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Default My films

starting off...these are a selection of collage videos I put together, I made the first one when I was about 16, and would make more every so often. I made most of them when I was a teenager, but went back and made a couple more in my late twenties when i was asked to show them at an art college and give a talk on my videos.

My pal uploaded them to youtube a while back, but only named them with numbers, in the order they were made, so no-one found them, but I asked him the other day to give them titles, I gave him some of the original titles, and he added some to the ones I couldn't recall, so here are some of them, newly titled.

What I would do was just hook up two vhs recorders, and stitch together random clips from things in an order that pleased me, whether for comedic effect, or just because I thought it was interesting.
I showed these at a couple of art and photography galleries when they did film nights, and at a bar my band used to play in, I also was invited to the school of art(years after they kicked me out, haha) to show my videos and give a talk to the students about my work.

I also showed some animations and the live action films I made, these have not been uploaded to youtube yet as far as I know, so I will post them if and when they are.

Not all of the collage videos have been uploaded yet, my final one has not been uploaded, and there is one I am unable to link to as it has one curse word in it.

Of course, using two vhs recorders was a very rough process in making these videos, as the tapes jump back and forward and do not catch exactly where you left them hanging, so there is a knack, and a certain skill to getting them just right using this method. People used to say to me to use an editing suite or whatever, but I never did for these videos, I liked the process I had found to making them, difficult as it was, because it yeilded some random results I would not have got if I had meticulously planned them out, I liked to leave them open to chance and fly by the seat of my pants as i made them , which kept them fresh, and the process exciting to engage in.

This is the first one I ever made, when I was about 16, I never showed it to anyone, it was just my personal weird project, but later on, when i was about 17, I had a party at my house, everyone was drunk, stoned, tripping, and i debuted my video, and it went down really well, people loved it, I was genuinely surprised, so i kept making them and showing them over the years, and got some great responses from people. So here is that first video, haha

I think i made this when I was in my mid twenties, it was the fifth one i made:

This is the third one I made:

this is the fourth one I made:

this is the sixth one i made, this one is interesting to me, as some of it is pretty rough because I made it over the course of one or two days, but I used to take weeks making the other ones, trying to find interesting footage, but with this one, I had been asked to give that talk at the art college, so i wanted to bring some new material, and just sat with a huge pile of tapes zooming through them, trying to find good stuff to stitch together:

Unfortunately, the seventh, and final piece is not uploaded yet, but should be soon, it is one of the best ones, and the longest, so has to be broken into two parts for upload my pal says.

The second video can't be posted as it has a curse word in it, but, it is incomplete on youtube anyway, I used this really surreal clip from the Tom Selleck movie an innocent man, and i had rented it from the video store to do so, but it had a copy protection thing built in, so although i managed to copy it video to video, it could not be trasferred onto dvd properly, as my dvd recorder shut it down, but i still have the complete piece on vhs.

The incomplete version is on youtube alongside the others, and is called 'a bulky sweater'.

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