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Default First Vengeance Comic Book Prequel To Film

Before the film was released, I picked up issues of "Captain America: First Vengeance" - a four issue mini-series about the film. I thought it was a novelization or film adaptation and didn't want to ruin the film before I saw it. So, I put the issues aside and, frankly, forgot about them. I found and read them the other day and was pleasantly surprised. The reason I'm posting this here is that it's completely movie related and it's a prequel that sets up every character in the film in a spectacular way. After getting to know these characters in the film, reading about how they got to that point is amazing.

Some points would've been great to see in the film itself, especially the young Steve stuff. It partially shows how he became the guy that doesn't quit. A so tender scene at his mother's death bed ("she got TB and couldn't shake it") where she gives him a pep talk and tells him to never listen to others putting him down and to never quit. That would've been a powerful tear jerker on film. It also shows him meeting Bucky as a kid when Bucky was inspired to help him fight off bullies. Bucky takes an art class with him to see nude girls and teaches him to box and try to defend himself. Great stuff, all told in flashback as Cap is in action during the film's montage faze.

It shows Johann Schmidt's rise to power as he approaches Hitler after attending a play. How he schemes with Himmler the head of the S.S. to kill the guy that was in charge of Hitler's special weapons division and kill his entire staff, hijacking Zola. Also, how he became the Red Skull.

It shows how they took Dr. Erskine and forced him to work for the Nazis holding his wife and two kids as collateral (wife had a Jewish father) and their fate.

Peggy Carter was used in deep undercover (agent 13) as a servant to spy on Zola and Schmidt. She was the one that freed Dr. Erskine and escaped with him to the west in a daring adventure.

It shows Colonel Phillips recruiting Howard Stark in 1940 and both escaping a Nazi hit squad trying to take Stark out of the equation.

The Howling Commandos were intentionally separated from their captured units and split by nationality to keep them from collaborating while being held. That's why they were so diverse because by Nazi thinking unless you are unified blood you are inferior. Bucky was sick and was close to death after a beating. The rest of the Commandos banded together to save him and kill the head guard making it look like an accident. It's really smart stuff.

Everything fills in the gaps of the film. Imagine any of this stuff being added to what is already an amazing film? A must read if you like the movie. It adds depth to the characters if you count it as cannon.

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Default Re: First Vengeance Comic Book Prequel To Film

6 page preview.

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Default Re: First Vengeance Comic Book Prequel To Film

Sounds like some really great plot points, and great ways to flesh out the backstory on the movie. I'll have to pick up the series....just curious: do you know who penned the stories?


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Default Re: First Vengeance Comic Book Prequel To Film

Sounds awesome I'm going to search for these on ebay soon

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