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Default The (un)official Ghost Rider 3's ideas topic!

Ok, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is already out.

What is your plan for a Ghost Rider 3?

Sequel? Reboot? Still at Sony? Rights reverts back to Marvel Studios? Still Nicolas Cage? Another actor? Go ahead with Danny Ketch?

Explain your idea. I personally love to see the trilogy ends with Johnny Blaze lose his powers in the end so they can start a new whole trilogy with Danny as an adult.

And you?

Villains? Co-stars? A Eva "Roxanne Simpson" Mendes' come back? Vengeance? Lilith? Daimon Hellstrom? Who?

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Default Re: The (un)official Ghost Rider 3's ideas topic!

The plan? There won't be any GR new material till the end of the world.

Plain and simple.

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Default Re: The (un)official Ghost Rider 3's ideas topic!

He's a character that I feel best stays on the pages of a comic book. Us fanboys just need to accept that there are some comic book characters that aren't meant for the big screen, Ghost Rider most definitely being one of them.

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Default Re: The (un)official Ghost Rider 3's ideas topic!

I think that should a third film at Sony with Cage be done that some mention of how Zarathos and Cage are now bonded. It's no longer by contract. So what new rules are in affect?

It may sound silly but was the films 13yr old Danny, Danny Ketch. A last name is never actually given, even in the credits. Maybe back in the States we meet our Danny Ketch. Give Blaze a mentor type role like we had in the comics.

Would like to see some new Ghost Rider foes. Perhaps Centurious who has an axe go grind with Zarathos? With Zarathos now in the mix it broadens story ideas.

With Zarathos bound to Cage I'd go for any reason to reintroduce Sam Elliott as the Western GR. For whatever reason he's escaped Hell, been ejected and is there to help once again for a small role. Perhaps to show Danny how to be a Rider. Give Cage a last bit of advice.

With some time passed from 1st film to SOV then another stretch of time for a third film it might be a good time to reintroduce Roxanne(recast here). A s a reporter she's discreetly followed reports of "flaming biker gangs" and the Rider is crossing her path on a story.

My thoughts for now if we should get a third film in this series.

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Default Re: The (un)official Ghost Rider 3's ideas topic!

Mephisto swore revenge against Johnny in Ghost Rider. I'd follow up on that. Mephisto attacking the Ghost Rider with his agents, like Vengeance and Scarecrow. Maybe even have an older Danny becoming the red Ghost Rider.

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Default Re: The (un)official Ghost Rider 3's ideas topic!

^ Either what he said or a well done adadaption of the Road To Damnation story.

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