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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Elament
Real Name: Megan Lewis
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light brown, streaks of blonde
Race: Human, English
Power: Can control all surrounding basic elements. (Air, water, fire, earth)
Orgin Of Power: Volcano
Bio: Born in Ohio. After she discovered her mutant powers at the age of 15, she left her family without telling anyone. Her cousin is Kitty, and once Kitty was informed of Megan's powers, she told the professor. Charles then welcomed Megan into the institute. She already had her powers under-control, but just needed help letting them grow. She rooms with her cousin, and soon ends up dating Bobby. Omara, Kitty, and Kurt are her best friends.

Description: Megan is funny, smart, social, tactical, sometimes emotional (what girl isn't?!) She is also skilled in the ways of combat, stealth, and controlling her powers.
Teacher: Jean Grey and Wolverine (Alternates each day)

Height: 5'6
Weight: 110

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Real Name:Jackie Mitt
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Light Blue (was born with it)
Power:Is a technopath. He can make anything that that takes electricity (ex: computer,flashlight,gun,etc.) out of ANYTHING. He can also shoot electricity out of his hands, or gather it out of batteries, wires, etc.
Origin of Power:He got is power when he was flung in some wires above a street. He got tangled in them and was shocked to a crisp, but somehow survived.
Bio:He was born in Texas, but after he got his power, he used it to his advantage. He was really evil until he met professor X in the street. He took him to his school where he used he power for good. He originally had a crush on Rouge, but it turned to storm and started dating her.
Teacher:Professor X, until he graduated 2 months later, then he became a teacher of technology.

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: voodoo doll

Real Name: Dolly Mitchell

Age: 18

Height: 5 ft 10

Weight: 119 lbs

Power: Extraordinary aim with a gun, Totally indistructable and every bullet that goes in her, goes in the guy that shot her instead.

Teacher: Used to be deadpool (You know, knives and stuff.)

Origin of power: She was murdered at 15 and then she changed. she rose from the ground in the form of a zombie/voodoo doll, with no emotion whatsoever. She is able to change from human form to zombie form whenever she likes.

She was orphaned at 12 years old. She swears to hurt the guy who did it some day.
(Nothing else to write, since zombies have no emotion...)

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Real Name: Jiragi Ryu (Or Ryu Jiragi in North America)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Blue-Grey
Race: Japanese
Age: 26
Power1: Personal Energy Manipulation - Can create a barrier around himself that slows projectiles or physical attacks. Can alternatively use this Energy Manipulation to fire energy projectiles from his handguns with a variety of "bolt" types.
Power2: Superhuman Reflexes
Orgin Of Powers: Ryu's parents were mutants, and therefore he was born a mutant as well.
Bio: Ryu first discovered his abilities in High School. During a science lab, one of the students misused some highly combustible chemicals and caused an explosion which sent shards of glass flying across the room. In the middle of the panic, Ryu held his arms up to his face and braced for impact. Much to his surprise, nothing happened. He opened his eyes to find the glass "floating" in front of him, suspended in midair. When he dropped his guard, the shards fell to the ground. During Kendo practice, his opponents' swings and thrusts would come to a slow movement the more his stress rose. This was just the beginning of his abilities.

Ryu and his parents moved to Canada when he was 17, before completing High School, hoping to start a new life away from the criticisms of his peers. He attended another high school and joined the soccer team. During a league game, the ball was sent spiraling towards him at high speed. His body acted on instinct, and without much warning, he had spun, done a back-flip, kicked the ball in midair and scored the winning goal for his team. He had no idea how it happened, but this was how he discovered his reflexes. More incidents followed suit, such as Ryu catching falling objects with ridiculous accuracy and precision or practicing soccer against a wall and never letting the ball hit the ground once. People ostracized him from then on.

When he turned 20, Ryu moved to China, hoping to get away from the world. He had always wanted to learn Kung Fu. He trained for years there, slowly growing stronger. During sparring sessions his first power would show itself from time to time, slowing punches and kicks down, allowing Ryu to act without much worry. Some students called him a demi-god in the making, others called him a freak. Still, he stuck it through and learned as much as he could.

When he turned 26, he moved back to Japan, only to find that his parents were murdered. Ryu became lost in despair and, without thinking of the consequences, ran to the nearest black market dealers he could find and bought a Katana and 2 handguns. He then moved about Japan, inquiring, interrogating and hunting the people who murdered his parents. After weeks without a single clue, Ryu began to give up hope. He walked about for a short while before hearing something that renewed his vigor. Mutant Haters speaking of a couple they'd killed in the same neighbourhood where Ryu was born. Fury drove him, adrenaline fueled him and before too long his rage pushed him to engage the men he had come across.

He screamed out and then a firefight ensued. He dodged bullets as though he could see them coming, fired his own rounds back at the men with deadly precision. One circled around him and caught him off guard, firing an automatic weapon at him. Ryu had only barely noticed and put up his barrier. The bullets seemed to float there. Ryu aimed his handguns at the thug and pulled the triggers. Nothing. He screamed and kept pulling the triggers. His powers continued to build and then the handguns fired projectiles that were not bullets, but energy bolts. The bolts were fueled by the energy within him that create the barrier he uses. The thug went down as the energy bolts connected and exploded, leaving particles of light in the air as they dissipated.

The other thugs had already regained their composure and now had pipes and baseball bats in their hands as they ran towards him. Ryu dropped his guns and got into his Kung Fu stance as they approached. The first one swung for Ryu's ribs, but he effortlessly avoided the hit by ducking and then flipping backwards, kicking the weapon from the thug's hands. As he landed, Ryu punched him so hard that he flew backwards a few feet, landing with a thud that cracked the base of his skull. The last thug charged Ryu and yelled out, as if trying to intimidate with a battlecry. Ryu drew his Katana and slashed at this pathetic excuse for a human being and cut him in half, right down the middle.

Having avenged his parents, Ryu stood there, blood dripping off of his blade. He didn't know what to do. He came to the conclusion that his parents must have wanted him to live a normal life and hid their gifts from him. Sorrow filled his eyes as he crumpled to the ground and his grip on the Katana loosened. Then he heard a voice. He looked around and saw no one, but still it spoke. "You're not alone. Come to the harbor and we'll talk."

He sheathed his blade and picked up his guns. He took one last look at the men who killed his parents and then shamefully looked away and ran towards the harbor. When he got there, Emma Frost and Storm were waiting for him. "Come with us" said Emma. Ryu hesitated. Storm cocked her head and asked "Are you afraid we'll bite?" Ryu shook off his hesitation and walked with them. They boarded a jet that Ryu had never seen before, but he didn't question it.

After arriving at their destination, Ryu was introduced to the rest of the X-Men and was assigned to Storm for instruction. He quickly learned about how his powers worked and how to control them at will. Beast handily fashioned some new handguns for him that relied on the energy he emitted for ammunition, allowed for more focused shots or explosive shots like the ones that killed the thug in Japan. He called himself "Pathfinder" in honor of his parents, as one who forever looks for the right path in life.

Storm is still his teacher today.
Teacher: Storm
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150lbs

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Real Name:Jacob Smith
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:Blue
Powers:Cryokinesis (ice) , Pyrokinesis (fire) , and Power Augmentation (enhancement or Weaken of others powers)
Origin of Powers:unknown born with ice and fire powers. Developed Power Augmentation
Bio: one of the most powerful mutants ever. But dont get him mad, when he gets mad he lites himself on fire. He felt lonly. Until he met another mutant like him named desmond. But eventually desmond turned evil and betrayed Jacob. Who learned about Charles Xaviers school for gifted children. Eventually he became great friends with iceman. Now he has his own team of mutants.
Teacher:his old teacher was Wolverine
Height:6feet 2 inches
Weight:187 pounds
Outfit:Fire-proof Jeans and a fire-proof t-shirt
Physical Abnormalites: his skin is a redish color

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Codename: Kiloton
Real Name: Ben Corbett
Race: Human
Height: 6‘ 1“
Weight: 250 lbs (minimum)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Orgin Of Powers: A freak accident during a botched black ops mission.
  • Invulnerability --- He is almost completely immune to all forms of harm.
  • Superstrength --- Can lift anywhere from 5 to 50,000 tons depending on his mass.
  • Mass Manipulation --- He can only change the mass of his own body, and can not decrease it beyond what would be normal for an ordinary man his size. Increasing his mass also increases his strength, stamina, endurance, and density.
Bio: A U.S. Navy SEAL who was recruited by the CIA
During a top-secret sabotage operation at a North Korean biological weapons research facility, the nearby Mount Kwanchang Nuclear Power Plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown. Corbett was drenched in toxic waste as the buildings collapsed around him, claiming the lives of his teammates, but he made it out alive, only to be exposed to massive quantities of radiation. The last thing he remembers before waking up in a hospital two weeks later was being electrocuted when a damaged telephone pole gave out and dropped several power cables on him.
Teacher: Professor X
Outfit: Black leather jacket, light grey wifebeater shirt, dark grey cargo pants, black fingerless gloves, black combat boots, and a heavily battle damaged steel mask.

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Black Soul
Real Name: Malvolio Ambrogio
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Race: Italian
Power: Can manipulate time and space and use it to his advantage, he uses powers to change past events, present or future events. He uses it to see which course of action is best, by viewing future effects. This power also includes is teleportation, and could instantly go from infront of you to behind you, he does this by using his right hand to scratch open a portal, which can go through many dimensions. Unfortunately these portals can be re-opened and shot through but that’s about as much as could be done once he enters the portal as it’s a votex with no ground, and intense heat. His dark red skin is rock hard, bone-like and extremely thick, making it in penetrable by almost anything. Meaning he can’t feel the heat and swiftly flies through. The tunnel like outa realm has shards of glass-like stones which would cut regular humans skin to bits. His second power is that to absorb souls with a touch, using his left hand he could absorb a soul which gets sucked through his body into his staff which can then be shot as a black aura which drains life on contact and leaves a burning hole were ever it touched. Once he absorbs a soul, the body becomes a shell, or vessel which he can in turn control or put in a different soul culture altogether. E.g. one that he grabbed from an outer realm. He can also banish people to the outer realms, where they can’t die, they could be there for a millennia and would still live. The outa realm is intensely hot and full of demons which reside there. Any individual sent there, will be subjected to internal pain and torment, the demons who live there are sadistic and would abuse the individuals who are not welcome there, so if they ever make it back to the real world, by the time they do they would indefinitely be a drooling mess on the floor after such torment.

Orgin Of Power: In 1943 Malvolio’s family immigrated to the united states to look for a better life. His father joined the army to help fight off the german’s and his mother had to prostitute herself for money to get them by. He and his sister went to a local high school. Malyolios sister Adreana was a mute, and was bullied heavily by a local school gang for it. Malyolio would try and stick up for her and in turn would often get beat down. One day his sister had been bullied by a group of girls who through her bags in the boiler room. She went in there only to be confronted by a group of football players, who also happened to bully her brother. The main bully approached her and grabbed her leg, he forced her down on the floor and attempted to rape her. Her brother while looking for his biology class went down in the boiler room to see the horrific seen, he ran up and attacked the boy over his sister and proceeded to knock him out. One of the other kids hit him over the head with a bar he had found on the floor. He was beaten for another 15 minuet’s before the leader gained consciousness and ordered the gang to kill him, after little hesitation they threw him down a a flight of stairs. He then used his rage to force his body up. in the process of being enraged he discovered a natural ability as he clawed for the air trying to balance he ripped a hole in thin air which sucked him into it. It is unknown what went on but when he came out the other side, he didn’t even look the same. His skin was scarred and burned all over. His skin was a dark red and his eyes were empty. As he stepped out from the dimension his back was trifled with crippling pain which he didn’t even flinch to. As he stood the starring coldly into the eyes of the gang, wings sprouted from his back and he let off a high pitched scream which burst the eardrums of the gang. As they turned to ran he clicked his fingers and they froze. He slowly floated infront of the gang. As they starred fearfully into his eyes he ripped them each apart, letting off an insane laugh.
Teacher: He was turned down by Xavias collage as Charles sensed evil and impurity in him. He was then discovered by magneto while he was forming his mutant army who taught him to control his anger, but shortly dismissed him as he discovered he was rebellious and had the strength to back himself up.
Personality: He is enticed with rage, and finds it near impossible to feel any other emotion than that. He has hate for most other mutants due to a feeling of rejection; he tends to spend most of his time in outer realms where time doesn’t apply. For example he could be out there for years but it would only be minuets on earth, and vice versa depending on where abouts in the realm he is.

-I'm not sure how to attach my image to this reply.

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Impulse
Real Name: Dylan Prince
Age: 17
Height: 6"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Race: Canadian
Eye color: grey
Hair color: dirty blonde-brunette
Physic: Slim, yet has slight ammounts of muscle; comparable to a gymnast.
Powers: Energy and Atomic Manipulation. He can morph his outer skin cells to match the density of concrete, he has slight Telekenisis, he can shoot invisible energy blasts(though it is shown as a ripple effect), he can fly, has force fields around him constantly, can turn invisible in low light, and it is said that if he dies, every atom in his being will split, and cause an explosion large enough to turn Afghanistan into a crater.
Costume: A black bodysuit, with a red triangle going down his chest and back. He has red knee and elbow pads, and a tie around mask(think Burt Ward robin). He has red and black MMA gloves.
Personality: Cocky, multiple personalities, and very mellow. Has a caffeine addiction.
Bio: Dylan grew up a farm boy. He went to school, with fair grades, and he even had a girlfriend for a while. However, when a bully tried to start a fight with him, Dylan accidentally pushed him with enough force to shoot him through the school's brick wall. He later learned, that he didn't push him, rather, he blew him into it. He hands were responding to a dormant mutation that resulted from the adrenaline pumping. That day, he lost everything. He was suspended, his girlfriend dumped him, and he was being hunted down by the cops, sent after him by his own parents. Prof. X finally reached him, and eventually got him to join the X-Men. His idols are Wolverine and Nightcrawler, and he currently has a crush on Shadow Cat. Colossus has a problem with this.

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Bolt
Real Name: Unknown (Says he never wants anyone to know who he was before coming to the institute)
Age: 17
Height: 5" 11'
Weight: 180 lbs
Race: Black
Eye Color: White (Both Iris and Sclera)
Hair Color: Black (kept so short he might as well not have hair at all)

Physical Description: Well defined, slimly sculpted physique as a side effect of his powers (below)

Power: Generates Electricity, capable of absorbing moderate amounts of electricity but can't be maintained for extended periods of time. Capable of running at super-speed by running on top of his electricity similar to how electricity travels through wires. Electricity generated while powerful in its own right is lacking in discharge thus Bolt resorts to coming up with alternative methods (Techniques) to give his power that certain oomph.

Origin: Bolt is runaway, initially from St. Louis, MO. When he younger he was picked on by his schoolmates and felt he never, "Fit In". One day at the age of 14, while cornered in an alley on the wrong side of a "Beat down" by some local punks. Electricity from wires and and apartment building began to arc and strike around all who were present until heading straight for bolt. Lifted into the air while gigawatt after gigawatt surged thru bolt's eyes and burned the color out of his iris's bolt full mutant gene awakened resulting in an electromagnetic tremor that left the other younglings unconscious. Rising to his feet bolt attempted to run and found himself moving at incredible, faster than he had ever gone in his life up until that moment. Realizing he didn't have to continue living as he had bolt returned home before his emotionally and physically distant parents and siblings and packed a bag and "Bolted", and cast off all ties to his past including his very name. Spending the next two years traveling and stealing whatever he needs from store and whatnot, Bolt gains the attention of the MRD. Since that fateful Bolt has refused to run from any challenge both human and mutant alike no matter the consequence, which does not play well in his favor, seeing as the MRD are more accustomed to dealing with stronger more well trained adversaries with the use of weapons and sheer numbers. Luckily police respond to his location off a tip from bystanders that a child was being chased by shady characters giving him time to escape. Mentally and Physically exhausted and defeated, bolt seeks out the x-men whom he's heard so much about during his travels. Now a resident of the Xavier Institute, Bolt attends class with other fellow mutant that he keeps distance from at all times saying they'll just dull his edge. Storm is his mentor teaching him to not only hone his incredible power but also learn to lower his defenses and learn to trust again. Currently all attempts have been met with failure as bolt still refuses to even tell her or anyone else his name. During his first week as a student as the institute Bolt had to be confined to separate quarters after attempting to "Fry" Emma Frost for attempting to say his birth name.
Teacher: Storm

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Tigress
Real Name: Ruth Rose Oaksily
Age: 21
Height: 5' 3" (yeah, she's short)
Weight: 75kg
Race: Australian, mixed with English
Eye Colour: Blue, but changes yellow when she needs to defend herself
Hair Colour: Brown, but changes a light brown (almost blonde) in the summer
Physical Description: Ruth is a quite bulky girl. She doesn't like to work out, but often fights with whoever is up for it in the x-men
Powers: Okay her first and 'mutant' power is that she can see blueprints of different weapons that are made out of ordianary objects. Her second power (though is actually an experiment) is the ability to turn into a tiger, thus the name Tigress
Family: Bruce Oaksily (father), Grace Oaksily (mother), Phil (oldest brother), Matt (second oldest brother), John and Bruce jr (youngest twin brothers
Origin: Okay this is a really detailed story and I've shortened it as much as I can.
She was born in a very stict sexiest family. Her father and brothers would usally slap, punch, kick ect. them for doing the tiniest thing wrong. At the age of twelve she got her powers. Her father punched her and broke her nose, something snapped then and she got her blueprint powers. Later that night her mother and her escaped and travled two hours to her mum's oldest brother's place.
Everything was alright untill she was nineteen. A group of masked men came and killed her remaining family except for her. She ran away that night and found by her friendlyist brother, Matt. He offered her a new life in return she'd contribute in an experiment and worked for him. Hastily she agreed. Matt injected the formula in her body, overnight it spread and gave her the ability to turn into a tiger.
Matt trained her until she was an elite assassin. Her mission was to become the romantic interest of the assistance mutant leader John, and at the right moment she would assassinate him. Ruth though became overly attached to him and couldn't kill him. John and two of his body guards kidnapped Ruth and questioned her about being a mutant. She had a rage fit and killed both the body guards and killed John slowly and painfully.
Matt and his best friend managed to stop Ruth, though Matt nearly got his head cut off. He told Ruth he could erase the two years she had just been through, she agreed to the plan and her memory was erased.
She woke up in a hostpital in Melbourne. The doctor told Ruth that she had been in a two year coma and that she was on her way to America to start a new life. Later that day she hopped on a plane to America.
Ruth wondered around a small town until Logan (who was sent by the professor) picked her up and offered her a place to stay at the school. She now is a vauled team member but has some arguements with both Scot and Logan. Ruth also has a massive crush on Logan, because she can relate more to him then anyone she had ever met.
Costume: She wears a simple black onsie with blue stripes on either side of her legs. But when she isn't wearing her costume she usally wears worn in jeans and her favorite purple hoodie
Personality: Ruth is quite smart but also is a smart-ass. She is angered easily but keeps it bottled inside until she 'erupts' with fury. She loves listening to rock music, and has a slight reble adittude to her.
Teachers: The professor, to learn how to properly use the tiger form (she had forgotten when her memory was wipped) and Logan, to learn new fighting techniques

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: X22

Real Name: Afya Kinney

Gender: Female

Age: Her real age is Unknown but she looks 19/20

Origins: HYDRA Facility

Race: Mutant. Clone of Wolverine. Australian

Height: Same height as X23

Hair Colour: Bright red (like the actress who plays Yukio in the second wolverine movie)

Eye Colour: Same as X23

Weight: Unknown

Family: Laura Kinney(twin sister), Storm (Mother-like figure), Agent Colson (father-like figure)

Power: As she is a clone of Wolverine she has 3 claws on her hands and all his powers but also controls and manipulates shadows/darkness and she is half cat, she can also transform into any feline

Bio/Personality: X22 is the identical twin sister of X23 but she has bright red waist length hair. The colour of her hair is due to her ability to control fire. She has a fiery temper and little patience. She has been abused and mistreated ever since she was in HYDRA and has trouble trusting anyone other than Wolverine and her twin sister. Despite the fact that HYDRA and Sabertooth still hunt her down, X22 remains at the Academy. X22 although she doesn't know why but finds herself wanting to grow closer to Wolverine and soon finds that she had a major crush on him. But he also has a crush on her so it works out. X22 is tough and smug. She also has a secret love for animals and loves cooking and baking along with drawing and creating her own comics. X22 is a total tomboy and loves to play video games and use weapons. She is skilled with various swords and guns

Teacher: Wolverine-training,
Professor X-Knowledge and Recoveryjng and coping with memories

Costime: Black fingerless leather gloves, sleeveless black and red top with X on the front and black jeans with black biker boots

Outfit: Kinda like Laura's in the comics

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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

NAME; The Rebel Queen

REAL NAME; Ivy Lee DiFranco

EYE COLOR; changes (power-related)

HAIR COLOR; changes (power-related)

RACE; Italian-American

POWER; controlling anything related to nature


BIO; Ivy Lee was only 5 when she accidentally killed her parents in a car crash. Her parents both died of severed spinal cords and her brother died in the hospital at age 1 from his crushed windpipe. She ran away from the orphanage she was left at when she was 7 and lived on the streets with a gang for 8 years. She was the only child in the gang with book smarts and street smarts, so became the leader at 15. She was found and adopted by an elderly lady and 16 and lived with her until college. Ivy Lee graduated with a PhD in nerosciences and became involved in an organization dealing with helping Africa. Professor X found her himself and brought her to the School and 25. Ivy Lee now teaches a class dealing with defending and opposing tactics using her book smarts and her street smarts both. She also goes on missions to help capture "villains" with the others and is their best fighter.

TEACHER(S); Xavier, Jean, Logan, and Storm taught her most of her battle training and how to control her powers so she wouldn't cause another accident.

HEIGHT; 5'9"

WEIGHT; 117.42 lbs.

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Smile Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)


Real Name
Samantha R. Larfield


Eye Color

Hair Color

African American


105.3 pounds

Controlling rocks and dirt

Rocketta was born with a skin condition that made her look like she has brown scales, which was related to her power. She was home-schooled for this reason. She discovered her powers when she was bullied on the way home from a friend's home. A kid in her neighborhood tried to kidnap her, but she accidentally made a large stone hit him in the back of his head. She ended up putting him in the hospital, where he was discovered to have a brain tumor, but the boy died. She decided to run away as to never hurt someone again. She joined a gang in Boston and lived that life for several years. Storm and Jean were sent to find her and bring her to control her power. She was 17 at the time. She soon learned how to control her temper, which triggered her powers most of time. She now goes on a few missions a year, but teaches science.

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