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Default Hey guys....

So I decided to stop by my old stomping grounds. I stopped coming here....lets see, in 2009 - jeez. Anyway, it's been a long time but I just wanted to stop by and see if any of my old fellow rpg'ers are still at it. I guess I want to come back and start again but I feel pretty out of the loop, in the rpg's and the comics. I haven't kept up with many of the series since Ult. X-men went down the drain and since I'm too broke to buy them every month.

Well, if anyone is still out there please do stop by and say hi. Maybe I can get back into this stuff, just want to get back to what used to make me happy and get back to writing more. I really loved the community we had and I'm sorry I just kind of dropped out, a lot changed for me but I'm ready to come back.

Noon x

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Default Re: Hey guys....

The RPG section has been recently...remodeled. All the games that currently exist are in 1 thread for you to check out.

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
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Byrd Man
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Default Re: Hey guys....

Well, **** or get off the pot, woman. Get your ass back in the game or games ASAP.

PS, welcome back.

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Default Re: Hey guys....

We'd be more than happy to have you back. You were a great roleplayer, and more to the point, it's too much of a sausage fest around here.

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Default Re: Hey guys....

Get your ass back in the game or games ASAP

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