girls. I see you've brought some company." his western drawl stretched out the words in a nice easy manner. Dinah was a little shocked and pleased that he remembered her, despite her hair color change. Before she could move Dinah felt strong arms around her from behind.

"I never thought we'd see you again!" Splendor spun her around and plucked at a strand of blonde hair. "Nice hair change."

"I didn't know if you'd recognize me. I'm liking you hair too." She motioned to Splen's short hair.

"You're so…. different." Her hands dropped from Dinah's shoulder.

"Most people who come back are." Dinah caught her breath at the sound of her voice. She'd been infatuated with him in her time here. It wasn't till she'd returned home that she realized how much he reminded her of Bruce with a large dose of Pieter thrown in.

"Hello MidKnight."

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

"Uh-oh. Looks like we made Dad angry."

"How in the devil's brass balls are you two tapping into the Life energy?"

"The what?"


The Weaponer and I cover our ears in pain. It's a reflexive action that does nothing against the sound in our heads.

"What was that?"

"That, dumbass, was the power of Life. The White. You'd know that if you were actually meant to have it."

"I put together the power of all the rings. The emotional spectrum is mine to command."

"And I learned how to manipulate the White from a construct you left behind. I earned this, while you were just handed it!"

That answers that.

"So what? You two are going to give the power back, or I'm gonna shove those rings, and that shield, right up your respective asses."

The Weaponer reacts to this by flinging his hammer at Gardner. The attack catches him off guard, driving him upwards. It also gives me the opportunity to put a clamp around the Weaponer's legs and fling him up into Gardner.

Fighting a war on two fronts is never a good idea. Fortunately, we're all fighting in such a battle. It promises to keep things interesting.

I send twin beams of power at my opponents. The Weaponer blocks it with his shield. Gardner takes the full brunt of his beam and is sent flying again. So I concentrate on the Qwardian, reigning down blow after blow to keep him of balance. But, annoyingly, his hammer had already returned to him, and he deflects my attacks.

"Go ahead and wear yourself out, Sinestro. Than I can take my vengeance."

"You have no vengeance to take. You brought this upon yourself and your people. This is on your head, not mine."

"It's your fault! You thirst for blood and glory and revenge on the Guardians."

"Ironic. Since those were your motivations as well."

"Oh boo-****ing-hoo!" Two large hands grab the back of our heads, and slam the Weaponer and I together. "How about you two grow a pair and stop this before you rip this planet apart."

The Weaponer and I look at each other. I create my own hammer, and we swing them right into Gardner's face. I quickly form my hammer into a sword, and create another in my other hand. Then begin attacking the Weaponer again. To his credit, he does not back down.

Gardner gets his senses back and forms spiked armor around his body, flying towards us at full speed-

"Hey! Jerk-wads! Take a look over here!"

The three of us stop and stare. Rayner floats over the Yellow battery with the ragtag group I put together. All five of them pointing their rings at it.


"So you finally found an Indigo."

"She found us. You guys are going to stop this, or we're going to blow your battery to hell."

"And destroy my world and all the people on it, I think not."

"He's right. A bold bluff, Rayner. Threatening to end my Corps. But you won't do this."

He points his finger to the sky. "Look again."

I do. And notice that it's filled with a multitude of colors. All the colors. Red, Orange, Blue, Indigo, Violet, even Red...and the Green. All battling and overwhelming the yellow.

"Guess what we did after getting in touch with Guy?"

"I just needed to buy them some time."

"And guess who's getting ready to evacuate this whole planet so you two can go down with it."

"You just started the war."

"You did that. We're just not backing down. Will you?"

"My people would rather die than surrender and leave!"

"Like we'll be giving them a choice. They can write my congressman later."

"Take the rings off Sinestro."

I stand there, ready to fight them all. I control a power they can't begin to comprehend. I am the greatest Lantern in the universe. I can do this.

"There is no further need for loss of life...The potential loss of all life..."

I consider the Voice's words. A war would not stop here on Qward. Atrocitus and Larfleeze would not, could not stop there. Nor would my people. They would use their last ounce of energy to bring fear to the universe. To those that did not deserve it. To Korugar. To Earth.

To Mary and Samantha.

"Stand down, Weaponer. We have lost. We have both lost. Too much." I pull the red ring off my finger, and my connection to the white is gone. And as I remove each ring, I feel more and more disconnected from the energy of the universe. Until all that is left is the Yellow. The fear that I created.

I let the rings go, and they return to space, looking for replacements for their sectors. Larfleeze happily snatches up the orange ring and uses it to seal his detached finger back on his hand.

I turn to the Weaponer. "Well?"

He looks at his hammer and shield. "Your a fool Sinestro...A DAMNED FOOL!!!"

He slams his hammer down with all his might on the Yellow Battery, sending cracks out in all directions. Yellow energy explodes from all the cracks, and from the point of impact, engulfing the Weaponer, drowning out his scream...


The cracks grow, and the Battery continues to destabilize.

"Get away from it," I shout, surrounding the battery with energy.

"You can't contain this, Sinestro. We have to get out of here!"

"I'm not going to let this planet burn. I can do this." And putting all my concentration into the effort, I rise into the air. And, slowly, with a groan as if complaining about what's happening, the Battery begins to move.

"Let's help the man!"

"NO! Get everyone clear. We can't stop this. But I can do something."

I gain more and more speed, pushing my way into space. The lights breaking away, giving me room.


The various Lanterns watch from the surface as the battery and I become a small dot of yellow energy, then disappear.

...and then the sky is filled with a brilliant gold as the shell of the Yellow Battery finally gives way and annihilates everything...

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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"Far be it from me to gloat, Kal-El, but I have truly waited for this moment for far longer than you could possibly imagine."

The neverending battle was ending.

He didn't know why he felt like this was it, that this was the last time.

Maybe it was because, after an hour of fighting, his power was being drained with every second that he came into contact with the energy radiating from his enemy's eyes. Maybe it was the fact that with every blow, the Last Son of Krypton felt his jaw nearly cave under the intensity of Bizarro's strength, utilized to it's full potential by an alien driven mad with years of artificial hatred. Maybe it was simply because, at the end of it all, he was losing the fight. He could feel it inside. Luthor's last bout of revenge had taken it's full hold, and every second that he tried to fight back, his bones felt more brittle than ever. His skin burned under the heat of the sun. The black that was left in his hair was even beginning to fade. By the time that Brainiac flew back up to match his altitude, only to strike at him with a hard undercut to the chest, the man who never had to stop and breathe was suddenly gasping for air.

He couldn't deny that feeling any longer. Because somehow, he knew...

This could very well be his last stand.

"Bizarro" rose into the skies, rocketing downwards to bash Superman's head in with his knuckles. The Man of Steel twisted in flight, watching as his own blood began to fly out of freshly opened wounds. Brainiac seemed to notice this, taking a careful exception to the sight. He even reached out with Bizarro's hand and caught a drop of it, rubbing it between his fingers. It fascinated him to see his once unstoppable foe begin to wither and age infront of his eyes.

"The last of a dying race. It is almost a pity to have to finally render your species extinct, Kryptonian."

Lashing out with a hard right hook that seemed to daze his opponent, Brainiac grabbed at the crimson cloak dangling from his shoulders and held him by it. Superman coughed, once, ignoring the blood that began to flow from his lips. And weakly punched Brainiac in the face. The machine, who had spent so long without the luxury of emotion, tried desperately to laugh back at his face. Then beat his opponent again, content enough with the sight of his suffering.

"Almost a pity."

Superman breathed hard, the breaths turning into more of a wheeze, as his detioration seemed to advance within the minute. It was as if he were now experiencing twice his lifetime in half a moment.

"T-Tell me..."

Brainiac narrowed his gaze. "You finally have something to say. How fortunate. I was hoping that you would indulge me with that indomitable spirit of your's for a final time."

Superman grabbed at his arm, trying to overpower. And failing.

"This plan of your's. Pitting me against... these creations. These perversions of my enemies."

"Merely variables designed to complete my analysis of your capabilities."

"Was it worth... all the trouble?"

With a pause, Brainiac considered the question.

"I had wanted to exterminate you in the most potent way imaginable when time was considered a factor I could not outrace. I put you against the machine, and watched you struggle at even your most powerful state. And then lured you here, in a moment of potential crisis, to feel you be crushed under my grip."

Bizarro's lips curled into a smile, as Brainiac towered over The Man of Steel.

"Yes. It was worth all of that trouble."

Reeling in for another punch, Superman weakly held up his hand. The monster stopped once again.

"Didn't... didn't understand... what I meant..."

"What on Earth could you possibly have to say to such a defeat?"

"M-My death... would it..."

Superman's bloodshot eyes peered back at the soulless machine's.

"Would it make you happy?"

Brainiac was struck silent.

"Happiness is a delusion, created by your inferior capacities for what you cannot simply understand. Chemicals that circulate through your brain, electrodes that dechiepher your thoughts..."

"Then the answer is no."

Superman's eyes began to glow with heat. His stalling had paid off in giving him something of a second wind.

"Despite everything you've ever hoped to accomplish, your ultimate goal still wouldn't make you happy."

With a brittle fist, Superman hit Brainiac as hard as he possibly could, breaking his bones for the first time he could remember. The alien trapped in Bizarro's body flung through the air, ripping through clouds like they were paper. Knowing that he'd be able to hear him, Superman darted backward, careful to keep his distance from Brainiac as he recovered.

"That's what I've never understood about you, Brainiac. You're full of contradictions. You seek the knowledge of the universe and let it drive you, yet you dismiss the simplest aspects of emotion. You try and destroy what you find to be an annoyance, yet you've spent years - decades - perhaps even centuries taking the life that stimulates your curiosity and placing it in one of your bottles. Face the truth, you heartless monster..."

"The universe has you trapped in it's bottle."

Brainiac felt rage that was not his own seethe over him, perhaps realizing that Superman was right.

But by the time he could react, The Man of Steel began to fight back.

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX


"Chief! Chief, what's happening?! It looks like a warzone out there!"

The City of Tommorow awoke to the startling sound of a crisis. Something - or perhaps someone had just created a crater in the middle of Freetown and Busiek. Jimmy Olsen was one of the first to react to the violent crash, racing three stories up The Daily Planet's massive newsfloors to make it to the office of Editor-in-chief. But by the time he stopped at the door, he realized that something was wrong. He could hear the Chief's voice from the inside, but it was hoarse.


Immediately twisting the knob, Jimmy stopped as soon as he saw the scene that awaited him. The entire office was destroyed, taking many of White's personal trophies as long-standing editor with it. His desk had crumbled into two parts, giving the impression that something more than an outside crash had happened. The office seemed to have been hit with, what looked to be, malicious intent.


"Olsen... get over here."

Sprawled out on the floor lied Perry White, hunched over with several large shards of glass sticking out of his back. Jimmy raced over to him and immediately grabbed his arm and threw it over his shoulder, trying desperately to help his boss to his feet.

"Chief, C'mon! We gotta get you to a hospital!"

"I'm fine..."

"Are you kidding me? You've got glass and shrapnel inside of you that needs to come out!"

Breaking away from Jimmy's grip, Perry painfully stood up on his own.

"Olsen, I told you I'm fine! But we need to get an ambulance in here right now!"

"Why? I can drive you down to Met. General, no problem..."

"It's not for me."

Perry indicated the other individual on the floor, the one that Jimmy hadn't noticed with all of the dust still lingering from the debris. Lois Lane lied down on her back, cuts aligned on her forehead and arms, but otherwise physically okay. Apart from the pool of fluid that was amassing around her body.

"She said... she told me she was going into labor..."

"Believe me, White."

A figure leaped up into the smoldering hole of White's office, startling both men as they stared him down. Jimmy tried to run at him, but a sonic pulse bursted out of his gauntlet, knocking the photographer into the wall. Perry limped over to help him back up as the figure stepped in and smiled. A familiar face returned at the most inopprotuned time imaginable.

"That will be the least of your worries."

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

The introductions and re-introductions had taken a while, and had been both welcoming and perplexing. Dinah checked her watch for their time. They'd been here for about three hours, and the countdown till removal showed them around 85% left.

Saff had disappeared roughly a year and a half ago trying to take 'Faye' back to where she belonged. The complex underground had been something built as the ultimate contingency plan but had been pressed into use after the city was destroyed. Created out of concrete and strengthened with metal's not found in Dinah's universe it was nearly impregnable, with tunnels running the entire breath of the city allowing for easy access. The City had been evacuated and most of the population had gone into the deeply rural places of the world after coming under attack. There was resistance, but this was the core of it. They hadn't explained to her what was it that had attacked, or why, but she needed that answer too.

This whole thing was starting to feel crazy. She'd brought Saf back, she was a whole woman again. Why was there any need to see the others? It was pointless to ask that question. She already knew the answer. She needed to see them. She needed to know they were real and not just fanciful figments of her mind. Power hadn't been here. He'd perished in the first wave, Johane had gone underground, literally and figuratively. Dinah walked through the room that had been set up as MidKnights lab. Papers, photos, bits of machinery, diagrams lay across the many tables and wallpapered the concrete walls. Not all of them were science in nature, many bore runes and magical symbols. She still didn't have her answers. But she was going to get them.

Dinah leaned against a wall, closing her yes and rubbing the bridge of her nose between her fingers. Time moved oddly in this world. It had been more than a year and a half in 'her' world. She felt a presence in the room and looked up to find MidKnight standing in the doorway. He pulled the door shut behind him and moved to a table.

"I know why you're here."

"Then you know I'm not leaving without answers." Damn it. Had she really just said that? Wasn't that a line from some stupid movie? She kept her eyes level on the back of his head.

"I know." He continued to sift through papers before turning around.
"But there's time and it's getting late. You and Connor should rest. I'll have Red show you to some rooms." He said dismissively before turning back to his work.

That was that. It would be like arguing with Bruce and just as pointless. She left the room and returned to the common area which had old carpets and furniture form the original base scattered around it. Creating an odd dichotomy with the concrete walls and utilitarian look of the base. Red looked up from massaging Cowboy's shoulders. Dinah noticing for the first time matching thin, silver bands on their hands. She smiled andsat down on the sofa across from them.

"Congratulations." Red blushed and smiled broadly.

"Thank you." She kept her eyes on Dinah until she shifted.
"I'm sorry we just… never thought we'd see you again."

"I didn't expect to see you guys either. But, I needed to bring Saff back, and.." she ran the palms of her hands across her fishnet clad knees.
" I need answers. What is this place?"

Cowboy and her exchanged looks.
"MidKnight sent for Johane. He should be here tomorrow morning."

Red moved from behind the chair her husband was in and put her hand on Dinah's shoulder.
"He can explain it better than all of us. Him and MidKnight." She squeezed her arm.
"I've already shown Connor to a room, let me show you."

Dinah stood, said good night to Cowboy and followed her down the bleak hallway.

"So, Connor, are he and you…" she trailed off as Dinah gave a short laugh. Should have thought of what it would look like by bringing Connor.

"No he's…a very dear friend of mine. The son of an equally good friend."

Red smiled and pushed open the door.
"Well, here you are. It's not much but it'll do. Don't worry. Tomorrow everything will be explained."

She waited until the woman's shoes hitting the floor had faded before pulling the door closed and observing the room in more detail. It was a square room, with a small attached bathroom and a single bed in the corner. It's sheets and blankets in a bright floral pattern. dropping her bag she flopped on the bed and stared at the blank ceiling, her hand going to her neck by habit. It found nothing there save the thin golden chain, bare and naked. Slowly her eyes lowered, wondering why she was going to sleep so quickly…

"Dinah. Dinah, wake up." She pried her eyes open slowly, the black blob by her bed coming into focus as Connor.

"What time is it?" She checked the watch: 70%

"Time to wake up." He said stepping away as she sat up and ran fingers through her hair.

"Ha ha."

He sat down on the lone chair in the room.

"I know we're stuck here until pulled back, but it doesn't feel…. right."

She yawned and shook her head.
"I know. Something's… wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have come." Silence fell on the room.

"No. You needed this closure. Let's just tread carefully." He stood up and opened the door.

"Agreed. I'll meet you in the main area… hopefully we didn't miss breakfast." He looked at her with a quizzical expression.

She threw her hands up.
"What? I'm hungry, okay?" He laughed and shut the door behind him.

20 minutes later after washing up she entered the main area to find Connor at the table with Splendor, Red and Saffire. Based on the smiles around the table she guessed he was telling some terribly embarrassing story.

"Oh hey sleepy head! Connor was just telling us some….stories."

Brushing her hair behind her ear Dinah smiled as Red served her up some food and placed it in front of her. Whatever it was, it smelled amazing, despite the fact it looked like MRE hashbrowns and a powdered egg.
"I'll bet."

"Johane arrived early this morning. Once you're done eating you can go meet him and MidKnight in the lab."

She paused with her fork in the air.
"You're not going to be there?"

Splendor's face went serious.
"No. We received some intel last night of more invaders off to the north. We're making precautions and we need as many people as possible."

"I volunteered." She turned her eyes to Connor and he held up his hand.

"I'm not doing any good just sitting here and.." he checked the watch. "We've got some time anyway."

"Only if you are careful. I can't take you back to Ollie in pieces." She wondered if the spell would even work on him if he were dead.

[colpr=red] "Time to go."[/color] She rose and gave Dinah's shoulder a pat. "Good luck and we'll keep him safe." They left, leaving her alone to finish her meal. She slowly ate, placed the plate in the kitchen unit and made her way to the lab, tapping on the door gently.

"Come in." Ah, that voice. Pushing the door open she stepped into the room, closing it behind her. MidKnight sat at a table, looking over some schematics and talking on a com, Johane's caped back was to her, seated in a comfortable chair on the other side of the tables.

"Didn't expect to see you again. Nor expect you to bring Saffire back to us." He rose and turned to her. "We underestimated you."

She looked at MidKnight, deep in conversation over the com as Johane floated towards her. his long cape trailing behind him like the mist. He placed his hand on her back.

"Let us go for a walk. His mind is quite occupied, I am sorry." They left the room and moved quietly down the hallway. This was…insane.

"Okay. Enough." She stopped abruptly. "How did I get here, why did you force me to leave, what is going on here, what was the stuff chasing us when we left?"

He continued to float down the hallway before stopping.
" Here." He glided into a room out of her view. Racing after him she entered the dim room. Candles sat around creating an intimate area. In the middle sat a table with deep carvings across it's surface, several equally as ornate chairs sat around it.

"My room, for when I am here. I find it's much less… austere than other areas of the complex." He motioned her to sit before doing so himself. If you could call whatever floating thing he was doing 'sitting'.

"Firstly, you are owed a deep apology."

She leaned back, catching a whiff of a subtle incense in the room.

"Ok, why?"

"Because without my intervention, my…mistake you would not have arrived here. You would not be here."

"What do you mean."

He moved his hand and small array of tiny stars and worlds appeared between them.

"This is our universe." He pointed to a small orb. "That is our world. We've been invaded by extraterrestrial forces." An image appeared of mechanical ships searing at the earths surface and heroes rising up to meet them. Brightly clad figures rising into the sky, some trailing energy, fire, smoke, others nothing. Explosions seemed to follow wherever they went.
"We fought them back. Then we fought each other." A woman in costume sneaked up behind another person, similarly clad in costume attire. A flash of light and a red bloom came from his neck. Dinah leaned forward, watching with interest, trying to see how it connected. Noticing her attention he continued.
"And then when we thought it was over, we received word from one of the most powerful magic users in the universe that the end was coming. MidKnight threw himself into research of it, as did I. Until we found the answer. There were other universes." The image of the stars, worlds and planets multiplied and settled next to each other. Dinah nodded, she knew this.
"AH, you know of this in your universe. Perhaps that explains some things. We tried through various means to connect and contact the other universes, to warn them, to receive help."

"Why? What was coming?"

" What you saw when you left. A purging, magical in nature, created by a grew mystical form that feeds off of the magic in the world. I don't know about your universe, but magic exists strongly here."

"It exists in our universe, but to what degree, I don't know." Should have paid more attention to those Magic Public Service lectures Zatanna used to impromptly give the League.

He nodded.
"During our searches, I came across an anomaly, a human one. You. The instant you hit the universe barrier, I was in the middle of a search spell." He paused.

"So, you brought me here." she blinked at him trying to understand.

"Yes, but you were also sent."

"Mordru's spell." She leaned back and put her finger to her chin. Z had said that the spell had probably not been for death but for banishment. Johane had exploited it upon finding her.

"I had hoped you'd have been able to help us. However, you ended up needing our help more. But in return, you taught MidKnight and I much by way of the residual magic that was affixed to you."

She let out a bitter laugh. At least she was good for something.

"The threat kept growing. Till on the eve of your departure, it broke through into our universe and started to attack magic users as well as all derivatives of magic. Such as yourself. It came for you most aggressively."

"Why? I'm not magical at all. At least, not pertaining to magic." She thought ruefully that Ollie would object to the 'not magical' part.

"No, but a strong magic was used on you. That is why we sent you away. We foolishly thought your departure would cause it to leave. Much like white blood cells attack infection and then disperse. We thought you had caused a bubble here. But we were wrong. It's still here and in fact has been gaining strength. We no longer use magic unless absolutely necessary, since it, and it's minions seem to feed off of it."

"Then what's this?" Dinah looked at him quizzically through the stars.

"Ah.." He laughed nervously. " My metapower… I can create illusions." He spun the tiny universe around, sending it to fly off in sparkles around the room.

"So what are you fighting then?"

"This." He showed her an image of a dark cloud blanket a city. Was dark really the right word when it was so dark it seemed to burn bright? It didn't just blanket the city, it enveloped it, wound around every nook, every cranny and seemed to suck it dry. In a few moments it was over and lifted, leaving behind rubble and dark cloud-like creatures with thick arms and thick short legs. Their eyes glowed green, the only feature on their 'faces'.

"They seem to be it's minions, they clean up the 'leftovers' as it were."

"I don--" The door flung open and MidKnight stood there. Half an armory attached to his waist, legs and back.

"They've breached the Refugee zone."

"It's an underground complex on the other side of the city where refugee's have been living. The creatures do not seem to like the dirt, and anything magical beneath the surface seems to be safe."

"Let me grab my stuff." Dinah said.

"No need." He dropped her bag in front of her. Pulling out her quiver and arrows Dinah slung them over her back as Johane threw his cape around the two, and in and instant found themselves outside under the dead sky. Rubble surrounding them and voices of their friends shouting in their ear.

"DINAH!" Connor grabbed her arm and pulled her back as a black orb fell where she'd been standing and sank into the ground. She ducked behind a pile of rubble nearby, MidKnight and Johane following.

"If they're magic, how do we beat them?"

"Magically created, but physical nonetheless."

"Well, thank goodness for that." MidKnight cracked a rueful smile at her. The first time in any memory she'd ever seen him do so. A black orb flew over the top of the pile and landed next to them.

"We need to give the rest of the team time to clear them out." He nodded to the two of them. three head nods later Dinah and Connor popped over the heap, arrows flying.

"Never gonna get used to seeing you with a bow."

She smiled as an arrow glided through a creatures head.

"You and Ollie." Movement behind them caught her off guard and she spun around in time to see three lumbering towards them. Opening her mouth she let out a scream, sending them flying and then into bits of tiny black wisps.

"Dinah." Connor dropped his bow and kicked one coming at them. "We're not going to be able to help long. Check the clock."

Pulling her sleeve back she looked, and gasped. How? What on earth? 15%? That didn't match the time calculations at all…. but… it was magic.

"We got it!" MidKnight raced off and they followed, regrouping with the rest of the team.

"Came from nowhere. I don't know why they're even here."

Johane looked at Dinah causing her to look away. Was it her fault again? Did it matter? This world was dying and she couldn't do anything to help. These people… all the people in this universe…

"We have plans. We don't plan to die. But this isn't your universe. You can't help us."He knew what she was thinking.


"Everything you taught me helped me once I returned." Saffire smiled at her.

"I should be thanking you. You risked a lot to bring me back here." She embraced Dinah. The human warmth of her body comforting and foreign to Dinah, so used to a cool, blue construct. She glanced at the watch again. 5%. Why….?

"Because you have your answers."

Curse you Zatanna of course you would.

"Go Dinah." Red gave her a hug, followed by Cowboy and Splendor. MidKnight stood nearby, his eyes watching the distance. She remembered a secret conversation she'd overheard. He blamed himself for her being here. His calculations had been the thing to pull her through..

She moved to him.
"There's someone like you in my world. Except, he is a bit more angst than you. Don't let life eat at you." She paused. "It's not your fault. It's not anyone's fault. Without being pulled here. I'd be dead. I wouldn't have been able to have a second chance with my family again." She looked at Connor and smiled before using her finger to turn MidKnights face towards hers. "I thought this place was a dream, or death, or limbo. I thought Saff was a burden. But she became a dear friend, and I thank you for lending her to me."

"Thank you for bringing her back."

"'Her' has got a name, thank ya very much!"

Dinah surveyed them all, as dark started to fall around them. The floaty feeling she'd had the entire time, as if in a dream heightened and she felt herself floating away. Disconnected. She didn't belong here, and never did. her time here had been borrowed.

"They're back."

"Watch the right side."

"The civilians have left the city limits. We've got an all clear to go."

Dinah turned swiftly and kissed MidKnight as she felt her body being pulled as if through the eye of a needle.

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"You won't win, Brainiac."

Even as he still felt the small surge of power that he had gained from focusing his body under the solar radiation, Superman knew that it wouldn't last for long. And when he finally faltered, he also knew that Brainiac's calculative mind would exploit the opprotunity for everything that it was worth in order to deliver the killing blow. He had to make this count. For everything in the world, for everyone that was potentially threatened by the idea of a world without a Superman to defend it from the alien's clutches, he had to cheat death itself to overcome the forces of evil. Luckily, he was more than willing to oblige.

Flying at a low altitude, he rose in order to gain the proper momentum before hitting Brainiac's faux shell with both fists directly in the chest. "You may have worn me down, but you're not going to finish me off. Not today, not with everyone you've tried to hurt with your twisted experiment!"

Utilizing Bizarro's peak superhuman endurance, Brainiac straightened himself in the air before grabbing an attempted punch to the face. Clamping down on the first with the brute's sheer strength, Brainiac watched as Superman's momentary second wind was interrupted by the surge of pain that shot out in his arm.

"As predictable as you have always been."

With a hard backhand to provide a distraction, Brainiac seized the pained Superman and wrapped him up in a suitably strong bearhug. The Man of Steel tried to wriggle free, but Brainiac's persistence kept him held firmly around his enemy. The two titans struggled for control, but neither seemed to move out of place as they hovered in the clouds, both shaking under the great tension.

Brainiac leered over Superman as his ribs began to bend, content with the feeling of euphoria that was beginning to shape. By minute's end, he realized, he'll have crushed and smothered the life of Earth's greatest champion. And that was more than enough to satisfy one so driven by a maddening desire to see this quarrel finally end.

"While it is true that I have no capacity for these emotions that you describe, these feelings of 'hapiness' that you desperately cling to to justify your continued existence, I have something far greater to yield, son of Krypton. I have knowledge. The knowledge that by the setting of your yellow sun, you will no longer impede my quest to gain this primitive planet's last string of sufficent data."

Clark felt himself weaken into a brittle and broken state once again, just as Brainiac's final sickening words were uttered.

"Once that is done, I will leave this world having gained one more piece of vital knowledge. The knowledge that after I have destroyed it, I will have destroyed everything that you ever were. For without you, Kal-El, there is no Earth. Therefore there will never be a struggle at wiping away the lives of this planet's inhabitants."

And that was when he stopped.


Superman's fists clenched together tightly, feeling himself unable to fight back the overwhelming rage that was flowing into every fiber of his being. In a grave mistake that he would soon regret, Brainiac had gone too far with his cold outlook on the value of human life.


Bursting from the brute's once unbreakable grip, Superman did not hesitate to push all of his strength into a hard uppercut that sent Brainiac hurtling through the air, forced to take the brunt of the attack at such close range. Superman's eyes practically rolled over with a burning heat, as he flew up and caught the villain by the ankle.

"Not while I'm still standing,"

Pulling him down, Superman grabbed him by the front of his costume.


With a strength that could shatter an entire mountaintop, Superman drove his fist directly at Brainiac's chest...

And watched as it sunk through it, breaking out of his back.

At first, he was surprised at his own ferocity. But when he saw that, after removing his hand from the gaping hole, there was no blood to be had - but rather, an artificial alien fluid - Superman's confidence had finally returned. And as Brainiac struggled to hang onto his newest form, realizing that the blow was fatal, The Man of Steel merely watched him fight against death - for the first time, without a hint of remorse.

"It... It cannot end... you will not..."

Grabbing him by the neck, Superman pulled back his fist for another hit.

"I wish I could say I regret this, Brainiac. I've always made it a point to take value in every living thing in this galaxy. But you're not a living thing. You've only managed to replicate what life is, what life truly means. I can't bring myself to pity you."


Brainiac grit his teeth.

"You are a fool."

With that final insult was met with a final punch, as Superman watched his enemy rocket into the skies, eventually reaching space.

"Maybe so. But you're just a machine. And machines can't truly live... or truly die."

Narrowing his eyes as he used his microscopic vision to watch the last bit of energy twinge from within the Bizarro shell, before eventually disappating, Superman held his head high and floated in place, catching himself before he could weaken again.

It's over. The world can finally be free of him.




Without a word, he was off, flying towards Metropolis.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX

It was a light that would be seen from any point in the antimatter universe. If there was anyone in the universe to see it. But the only life left was on the world of Qward. A world so close to the epicenter of the explosion that created the light, the very orbit of it's sun was shifted.

But Qward survives.

A brilliant, glistening white jewel. And once the danger has passed, the white breaks up into the colors of the spectrum. The giant shield protecting the world, and the Corps surrounding it, is dropped. And Qward continues on, carrying the only life left in its universe.

The Weaponer smiles as he takes his last, struggling breath.

"I did it. I made it all right again."

His life force fades as he finds peace for the first time in years.

Kyle looks up at the sky. "You think he's finally gone this time?"

"Is that a bet?"

Kyle grins. "Not a chance."


Mary feels it. It's the only explanation why she doesn't turn around to confirm I'm there before speaking.

"You're back."

"I am."

She spins around, and sees me standing there in her house. Her arms are around me, her lips pressed to mine, before I can react.

"You were gone so long this time."

"I couldn't help it?"

"The universe needed you?"

"...More like...the universe needed me to make amends. It still does."

"I don't understand."

"I am not a good man."


"Mary. I have done horrible things in my life."

"I know all that."

"But I am still doing them. I cannot be the man you deserve."

"I don't want another man. I want you."

"But I cannot be with you . I do not deserve you. Not yet, at least. And I cannot ask you to come with me."

"That's my choice."

"I live a dangerous life. Do you really want to expose Samantha to that?"

Mary doesn't respond. So I press on, trying to convince her that it is all for the best.

"I need to leave. There is much for me to do."

"When will you be back?"


"You are not breaking up with me. Do you hear that? There's a good man inside here." She puts her hand on my chest, and it is the best feeling in the world.

"I do not think-"

You just need to find a way to let him out."

"I bring fear to the universe! That is what I do. That is where my power comes from."

"...Do they deserve it?"

"...Some do. not. I thought I was making the universe better by forcing the other Corps to be better."

"It sounds like you still are."

"I do not know anymore. And I cannot bear the thought of you hating me for what I have done."

"I'll try to understand. And I may end up hating you. But I'll also never stop loving you."

"That-that doesn't make any sense."

"It never does."

"I cannot keep coming back here. Putting you in danger."

"You're not going to stop. Use us to keep you grounded."

I smile. "I already did."

"Then I think you're figuring it all out."

I kiss her. And this time I allow myself to enjoy it. Because, maybe I do deserve her. Or at least one day will.

"Sam will be home from school soon. She'll want to see you."

"I am not going anywhere..."

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX


No, not water, she'd experienced this before. It was like surfacing from beneath water, the world becoming clear and distinct as she rose. Gasping for breath in an airless place.

She sat up quickly gasping for breath. Blinking she clutched the sheets before the air regenerated her senses and she looked around. She started at the man form stretched out next to her. He lay on his stomach, his hands under a pillow he'd balled up under his head, breathing softly.

The woman blinked again before moving to slide out of bed. Stopping once she realized she was naked.

"I'm naked?" she said aloud without thought. "Why am I naked?"

"Generally are when you're in this bed." The man moaned as he tried to open his eyes before giving up giving her a sleepy half-awake smile.
"Besides, didn't hear you complaining about it last night."

Of course she was. She was naked last time. Dinah looked at the alarm clock on the side table, and started again at the date. Impossible, she gasped.
Sliding out of bed she grabbed a short silk robe, tying it on as she went for the bedroom door and ran down the hallway.

"Connor? Connor!" She knocked hurriedly on his door.

Ollie leaned his shoulder on the doorframe, closing his eyes and putting his fingers on either side of the bridge of his nose as he yawned.
"Never thought it would be Connor you jumped out of my bed for." Dinah glared at him before raising her hand to bang on the door again, only for Connor's hand to catch it inches from his face.

"I'm fine… I think?"

"Oh you're safe! What happened? I don't-" She was interrupted by the distant sound of a knock on the front door followed by the jingle of the doorbell. Pulling her wrist from Connor's grip she raced down the hall and down the stairs into the foyer. Ignoring Ollie's protests and pulling open the door.

"Well, aren't you bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning?" The woman in jeans and a blouse winked taking in Dinah's disheveled hair and wide eyes. Gliding into the foyer, her heels clicking on the floor she looked up at Ollie, clad only in pajama bottoms, leaning over the railing.

"Mind if I borrow your better half Ollie?"

"Be my guess." He rubbed his hair in confusion. Zatanna put her arm around Dinah's waist and guided her into Ollie's office, closing the door behind them.

"WHAT IN TH…" She heard Mia start before Z shut the door behind them.

Dinah stood in the room for a second as her brain raced to catch up, Zatanna unhooked the watch from around her wrist and slid it into her pocket. Spinning around Dinah demanded.

"WHAT.. in the world is going on? I.. was… I was…" She threw her hands up to mimic a globe and then an explosion and some running motions. "And now I'm here." she pointed her fingers to the ground.

Zatanna had draped herself in a nearby chair, a bemused smile on her face. She shrugged.
"Does it matter? It worked, right?"

Dinah sank into a chair.

"Did it?" She tried to pull any sort of vivid memory out of the jumble in her head.
"It was like walking and talking in a dream. Did it really happen?"

"Well, considering I got phone calls from several mystics asking me what the hell was going on. I'd say so."

She blinked as a feeling, a through swept over her. Freedom?

"Wait… why here? Why did I arrive back here and not the Brownstone or my home?"

Z blinked innocently.
"Oh that? I put a condition into your return trip. You'd return to where you're happiest. Lots of potential to go wrong, but, I trusted you." She smiled broadly at the shock on Dinah's face. "I'm just glad Connor didn't end up anywhere weird. Could have been awkward." She stood up crossing her long right leg in front of her left.

"Live your life Dinah and try having some fun." She held her index finger up and a spark flew off of it.

" Oh, and the 'happy' spell thing, was Bab's idea. Ekat em emoh."

Dinah blinked at the now empty spot in the room. Placing her fingers on her forehead she sifted through memories, tears coming to her eyes. It was over. Really, truly over. She no longer had a ring with the consciousness of a woman form another universe in her care. She'd found out where she'd gone, all the answers…

"Just like Z not to use a door on the way out." Dinah looked up and stared at Ollie blankly for a minute, he'd thrown on some jeans and a T-shirt. Standing she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist as he continued to talk.
"It's a perfectly fine front door. The wood's from Borneo, cost a nickel or tw--" She placed her finger over his lips.



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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX



"Thank you for that, Olsen. You've always made a spectacular decoy."

Augmented by his newly redesigned robotic warsuit, Lex Luthor proved that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated as he flung Jimmy Olsen across the room, knocking him into Perry White just as White tried to awkwardly rush to the door for help. The two watched with great horror as Luthor's suit beamed to life, it's pulsation of energy literally shattering what little of the glass that remained intact. With a wide grin of evil glee, Luthor stepped forward and placed his hands together with delight.

"All I have to do now is wait. It will only take him seconds to arrive. Or perhaps minutes. Hell, with everything I've put him through, perhaps even hours."

Lifting his gauntlet up to the unconscious form of Lois Lane, Luthor beamed almost as brightly as the weapon that focused directly on her head. "And yet, I see no reason to savor the moment. Such a shame."

"Are you crazy?!"

Luthor looked up at the accusation, as an enraged White stumbled forward and pushed past Olsen, challenging the ressurected maniac head-on. "I knew you were always scum, Luthor, but I never thought you were so callous as to do something like this! You're a monster!"

Powering down his weapon, Luthor sneered.

"What are you dribbling about now, you forgotten relic?"

"About the atrocity that you're about to commit! Can't you see that she needs medical attention?! She's going into labor!"

Luthor seemed unmoved.

"I'm quite aware of that fact, White. Infact, I have been watching it all unfold for months from a place you neanderthals wouldn't even be able to comprehend. My death provided the perfect excuse to lie back and wait for the perfect opprotunity to finally achieve what I'd rightfully be owed for years."

Olsen stumbled back up to his feet, taking a defensive stance behind Perry.

"What the heck are you talking about? What, trying to kill a pregnant woman is your revenge? You're an even bigger creep than before you were dead!"

"Oh, please. You can't seriously tell me you haven't figured it out after all this time. Do you know who the father of the baby that she's been carrying in that cursed womb of her's even is?"

Jimmy pauses, evidently confused.

"Mr. Kent's?"

Luthor narrowed his eyes, almost ready to laugh.

"You moronic boy."

Firing out another pulse, Luthor watched as Jimmy was thrown through the solid wood of the front door and onto a desk in the newsroom being fleed by an entire staff of reporters. White watched it in horror, reaching out to the kid that he considered as much of a son as Lois was a daughter.


"But you know the truth, don't you, White?"

Perry turned to face his attacker, angrier than ever. But clearly acknowledging it.

"All I know, Luthor... is that when Superman gets here, he'll pound you into next week. And it'll be my front page retirement piece."

Luthor stepped forward, ready to strange the life out of White for that insult, but he was stopped in place by a blast of heat vision. With widened eyes, but an even wider smile, Luthor turned around to the hole that he had entered from and expected to see his long hated and reviled enemy. The source of all of his problems, of all of his constant frustrations. He expected to see Superman.

"Finally, alien, we can begin this epilogue of..."

But as his eyes fell on his true attacker, Luthor's smile drooped into a frown.

"You have got to be joking."

"I don't know how you're still alive, Luthor, and I don't really care. You better step away from them..."

"Because I won't miss twice."

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Default Re: The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IX


Come on, come on! Don't let me be too late!

Nearly half the country away, and Superman was still struggling to gain his maximum speed. He felt too weak to fly, yet his sheer force of will was forcing him along. All he could think of was Lois' smiling face.

And it was enough to keep him flying.

"Look at you, a sheer extension of a greater hero."

Supergirl felt the full force of a hundred different supervillains hit back at her face, knocking her clean through a nearby building. As she emerged from the rubble, determined as ever to keep up the fight, her x-ray vision told her that her attacker was already rushing for the kill. Lunging out of the destruction, Luthor barrelled down on her with a strength to rival her own, viciously pounding into her as she desperately tried to fight back.

"Did you think you could stop me, little girl? After all that I've planned in order to kill the most powerful being on this planet, did you think you actually stood a chance?!"

Kara grabbed up at Luthor's gauntlet and managed to dig her fingers into the metallic alloy. Luthor was surprised at her raw strength, given how vastly underwhelming he had found the potential of each of Superman's pathetic underlings. But as Supergirl was about to show, he was in the wrong for doing so.


Flying up, The Girl of Steel delivered a hard blow to Luthor's jaw, nearly breaking it on impact. The villain stumbled back at Supergirl pressed on, delivering a series of devastating punches that dented the armor covering Luthor's body. "You think you can just waltz in from the dead and take the lives of anyone that you please?! You sicken me!"

Supergirl's eyes burned over with crimson heat, firing at Luthor's chest and knocking him back into a nearby billboard high above Metropolis.

"You won't beat Superman, you'll never beat him! Because no matter what happens, he'll always be better than you!"

Luthor wiped the blood from his lip, and smiled.

"Not this time."

Rocketing back into the skies, he combined both hands and hit Supergirl directly in the face with his sonic repulsors. The Maiden of Might tried to hold her ground, but was knocked squarely away and into another building, bleeding from the nose and ears almost instantaneously.

"See, that's what none of you idiots can comprehend. Superman isn't coming to save you. Because this time, I have the upper hand against the alien. This time is mine. This time..."

With a malicious glint in his eyes, Luthor shot another pulse at the building, firmly bringing it down upon Supergirl before she could escape.

"Lex Luthor will finally win the day!"

A gust of wind.

A flash of red and blue.

And Lex Luthor was about to eat those words.


He turned, seeing the sight behind him. And it was one of true magnifience.

"This ends now."

Even as The Man of Steel raced towards him, Luthor raised his arms and smiled. He couldn't help it, as the moment was too sweet.

"Oh, but you misunderstand. I completely agree with that assessment."

And instantly, Superman was brought down.

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