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Default Wet Suit and Leatherneck-will they ever get along?

I've noted the long standing rivalry between Wet-Suit and Leatherneck, representing as they do the perennial question: which is better, US Navy SEALs(hey, they're the guys who took out Bin Laden last May) or US Recon Marines!)?
As a Briton( and technically neutral therefore), this type of interservice rivalry is hardly unheard of, pace not just the "matelot/bootneck" antipathy(ie between Royal Navy sailors and Royal Marines) ,but between "pongos" and "bootnecks"( ie between soldiers of the British Army -esp the Paras- and Royal Marines and even as to which is better, the US Marines or their British counterparts( don't even get me started on which is the best special forces group of- US Delta Force, Rangers, Recon Marines, Navy SEALs or the SAS/SBS- Special Air Service Regiment or the Royal Marines Special Boat Squadron).


PS "Pongo refers to a popular, if apocryphal, belief amongst Royal Marines that British Army members never wash.

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Default Re: Wet Suit and Leatherneck-will they ever get along?

I believe Navy Seals are far better than Marines. Seals excel in martial arts, hand to hand combat, weapons, demolition & explosives too. That being said, I prefer the original G.I.Joe characters, Torpedo & Gung-Ho, who were first Seal/s & Marines from the Joe team.

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